you're pretty but you're crazy


messy little OotP meeting doodle
((cuz @asktheboywholived got striped pants and a long jacket))

Panic! at the Solangelo
  • Will: Hey Nico, do you want to go to a Panic! at the Disco concert with me tonight?
  • Nico: Don't threaten me with a good time.
  • Will: Come on, you'll love it!
  • Nico: You want us to sneak out of camp? That's insane! You can't go.
  • Will: If you love me, let me go!
  • Nico: You're pretty odd. You're crazy.
  • Will: Good thing crazy equals genius.
  • Nico: Alright, alright, I'll go with you.
  • Will: Hallelujah! Let's kill tonight! Tonight we are victorious!
  • Nico: When's the concert?
  • Will: Nine in the afternoon, so get ready to go! Do me a favor and write a note telling my cabin mates why I'll be gone.
  • Nico: I write sins, not tragedies.

Playing the ridiculous Ghost Stories English dub in the background while I draw and realizing I unironically love Amanojaku.

There’s just something so likable about the “powerful evil entity that starts out hoping the innocent child protagonists will die but gradually becomes protective of them and clearly loves them” trope idk.


“…The idea was to have more of what happens in real life; ‘Man, I hated this person when I first met them, but maybe it wasn’t hate, maybe it was just confusion. They drove me crazy and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I don’t like everything about them, but dang, they light my fire.’ " —Bryan Konietzko, 1.03 Commentary


Happy Birthday, 황미영, our ever-smiling mushroom~

You’ve gone through a lot of hardships, but you always came out on top! Your smile is second to none, and famous throughout the entire world!

Continue to smile a lot in the future, have a happy life and a lovely celebration on your special day! ♥

Herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag! :)


She had always heard that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty than fear

Headcanon/AU: Sansa’s personal and political role in the future of the story (based on sansalayned‘s amazing thoughts and headcanons)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend, María! ♥


Ok, Ezra, a few things:

1) Why do you care so much about that dumb kid? Don’t you remember how dumb he is? Let’s not forget, he’s so dumb HE DIDNT REALIZE HE HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED.

2) You know if Maggie had brought Malcolm back, he probably would have been yet another ethnicity, right?

3) Again, you realize you have absolutely zero claim to that child, right? Being under the mistaken impression that he was your offspring for a few months does not get you custody.

4) You know, Ezra, I’ve liked you more than ever before this season, bc you are going full villain and it’s kind of entertaining and also validates how much we’ve been creeped out by your predatory ways for so long, but this is doing nothing to help you. It’s just making you look like a small man who’s not used to not getting his way and is now pissing and moaning about how unfair the world is when it is not being unfair, it’s just being the world. (UNLESS this is all just an elaborate ploy to fuck up Malcolm’s life. If that’s the case, carry on).


Hi, guys! Tatiana’s birthday’s in September and I’ll be making a birthday video for her. And what’s more special than #CloneClub showing her our love? A video in which we will wish her a happy birthday and send her our messages of love and support. 

The idea is: if you want to participate, you can submit a video of yourself wishing Tat a Happy Birthday and your wishes to her. You can be as creative as possible (speaking to the camera, fanart, something written, etc), but please do not forget the ‘Happy Birthday!’ :) 

How to participate:

  • Try to keep the video under 30 seconds or such (just try to make it concise so we don’t end up with a really long final video 😉);
  • Make sure the file size of your video will be supported to be sent by email (this would help me a lot! but if it’s easier for you, feel free to send me a link to download it);
  • Please do not edit your video/photo (please write down the message, don’t type it; no filters; it’s okay if you want to record it in black and white though); 
  • Please send in the video in one of the following formats: .mov, .avi or .mp4 - it would help a lot. Also, the sooner you send it, the sooner some problem can be fixed. (If you need help figuring out how to convert it or something like this, please ask me);
  • Please mention your first (and last, if you’re comfortable with that) name on the email when you send in the video and where you are from (I’ll add it to your segment of the final video);
  • If you’re unconfortable speaking in English, or if you’re too shy to even record your face (you are beautiful, stop thinking that way!) Feel free to show something you wrote, a fanart, letter, etc and tell her how she has inspired you (but don’t forget: 30 seconds);
  • If you want to speak to the camera but you don’t speak English, I can add subtitles to your segment (but I only understand Portuguese and Spanish, otherwise you’ll have to tell me what you said); 
  • Make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday in any way since that is the main purpose of the project;
  • Send your video/photo/fanart/etc to;
  • Please send your submission as soon as possible (I’ll try to finish the video by September 15th);

If you have either any doubts or suggestion, feel free to message me.

It would be amazing if you could spread the word ♥ I hope you guys enjoy the idea. 


Awesome Lady Meme

3 Geniuses - 2/3 Root (Amy Acker)