you're perfect the way you are tho


ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)

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hey rina... you're amazing. i was wondering if you had any tips on drawing bakugou's hair? because i kinda unlearned how to do it? and you draw it so soft and nice aaaa, thank you either way,, sending smooches

thank you so much anon!!!!! ok so here it is:

since hair is usually soft, even when spiky, i try to make my lines curved and quick! don’t care about the shape, just do what feels right and it’ll turn out ok!!! it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s hair after all ;v;

it’s good to avoid doing those stiff ugly manga spikes tho´´´

  • joyce and hopper: [sit next to each other]
  • me: I cannot believe the love these two have for each's the perfect love story. the way they breathe the same air??? I mean who else dOES THAT unless you're in love?¿ come on,,,the way their hands just accidentally brushed against each other??? YA'LL THAT IS L O V E. THEY ARE IN L—
  • watching "just right": wow! I'm beautiful and perfect just the way I am. I don't need to change myself to be happy. :)))))))

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your lines are freaking perfect! like especially on your frog meme one! How do you do it!?!?

alright so i open paint tool sai, right? first i sketch out what i’m going to draw then i just- i just cry a lot. i sob all over the canvas and my artist tears create perfect lines.

Okay so I just want to take a second to let all of my teenage bisexual girls, asexual girls, lesbian girls, pansexual girls, queer girls, questioning girls, and any girls whose sexual or romantic orientations could probably not be classified as straight know that you are all beautiful and perfect and amazing in every way.

And for all of you out there who don’t have supportive families or friends in your lives I want you to know that you’re all my little sisters now. Every single one of you. So you’ll have to deal with the fact that I sing a lot and love terrible movies, but I mean… I’m really good at keeping secrets and painting nails so there’s that.

But for real tho little sisters you are so important. And you can seriously talk to me whenever you need to about anything. I’m always here

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WAIT WHAT? YOU'RE 15? LIKE FIFTHTEEN? Psh :o i thought you're like 20 or AT LEAST 18 bc you're so deep+profound+wise+understanding and so so intelligent like srsly tho look at questions you smartly slayed i mean amswered. I'm 3 yrs older than you than I'll never get to that level of intellectual. And you are V BEAUTIFUL BTW not like normal pretty but ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND STUNNING WTFFF. You're literal perfection Liv :(

Awwww haha yes I’m 15 ^.^

This is literally one of the sweetest things I’ve been told oh my goodness :’0

I try my best to help everyone as much as possible, and just knowing some of you guys see me in this way is so rewarding and gah I’m just happy I can help ♥

also omg no I’m not but thank you so much, it means a lot :’D ♥♥♥

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I'm still waiting for that moment when Josh and Jen are like:
  • Interviewer: "So... Josh.. What's going on with you and your girlfriend?"
  • Josh: "Yeah, Jen is fine. We're both pretty busy at the moment. She's shooting her new movie and I'm busy with ma new project. I just miss her." *smirks* "But yeah... We're fine.. I love her, she loves me. It's just perfect." *smiles*
  • [other interview]
  • Interviewer: "Jen, what about Josh? Is everything fine with u guys?"
  • Jen: *laughs* "We are good! I mean I'm busy with shooting my new movie and he's working on a new project, which seems by the way pretty cool" *winks* "We're texting all the time. Like... Right now. Always. Yeah. We're fine!!" *faces the camera* "Joshy, when you're seeing this, call me." *sighs* "And I miss you a lot tho.."

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why are all you freaking out tho?? they have kissed said i love you, hugged went on dates and you're flipping over them on a horse lmao

because this is CAPTAIN SWAN fandom and we freak out over EVERY LITTLE THING because our fucking ship is perfect whether they are just standing in the same room 23 feet away or riding a horse while she wears a white gown. 

either way anything captain swan is worth freaking out over. anything and everything!!!!!!!!!