you're perfect and i hate you

Kara Supercorp ramble
  • Kara: I think Lena is kryptonite
  • Alex: you mean you think shes Kryptonian?
  • Kara: no like she is actually kryptonite, like made from kryptonite
  • Alex: Kara that doesn't make any sense
  • Kara: it makes perfect sense, her mother and brother hate aliens and Clark especially and me to now, Lena was 'adopted' into the Luthor family.
  • Alex: and you were adopted into ours
  • Kara: and I'm an alien! Not to mention her gorgeous green eyes that draw me into a trance every time I look into them. Think about it Alex, her family, her eyes, the fact that whenever I'm around her I feel weak in my knees and my heart pounds like crazy what other explanation is there?
  • Alex: well here's a crazy idea but maybe...
Bowie Protection Squad

OK! Heads up! This is really important! I founded #Defend the Duke to try to combat hate. It seems to be helping. I also love the support we’re all showing each other! So I would like to announce The BOWIE PROTECTION SQUAD.

Okay so @emrosethedisneymjsherlokifangirl​ Seems perfect because she made that groupie post which explains everything people really need to know. She also let me and @davidbowiebride​ know when there is any hate. The wonderful thing about the BPS is we’re ALL apart of it! I realize that not everybowie can always think of the best things to say but Anyway if you should get any hateful anons or what no, and you can’t think of a way to respond to them then let me, @emrosethedisneymjsherlokifangirl or @davidbowiebride know or anyone you think can say the right things. We’ve got your back and we have DB’s too! 

We’re all sassy so and so’s who will Defend the Duke for as long as it takes til these haters learn!   

I know not everyone can come up with the best sources as some people either don’t have time or energy or have equipment that keeps malfunctioning. (My laptop is dodgy FYI) But for one who can’t get a to a source, there will always be one who can! SO HERE’S TO OUR HERO! Forever and ever…

What d’you say?

Is there much to it? You’re perfect.

Maybe not everyone can see it, but I can. That’s all that matters to me.

You can spend months telling me about everything you hate about yourself, and I promise you, I will spend years telling you how much I love them.

I would do anything for you. That’s just how much you mean to me.

I love you to the moon and back, darling.

babygirl. you are so much more than the cuts on your wrists and the size of your jeans. you are more than the number on the scale and the amount of likes on your photo. you are more than the way your nose looks and your bra size. you are you. you are beautiful. look past the scars and sizes and colors and shapes. look past your flaws. you are so much more than that. your flaws, your insecurities….guess what? they do not define you. and you may hate them, god, you may hate them more than anything. but i can promise you, the features you hate most about yourself are someone else’s favorite.
—  you are worth the world 

I have perfected the art of becoming overly critical of myself. I think I’m hideous and hate what I see in the mirror. I don’t believe people who tell me I’m pretty or that my weight is fine. They need their eyes checked, right? Yet when a friend does this, I tell them how beautiful and amazing they are to me. Because they are.

To the future you, if you should ever see this again: be less harsh and critical of yourself and believe others when they tell you how great you are.


Happy MidoTaka Day! [June 10th] ♥
↳ “This year, Shutoku acquired Midorima Shintarou, a member of the Generation of Miracles. Sure, he’s strong, but he’s also super sensitive and willful. I couldn’t stand him at first, either, but there’s not a guy on the team who doesn’t acknowledge his strength. I know he puts in more effort than anyone else. He’s a bit weird, but it’s somehow impossible to hate him.

  • me, talking about my interests: i love writing
  • me, actually writing: i hate writing
If you hate Suzy for any reason please unfollow me.

People makes mistakes, you can’t sit there and tell me you haven’t lied about something so let’s not be a hypocrite. Hostile fans literally scared her into lying because she just wanted the hate to stop. While lying isn’t the best answer she apologized sincerely and she still isn’t ripping anyone off so everyone just chill.

3 EASY Steps to help fall out of love with BTS!!

Do you find yourself constantly squealing and crying about BTS? Does it tire you out to where you can hardly do anything else? Do these 7 boys give you too many feels that your heart just can’t take it?!

Well I have the perfect list to help you get rid of the Bangtan disease! Just follow these EASY steps and you’ll be out of the ARMY fandom in a matter of seconds!

Number one:

You can’t.

Number two:

You won’t.

Number three:

I lied. You’re stuck here forever c:

-Admin Jinnie


When I started out, I couldn’t cope with it. I didn’t quite know who I was supposed to be. I was never confident in my looks. I hated my chin, my nose, my eyebrows. I was told by people at my record company to watch videos of other girls, like Little Boots, and Elly Jackson from La Roux, and try and look like them.” — ELLE UK

  • When I see an ’all men…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see an ’all women…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see a ’white people…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see a ’black people…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see an ’all cis people…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see a ’straight people…’ post on tumblr

  • When I see a racist post on tumblr

  • When I see a sexist post on tumblr
Two Brides and the Bellas--Chapter Twelve | Archive of Our Own
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Um…that’s all, folks? I don’t know, what do you say about something like this? Y’all are rockstars, hope it was worth the wait.