you're perfect

Everything is so damn perfect with you so it’s not even possible to put it into words.
—  Poets Love Her

Who you are makes you perfect. Your perfection is unique, and sharing it with the world will light it up with one more ray of sun. Shine bright. Never be afraid to be and show who you are. You’re perfect.
We all are with you.

Happy International Coming Out Day!!

(The art belongs to the talented artist @noksindra)
I’m in love with you. And I love that I’m in love with you. I love the feelings. The happiness when I think of you, the butterflies when you text me, the excitement I get when I know I’ll get to see you. It’s amazing. And you’re amazing, and I love you.
—  6:39 pm, March 15th, 2016.
There’s no such thing as perfect, but baby, you were pretty damn close.
tonight i realized how much i love you
watching you there,
seeing you smile.
tonight i remembered the past,
it’s been awhile now but my feelings have only grown.
i can’t talk about these emotions,
but i think about them all the time.
oh, what a wonderful memory,
when i was yours and you were mine.
—  i am so in love with you,
it’s okay that you don’t feel the same.
as long as you’re in my life, i’ll be okay.
but i can’t help but keep hope.
maybe one day.