you're perfect

Everything is so damn perfect with you so it’s not even possible to put it into words.
—  Poets Love Her
There’s no such thing as perfect, but baby, you were pretty damn close.
I’m in love with you. And I love that I’m in love with you. I love the feelings. The happiness when I think of you, the butterflies when you text me, the excitement I get when I know I’ll get to see you. It’s amazing. And you’re amazing, and I love you.
—  6:39 pm, March 15th, 2016.

Voltron saves a planet, and the people of the planer decide to throw a huge event in honor of Voltron heroism. The team goes down and schmoozes, meets the king and the king’s lover and the generals and lords and yada yada yada. Everyone is having a good time.

The team notices, eventually, there is a shadow following one of the more handsome generals around. She hadn’t noticed yet, but the team has. Keith and Lance go to investigate, and to their surprise it’s the Princess.

She’s a short thing, wearing thick spectacles and face covered in her race’s equivalent to freckles, a little chubby cheeked with her long hair hanging around her face like a curtain. The moment she realizes that Keith and Lance had caught her following the general she starts stuttering and appologizing and the two boys notice that she has a lisp.

“Uh, I mean, you ARE kinda the princess,” Keith awkwardly says, trying to calm the distraught girl down. “You aren’t really doing anything wrong?”

“Why were you following the general, anyway?”

And the girl goes quiet for a moment before softly admitting to having a crush. “B-but she’s so strong and perfect and beautiful,” she says, lips trembling, “and I’m just…me.”

“What!?” Lance exclaims. “You’re not JUST YOU.”

“But I am!” she cries. “I’m fat and covered in spots and I’m blind and I can’t talk right and - what sort of princess am I? Princesses are supposed to be perfect!”

Keith starts to feel a out of place - he’s never had to comfort a crying girl before, especially not one as heart sick as this one. But, to his surprise, Lance kneels down in front of the girl and gently takes her hands.

“But you ARE perfect, Princess. Just the way you are. So what if you’re a little bigger? There’s just more of you to love.” He squeezes her hands, and she sniffles but smiles.

“So what if you have spots? They’re just spots - and they’re kinda like stars mapped out on your skin. You’re your own constellation.” He bops her on the nose, and she giggles.

“So what if you’re blind? That’s not a weakness, it’s a part of you and what makes you, you. I bet everyone’s jealous of how you pull off those glasses of yours.” He carefully pushes the glassed fully on her face and she raises and hand to help him adjust them.

“And so what if you have a lisp? It’s frankly adorable, Princess, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” He brushes her hair out of her face and behind a fin and she beams.

“You’re perfect, Princess. Just the way you are.”

Keith watches in amazement as, not minutes later, Lance leads a shy but determined princess over to the handsome general. And then the two of them watch on in awe as the general smiles, takes one of those small hands in hers and kisses the knuckles.

“How’d you…”


“How’d you do that?” Keith asks, baffled.

“What?” Lance scoffs. “That was nothing.”

“No way. The Princess was…and you just - and now they’re dancing!”

Lance shrugs, cheeks a light shade of pink and a grin on his face. “Seriously, it was nothing,” he says. “Just a nudge. All she needed was a confidence boost.”

“But…” Keith struggled to find the words. “Now they’re DANCING.”

Lance only laughs, and throughout the rest of the night Keith can only watch the other in amazement.

I think you’ve reminded me of who I’m supposed to be. You’ve become the role model I never realized I wanted. Because us girls? We have to work a little harder. And you’ve made it clear that I was born to be someone who can stand on my two feet. You’ve shown me that I don’t need boyish praise or showers of affection to know my worth. And I don’t want it. This is the point in our lives where we work on ourselves. And you and me? We are going to be so beautifully fantastic.
—  @itsfangirlalex; Because we’re amazing.