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Daddy Ash perf. where you're baby sitting a baby ? Like newborn or around that age :)

One day you decided your older sister could use a break, so you volunteered to baby sit your newborn nephew. It was going to be a great practice for you, seeing as you and your husband of over a year were expecting a baby.

You and Ashton had both grown up around babies, but didn’t know much about caring for one like your own.

Early that morning your sister and brother in law dropped off their son. Giving you a list of things he liked, disliked, and a schedule. “Jesus, babies are really like this.” Ashton said scratching his head, reading the schedule.

“Yes honey. They have to eat at specific times, nap regularly, be kept awake for certain amounts of time. It helps with their growth.” You explained, tickling your nephew on the stomach. “And right now he needs to bs fed, burped, then rocked to sleep. Come on, team work.” Taking him from your husband and walking to your bedroom.

Easier said than done. He ate fast, refused to burp, resulting in spit up. Then he pooped out of his diaper. And when it was time to go to sleep he cried for almost an hour.

And you still had to do this all day.

While the baby was taking a nap you decided to do the same. After a brief snooze you woke up to hear Ashton on the phone with his mother. Pretending to be asleep you listened in.

“I don’t know mum, this is just so hard. He cries and cries and it’s so hard to calm him down. What if my baby is the same. What if she doesn’t like me?” Not being able to hear his moms response you couldn’t help but worry.

Your nephew soon woke up, screaming, but before you could get up Ashton was running to him. Taking him to your new nursery, sitting in the rocking chair. Softly humming. He calmed the baby down soon, and you could hear him talking through the monitor.

“All you needed was a little cuddle, huh bud? You like me right? I hope my baby loves me.”


Hours later your family came to pick up their now fully content baby, thanking you profusely and promising to return the favor soon.

Taking Ashton’s hand and leading him back to the bedroom to cuddle. Laying down with him, stroking his a you decided to break the silence.

“I heard what you said to your mom earlier. You’re going to be an amazing daddy Ash. You did so well today, and you did great helping raise your siblings. Don’t worry, because I know and I have faith you’re going to be perfect.”

He smile and pecked your forehead. “I love you so much, thank you.” He leaned down and kissed your belly and whispered an “I love you too” into it.

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