you're out of your league here

totes real durarara scene
  • izaya: i'm smart, goodlooking, have good combat skills, and i know how to live life the luxury way
  • shizuo: i feel like you're out of my league
  • izaya: of course, all shizu-chan can do is carry heavy things
  • shizuo: but your personality is so shit that no one would want you anyway
  • shizuo: so im doing the world a favor by taking you in
  • izaya: oh??
  • erika: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!otp
  • yumasaki: heres some molotov to help with the sick burn
I’ve spent a lot, a lot, a lot of time writing lately. I’ve had more time than I’ve ever had so I’ve been able to write everyday. I think I’ve been more honest - to myself, even. Not being afraid to lay it all out there. As I’ve gotten older I’ve laid it out there less at times in my career. But now I’m just like, ‘Here it is, here’s my story.’ You can relate because everyone goes through shit.
—  Miranda on album #6