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hello! i have two questions if you don't mind answering them! also i'm a big fan of yours, please never stop writing, unless you want to because i'll support whatever decision you make. first is, are there any writers you're a big fan of? i'd like to expand the list of writers i'm following, and i completely trust your opinion. secondly, any favorite one shots or series?

Hello, you sweet angel! First off, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. Secondly, I’m going to list some of my favorite authors (in no particular order) along with a link to their masterlist because it’s safe to assume that I love everything they’ve written.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

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HELLO! Just wanted to say that ive been following your blog for a few years now and im still amazed at how adorable and well done your artwork is. Keep it up, sunny! ps. saw one of your selfies for the first time just now and wowie you're a cute

Anon: Omg your art is so freaking amazing! I just found your stuff now, and can I just say, I’m so amazed by it! Literally, you are now an inspiration for me, god I really love your art man!            

ahh thank you so much ;v; I’m glad to hear that!


Ainsley University: 8:43 AM

“My name is Oliver Jung. I’m about to start my first day of university in a new town, far away from every person I’ve ever known. Well, every person…except one.”

OLIVER: Wait. Is that..?

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Jared finds out Evan has a tumblr and he searches for ages. He finally finds this blog full of awful, depressing posts and gets super worried and talks to Evan about it like, "Ev,,, if you're feeling this way you can always talk to me,, I thought you said you were getting better,," but Evan's so confused??? "What r u talking about??" "Evan, I saw your tumblr" "Jared..... that's not my blog" ".....This is awkward." (Bonus! Evs blog is like one letter off the first one & is just a nature blog)

fdjkhfjklhfjklf that’s so awkward rip

also, while we’re on the topic of kleinsen and tumblr, jared ABSOLUTELY vagueposts about evan on his tumblr ALL THE TIME, and when evan gets a tumblr he asks jared for his url so that he can follow him and jared’s like “haha w-what i don’t have a tumblr,, i mean, what’s tumblr,,, uhhhhhh i don’t even own a computer haha w-what are you talking about” *sweats nervously*

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Hey! I love the advice posts you're making lately. I'd like to add to the one about making a blog though -I follow some fantastic artists whose art took months to gain any popularity once they started posting. So when people do start a blog, gotta be patient about it, too! Can't get discouraged if your first posts don't blow up

Yep! When I started my blog about 2 or 3 years ago I only got like 4 notes on my art. It takes a while for people to notice you. 

Thank you <3 It makes me happy that you like them :) 

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You're one of my top fav ST blogs. What are some of your fav blogs/mutuals?

ok first off thank you for saying such a lovely thing !!! that means the world to me !!! :’) <3

and secondly, whERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ???? i have a follow forever i made at the end of last year if you wanna see like,,, all my mutuals (the vast majority of them are ST blogs) but i’ll name some of them here !!!! 

special shout-out to my og squad known as the gain train and my newer squad who doesn’t really have a solid name bc we change our gc name all the goddamn time (love u guys xoxo)

@shesavedus, @telekineticeggos, @reedstrangerthings, @themikewheelers, @heaths-ledger, @strangerwhee11ers, @reallylikeseggos, @eggogorgon, @protectmike, @flea-and-the-acrobat, @the-weirdo-on-maple-street, @cloeggo, @strangehorcrux, @elevnns, @supercomsandeggos, @raesberri, @ashy-le-mashy, @stranger-art-things, @cherrysconesandtea, @jemmahearteyessimmons, @valbirch, @scienceisneat, @baileytsample, @matthews-and-hart, @danahscott 

and then like other super cool people that i’m mutuals with that are heavily ST related are @dadharbour, @bichaelwheeler, @theamiableanachronism, @eggos-and-promises, @strangerhypnosis, @upsidesdown, @ghost-grantaire, @justice-for-benny, @femmejenniferhayes, @sstrangerthaneleven, @upsidedownwaffle, @reallyjustaneggoscommercial, @fortheloveofeggos, @protectjonathanbyers, @finnxwheeler, @eggosthings, @m11kee, @miliebobbybrown, @dazzlingtiredeyes, @tinyryder

i literally follow soooo many blogs like you have no idea so this def isn’t all of them just fyi !!!! it’s nothing personal if i forgot your name on the list !! it’s just a lot to remember to name everyoneee lmao 

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Arthur: Have you seen the flying ca- er... *clears throat* sooo where are the boys?

((OOC: And we all know how that turned out.

Seriously, thank you guys so much for participating in my first ever stand alone rp! I’ve only ever done collabs with other people, and this was the first time I’ve ever done something with just me. This blog is so young, yet I’ve already got some amazing followers, and I can’t wait to keep doing more stuff with you guys!))

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Hey I'm looking for more cow chop on my dash and you're one of my favorite blogs so I thought I would ask you! Suggestions of who to follow?

First off, thank you so much! That means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoy my blog :)

Second, I have a whooooole bunch!!

@gaycowchop @super-novapolitan @immortalhdildo @90s-brat @jamesangel @jameswilsun @twodecadesoftrash @immortal-meow @neapolitan-nova @whothefuckarecowchop @aleksandr-you-asshole @aleksplease @alexmarkov @novasdildo @novasbun @uberhaxorfuck @cowchipper @cowcuck @cowchop-gifs @thebutchers @covvchop @covchop @puppyjames @novaleks @crtchop @rrravioli @james-wilson @youfuckinasshole @dailycowchop @imdajokabb  @salamandergirl @missi0ncraft @cowgroup @fuckcowchop @jemeswilson @ubercowchhd @cowbarns @immortalhthiccdick @cowchopboys @immortalhdamnittrevor @kowchoop @relatablepicturesofaleks @alekssoh @cow-chop-hd

There’s honestly so many more wonderful people in the tags, but these blogs are some of my absolute favorites and I’d die for them. 

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*coughs nervously* Hi! So, uhm, I've been following your blog for a really long time and I'd just like to say I'm a huge fan! You're absolutely amazing at writing, and you've got some mad skills. I was wondering if I could send in a request (my first ever one!) for Andrew and Neil about which one of them would be the person to steal the other's phone and which one would be the one to deal with the aftermath. Again, number one biggest fan! Keep it up! Lots of loveeeeeeeeee! <333333333333

Ladies and gents I present my giant dork of a best friend. I love you.

this is so long im so sorry

  • Andrew takes Neil’s phone
  • But see, it’s not just for kicks, this kid has a plan, he’s already placed certain bets with the rest of the Foxes long before he takes Neil’s phone
  • The two have similar phones so it’s easy enough to switch his for Neil’s in the morning. Andrew makes sure his is dead so Neil can’t get into it anyway.
  • Nicky and Matt and Dan and Allison and even Renee’s texts keep coming in to Neil’s (Now Andrew’s) phone and a gc with the upperclassmen along with Kevin’s reminders for practice have Andrew murderous
  • So Andrew has Neil’s phone and he texts everyone normally at first so everyone is under the impression that it’s Neil
  • He replies to “How are you?”s with “I’m fine.”s
  • And “What’s up?”s with “In xyz class.” bc obv Andrew has Neil’s schedule memorized bc he’s a fucking nerd
  • And then it starts
  • Andrew takes a pic of random attractive people and sends one to each of the foxes like
  • Damn, they’re hot, I’d tap that.”
  • And everyone’s like
  • Oh my god
  • Neil
  • Wtf are you doing
  • What do you mean
  • What does this mean
  • Nicky’s screaming
  • Matts worried
  • Dan’s being a mother
  • Allison’s like same babe, same
  • Renee asks if Andrew and he’d fought like the sweetheart she is
  • Aaron doesn’t respond, but texts Andrew a “Shut your bf upBC HE CARES AND DOESN’T WANT NEIL TO HURT HIS BROTHER OK  which Andrew doesn’t know about until much later bc he desn’t have his phone
  • Kevin tells Neil to concentrate in class so he can practice more
  • Andrew doesn’t respond to any of the texts after sending the pictures
  • fucking nerd
  • i hate them all oh my god
  • But bc no one else is in his year and everyone has different classes they cant talk to the real Neil until practice the next morning
  • …but no one wants to say anything in front of Andrew
  • Andrew’s fucking dying
  • He acts like Neil and he fought big time, like they p much broke up
  • and everyones freaking out
  • and Neil, like the oblivious babe he is, is like…ok? Andrew’s being weird, but ok.
  • Andrew doesn’t stop there
  • He legit goes “I’m sorry Neil.” loud enough for Matt to hear.
  • “I didn’t mean it.” loud enough for Nicky to hear.
  • and Neil’s so fucking confused, but Exy, so he goes “We’ll talk after practice.” to placate Andrew
  • Andrew almost feels sorry, Neil is way to easy to prank
  • Everyone thinks this is it
  • Andrei have broken up
  • Money starts changing hands, all the bets, along the lines of Neil would sleep with anyone else, Neil would never leave Andrew, Andreil was going to be endgame, Andreil would make it to 80, Andreil would never break up
  • Every single one of them bet high bc they had faith in Neil
  • Anyway
  • Neil’s ignoring Andrew till after practice like he said and Andrew’s purposeley following him around with a dejected look on his face and Renee is collecting everyones money to give to Andrew
  • bc omg is this really happening
  • Andreil is breaking up
  • Andrew pockets the money such a lil shit oh my god and gets out of there as soon as practice is over
  • The Foxes corner Neil later and ask what the actual fuck happened
  • and Neil’s like wtf are y’all taking about
  • and they’re all like the texts? Kayla from History?
  • Adam from Stat? What the fuck what that?
  • and Neil, bless him, is so confused
  • and they’re like wtf
  • and he’s like wtf
  • and then he’s like “My phone’s been dead all day, which is weird, because I remember charging it all n- oh….”
  • No one gets their money back  

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you're one of the first spn blogs i followed here, and i follow u on all my accounts (theyre two but still). i used to talk on my other one but i was still shy and i never knew how to hold a conversation. you're an incredibly amazing person and honestly, even though i watched as your followers kept growing, you stayed the same. you deserve the 18K, here's an early congratulations 💙 love you tons, stay the way you are! youre simply amazing

Sorry it took me so long to answer this, but I had to read it like 10 times and fangirl over it.
This is, honest to God, in my top10 favorite asks I ever got, so thank you so so much for it ❤
Now I’m really curious about who you are 😊 And don’t worry about you skills on keeping a conversation going, I think I might be worse 😉
Thank you again for this lovely ask and I hope you have the most amazing day 💋

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good people

my nets:


special shoutout to:

@lstcr: key is my best friend, emotional support and in general just the person i go to to scream about everything that makes me feel things. thank you for sticking with me, babe <3

@cuddlesphan: ash is such a genuine and lovely person, our conversations always make me laugh out loud. she’s a talented singer as well and i couldn’t be more proud

@philester: anushka and me literally have the same kind of humor, i love talking to you and your textposts never fail to make me emotional :’)

@boncasphan: gabs blog was one of the first phan blogs i followed months ago and now we’re pals and she’s one of the funniest people i know, ily!!

@howellfluff: vic is the first friend i’ve ever made in the phandom and i love you lots, thanks for enduring my lousy snaps

@palephantom: phantom is the only pure soul in the gc, gives us all our daily dose of positivity and shares an amazing taste in music with me

@asteroidphil: ellen seems like a quiet person at first and then suddenly comes up with the funniest jokes, i’m so glad to know you

@writerlester: tawnie is the mum that keeps the gc sane when dnp did a thing, you can’t not love this tall girl from the south

@glitternailshowell: mikayla and me are keeping the emo spirit alive in the gc as if the 22nd of March 2013 never happened, keep that eyeliner game strong

@verbosedan: joy and me bonded through conspiracy theories and 80s music, only #phacts in our hilarious convos

@musclester: waru i was so excited when you followed me back because your blog is so pretty, glad to know that we’re both just europeans dorks being mildly obsessed with top and trw :^)

Sure Uncertainty: A Reference Post

So it has come to my attention that I don’t have a good reference post for my book, Sure Uncertainty, for those who don’t know what it is or what it’s about, and figured it was high time to fix that! Especially since I’ve gotten quite a few new followers lately. So here’s a bit more about my book/play, aka my big project and the main reason I created this blog in the first place. Warning this is long. 

Sure Uncertainty is a modern day retelling of the Shakespeare play, The Comedy of Errors. Plot-wise, it’s essentially the parent trap on steroids. Two sets of identical twins (with the same names!) separated at birth end up in the same high school and due to misunderstandings and mistaken identity, a heck of a lot of confusion ensues. The plot is somewhat convoluted, and while a lot of it I lifted directly from the Shakespeare play, I created my own versions of the characters (did a lot of genderbending and such) and adjusted the plot accordingly to fit it into a high school setting. A lot of it was inspired by She’s the Man, a retelling of Twelfth Night in much the same manner. 

I am also currently in the process of adapting my book back into a play (I know, a play based on a book based on a play) to hopefully direct for my senior project as a theatre major. I’m trying to get as much feedback as possible right now, so message me if you want to read it, and I might send you the link! 

As for the characters… If you want to draw them, aside from gaining my undying love, gratitude, and infinite levels of happiness, check out this reference post here for physical descriptions and color reference drawings. 

The Twins

Antony Abidelli (Antipholus of Syracuse): Transfer student from Syracuse, kind of a nerd. Loves music and spending lots of time alone. Introverted af. Very confused half the time, very rarely understands anything that’s going on. Just wants to be left alone most of the time. Loves his sister more than anything and would literally die for her in a heartbeat. Awkward af, shy af, terrible at flirting

Antony Durham (Previously Antony Duke, but I changed their name… Antipholus of Ephesus): One of the most popular guys in school, confident, charming (sorta), a total jock. On the football and basketball teams. Thinks he’s a lot greater than he is. Embarrassed of his family. Here’s a picture of him: 

Roma Abidelli: AKA Roma A. (Dromio of Syracuse, genderbent) Rebellious, or tries to be. Sarcastic af, clumsy. Was held back a grade, so she’s old for her year. She and Antony A are super close because they felt like they only really had each other since their dad is really distant. Likes rock music, tries to be punk rock, and would do anything to be cool and popular, even though she pretends she doesn’t care. Also aro/ace and very much not interested in relationships. she and Antony D get close after the events of my book, so here’s a picture of them together: 

Roma Durham (Dromio of Ephesus): Twin sister of Roma A. Goes to Ephesus, and wants to be close with her brother, but he pushes her aside a lot. Struggles with social anxiety. Very quiet and studious, takes her studies and grades Very Seriously. Gets lowkey teased a lot but no one would ever try too hard to mess with her bc they’re afraid of her brother. Kind of a teacher’s pet, terrified of many things, including heights, spiders, small spaces, airplanes, and getting in trouble of any kind. Doesn’t deserve any of the hell I put her through. Here’s an angsty picture of her: 

Other Important Characters

Gene and Emma are the twins parents, also separated in the plane crash (which is my story’s version of the shipwreck from the play) who get reunited at the end of the story. The only thing they love more than each other is their children. Gene is a very go-with-the-flow kinda guy, quiet, nerdy, also writes poetry, Emma is his entire world, he spirals into depression after the plane crash, and thus was never really around for his kids. He’s also like… literally the sweetest, purest guy you’ll ever meet. Had a very rough childhood though, and was bullied a lot in his youth so Emma is immensely protective of him. As for Emma, she’s no-nonsense, the librarian of Ephesus high school, very strict and an enforcer of the rules all the time. Kind of uptight, fiercely loyal, will actually murder anyone who lays a hand on her family. Her way of dealing with grief is just getting really really angry at everything. Has a hard time keeping her cool sometimes, and can be irrational and blunt a lot of the time. Unable to physically fight but she will destroy you with her words. Literally just don’t mess with her (or Gene, which by extension is her). Have I mentioned they’re in love???? Anyway, here’s them: 

And then there’s the love interests. Addie and Lucy Johnston (Adriana and Luciana) are sisters, and the love interests of the two Antonys, D, and A respectively. Antony D is Addie’s boyfriend. Addie’s on the cheerleading team, she’s popular, pretty, and very very dramatic. Yells a lot, can get unhinged pretty easily. Takes everything to the extreme. Lucy’s quiet and introverted, but not shy, loves to read and takes school v seriously. Has a secret badass side that rarely comes out. Both of them are super protective of each other. Lucy ends up falling for Antony A, thinking he’s Antony D, and that’s kind of one of the central conflicts of the book. They’re both like literal goddesses, like I’m in love with both of them and they’re my own ocs. Lucy’s nerdy but she never gets teased. She’s had lots of guys try and ask her out but always turns them down bc she’s looking for the right one. Here’s a pic of her and Antony A being adorable together, and then a pic of Addie below that. 

Minor Characters

Angel Brooke who you see me talk about a heck of a lot, is def one of my faves (so much so I wrote a spin-off novel about her, but that’s a story for another time). Goth, lesbian, sells handmade jewelry at unreasonable prices. Artsy and creative, and very very good at getting her way. Clever. Quiet, doesn’t talk a lot, keeps people at a distance, kind of cold. Had a traumatic childhood. Apathetic towards basically everyone.  She’s tiny but she will destroy you. After the story, she and Roma A become best friends, and she ends up with a HUGE not-so-secret crush on her… Oh and she’s based on Angelo from the play. Here she is: 

Leigh is Angel’s ex, one of those people that’s super cheerful and nice on the outside, but is pretty manipulative and not a very good person. Bisexual, never stops making puns about it (or puns at all). She’s also on the cheerleading team, and is pretty good too. The type of person to say, ‘move, I’m gay’. Here’s a pic of her: 

Randy: Roma D’s boyfriend, super shy and awkward guy that Roma A detests (which makes things difficult for him). Marie is Roma D’s other best friend, an artsy girl who’s very cheerful and optimistic. 

As for adults, there’s Principal Duke, the principal of the school. Has a not-so-secret crush on Emma the librarian, who continually rebuffs his lame attempts at flirting. Doesn’t know that she lost her husband, he thinks she’s just single. He’s way too jovial all the time, has a habit of repeating himself. Kind of an idiot. Gail is his office secretary, does all the real work around the school, knows a lot more than she lets on, and is probably the most likely of all my ocs to take over the world. 


Emma and Gene are the parents of the four twins. Antony and Roma Durham are with Emma, Antony and Roma Abidelli are with Gene. (they all meet at the end). Addie is Antony D’s girlfriend, Lucy is Antony A’s love interest. Hopefully the family dynamic makes sense. If you read or know the play it’ll probably make more sense….

So there ya go, that’s basically it!!! Sorry this post ended up so long but I figured it’d be good to have a reference all in one place. Not gonna put it under the cut bc I do want people to read it. Please please please feel free to send me lots of asks or talk to me about my characters or this project and I will literally love you forever (or better yet, DRAW my children!!!) If you like my book/ocs or whatever, please reblog so I can get more exposure. Hopefully you’ll see my book on a shelf someday and if not, you’ll see a performance of the play adaption I’m working on. And if you read all this, I literally love you already. If anything doesn’t make sense or you’re confused, send in an ask or message me and I can try and update the post for ya! THANK YOUUU!

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((Sorry if I mess something up, I'm new to this site and this is my first ask ever.)) This is one of the first blogs I followed, and I am really glad I did. You're amazing, and you're texts are amazing, and I love it so much. I just wanted to give you some love. I'll probably request something in the future, but as of now, I forgot what I was going to request previously. Thank you for what you do, and for putting a smile on my and other people's faces!


(i’m like weirdly hype that this was your first ask and i’ll treasure it forever omg ily 💜)

(p.s. you didn’t mess up anything you did great 👌💜)

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Hello! So I speak Irish as one of my first languages and I know that you're quite a popular language blog. I know that some people on here are eager to learn new languages. I send this ask in as Irish is a dying language and it needs to be saved, it's such a lovely language. Would it be alright if you could tell your followers that Irish is an option if they want to learn a new language? Sorry to bother you!

In case one of you had no idea what language to choose, this anon has a suggestion. ^^

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Hi! I've been looking at old Nu'est and Afterschool posts and it made me depressed that 90% of the Nu'est tumblrs were deactivated. You're one of the first blogs I followed that posted Nu'est and AS content and I would like to thank you for staying with Nu'est and AS for so long even after everyone else left. This blog played a part in me making this Nu'est blog about 1 1/2 yrs ago I love you❤ , have a lovely day

waaah.. ❤  this made my day. Thank you for appreciating this blog it means so much to me. yes too sad a lot of old nu’est/AS blog now are gone at least these days nu’est tag is active (btw love seeing ur post in the nu’est tag). im happy and im thankful that you still remember this blog even im not that active like before. i will always be a big fan of  nu’est and AS that thing will never change. btw i have a sideblog for nu’est it is nuestx . have a wonderful day LOVE.

Since we’re nearing the end of this crazy year and I’ve recently hit a major follower goal, I wanted to make a follow forever showcasing some of my faves on this site and people I love following because one, you’re all amazing and two, you make my dash a good place to escape to whenever life gets tough. 

so thank you all and have a wonderful holiday season to all who celebrate! 

♡ no key because I love every single person on this list ♡

a -d

@aavengrs, @adampairrsh, @adamparrisih, @adamperrish, @akielos, @allisonreynolds, @aminyard, @andrewminyardl, @antivancrcws, @aphrotdite, @asteriea, @atthens, @atwells, @awkieren, @backliner, @barcnes, @beallatrix, @blackthron, @bleuczerny, @bookwild, @browngods, @caeliestis, @callaiope, @cassiopheias, @collinslily, @credencebareebone, @crowkaz, @cznery, @czrenys, @damian0s, @damiianos, @daniellewlds, @danwilds, @darlene-alderson, @deadravenkings, @drtyhands

e - k

@eetrelibre, @eliszabeths, @endlesstuesday, @eveneasheim@fahey@gansaey, @glenddower, @glyndowers, @grntaire, @gryffyndor, @haermes, @haljodran, @hcneyduke, @hedacarol, @helengansey, @henryvcheng, @hhamlet, @hhermes, @histia, @historyy, @hsinful, @hsinfully, @hsins, @illuminosity, @inejs, @jamespottver, @jerejeahn, @jesperfehay, @jespvrfahey, @jingyans, @julietcapulaet, @kanerdki, @katebishop, @kazbreekkerr, @kazbrekkre, @kaznej, @kelmaresh, @kerouc@kevinsday, @kingrenly, @kinqlaurent, @kremaclassii, @kvisnsky

l - p

@leaorgiana, @lillabard, @lordstark, @malikovich, @mavencalore, @mendcza, @menoutoftime, @metalarrn, @minyrad, @mrbenwyatt, @mrkeatings, @mrsmeadows, @mythohs, @naeshiem, @nancywheehler, @neiljosn, @nicodamgelo, @ninazaenik, @ninazenyik, @noahccerny, @nonoah, @noorasaetrae, @noorawiliam, @odyssias, @ofdregs, @ofwelshkings, @ohparrish, @opheliadarling, @oscarwide, @oydssey@pansimon, @parumerula, @perhcy, @persrephone, @peterqill, @philiphea, @philukas, @phlikas, @pstroclus, @pureblud, @pvedameron, @pynch, @pynchly

r - x

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I love your blog so much!!! You're one of the first blogs I've followed and made me ship literally everyone with everyone!!! Have you got any more lesbian percabeth au headcanons? They're my favourite 💙

thank you so much !!!

*reaches down into the very depths of my au* okay… i think…. i can squeak out a few more (THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE I WILL SLOWLY BUT SURELY REWRITE THE WHOLE SERIES WITH THEM)

  • annabeth being thrilled and like downright giddy at the prospect of having a best friend even though she will be Damned before she’ll admit it or show it
  • but like seriously she’s like so excited that there’s a girl her own age, unlike clarisse or silena or thalia where she constantly feels like she’s falling behind and she needs to catch up
  • annabeth crashes in her cabin like all the time while they’re growing up because it’s literally just her and her best friend like how awesome is that (and nobody thinks anything of it because Heteronormativity you know and anyway this is mostly before the Feelings anyway)
  • silena gets exasperated bc percy is the only one who is allowed near annabeth with any sort of beauty product
  • and she’s always like “why do you trust her more than me??????” and pouts
  • and annabeth insists that it’s because percy will actually listen when annabeth says she doesn’t want something specific while as silena will just go full throttle if annabeth ever gives her permission
  • which isn’t true because silena totally respects boundaries, but annabeth just uses that as an excuse so she doesn’t have to explain that she just really likes it when percy touches her and their faces are really close together and she runs her fingers through her hair
  • the percy/aphrodite conversation has so much more significance bc aphrodites like “ur gay sweetie” and percy’s like “i know but she’s not that’s the problem” and aphrodite’s like, *wink* and for the first time ever percy lets herself hope,, just a little,,,,,
  • mmkay so the thing is that like annabeth is sincerely not able to work up the impulsive botl kiss quite as impulsively because DAMMIT ANNABETH THAT’S GAY
  • so they both almost die anyway because annabeth can’t make up her mind bc if u add sexuality crisis on top of all the OTHER crises in their relationship, i mean, can you blame her
  • she does kiss her though
  • listen though, like everyone knowing that annabeth has it bad for someone but not being able to figure out who,,,,, (bc heteronormativity)
  • clarisse is the one who has to tell silena that they like each other and silena is horrified that she didn’t notice on her own and then she gets so excited that clarisse has to hold her back from going to talk to annabeth about it