you're on tumblr nerds!

Fanfiction and Tumblr have basically ruined/enhanced my life. Now instead of watching a movie or TV show and seeing the couple on screen I’m like “Dude those two chicks are so fucking gay. They are gay as fuck. They are gay for each other. There’s no room for Jesus in that gayness. Cheezus fuck just kiss already. Why aren’t y'all married with like eight kids? Ugh… forget this. I’m going back to my gay fanfiction.”
So thanks fanfiction and tumblr. My life is a gay ass lovely mess because of you gay ass lovely people but I love it.


lizzicuda  asked:

Who let you have a tumblr? You aren't a nerd. You're certainly not a hipster. No fandoms. No puns. Do you have a blog type or are you just trying to fit in with the young crowd?

I fit in the Rotten egg section of the market

  • Tumblr: Protect teenage girls at all costs!!!! Teenage girls are SO IMPORTANT!!!!
  • Tumblr: hahahaha you're a Superwholock fan????? stupid fucking nerd *shoves you into locker* hahaha loser