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I feel like regarding Malec, the writers give us what we don't need (I.e. Randomly thrown in makeout sessions/kisses) but not what we actually need & ties in with the story like continuation of the sex scene, Magnus being with Alec right after he pulls him from the ledge... idk how to put it into words but I feel like there are a lot of gaps in the malec storyline and their parts seem to end so abruptly every time. It's like when I expect a soft malec scene after something intense, there's none.

You know, I absolutely agree with you, every single point. As much as I don’t want to be the person who keeps demanding for malec scenes in a show that’s not essentially centered around the two of them, I wish they won’t leave us hanging so much. I mean, yes sure, we get really cute scenes to establish that they’re moving towards a more comfortable relationship. But I really, really want more scenes of them having real talks about what transpired, be it the sex scene, warlock mark scene or the ledge scene, and where they will go from there. You put it perfectly; their scenes feel very truncated, and I totally agree with that last line. It’s like they find a reason to interrupt their exchange every time and it’s frustrating because you’re expecting a resolution but you’re left hanging. It was done exceptionally well in 2x01, and even though it stretched over, 2x03 and 2x04 worked too and 2x06, almost. I really wish they get back into this rhythm and I know 2x08 is gonna be intense and I love intense but yeah, I want them to resolve things properly.

Friends don’t care about their friends’ teeth issues.

a quick drabble for my friend @sassatello for their super awesome 2003 TMNT Constellation AU, which you should all go check out because it is neat and adorable.

I hyper focused a little on Donatello’s teeth, and this was born from that hyper focus. Just a nice thing for some hurt/comfort, and budding friendship.


Don liked a lot of things about himself.

He liked his brain, and he liked his skin, how the stars and constellations on it would glow and spiral. He liked his voice and he liked his height. He liked his personality, and considered it to be a pretty good one.

He didn’t like his teeth so much.

Hardly at all.

His tongue and teeth, the length and sharpness of them- he disliked them quite a lot.

Don tended to keep his mouth closed, on the days he felt most conscious of them. He was thankful that his skin was so dark, that no one could see his mouth at all when he shut it.

He still smiled, mostly. There wasn’t anyone but his brothers to see his teeth, and at this point, there was nothing to hide from one another. They’d been alive and together so long, what purpose was there to hiding any part of himself from them?

Then April had come, and things had gotten a bit more difficult.

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A fic where vampire twin Soob fills the void in his life with unsettling romance novels.

Kamui had called Subaru over after a moment of glaring at it in disdain.

“Look,” Kamui tilted the cover towards him, “This is what they think vampires are.”

The cover had two people embracing. One was nosed against the others neck, with a self-satisfied smile.

Subaru blinked.

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There's a shipping meme where you finish the sentence "I ship it..." with one of nine options. 1. Because it's adorable. 2. Because it's hot. 3. Because it's plausible. 4. Because they're alike. 5. Because they're opposites. 6. Because it's canon. 7. Because of subtext. 8. Because of fanart. 9. BECAUSE I CAN! Which nine ships from Butch Hartman ("The Fairly OddParents" and "Danny Phantom") would you put in these categories?


1) Because it’s adorable

2) Because it’s hot

3) Because it’s plausible

4) Because they’re alike

5) Because they’re opposites

6) Because it’s canon

7) Because of subtext

8) Because of fanart


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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


Hamilton au in which everything is the same, except when John dies his ghost gets attached to Philip and becomes his guardian. Phillip grows up thinking of him as kind of an invisible big brother or cool imaginary uncle, and John is there to protect Phillip during the duel so he doesn’t die and Ham and Eliza work out their problems and eVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety


one gifset per episode
▬   ユーリ!!! on ICE 超超 超 がんばらんば!!グランプリファイナルFS  (12/12 )
 There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone. 


books that NCT 127 recommends for their fans

chirrut + baze as yr chinese dads


  • wakes you up at 6am every day to train before school
  • pulls your ear when you’re being a shit. does the one finger shake in your face while he lectures you
  • knows every other dad at the dim sum restaurant, somehow, every time
    • remembers all their names and all their kids’ names and what they’re studying in school
  • your friends love him
  • tells your friends lots of embarrassing shit about you
  • never coddles you until you’re sick, then won’t leave you the hell alone
    • you swear he brews your herbal medicine more bitter + disgusting than it needs to be on purpose
  • will never give you allowance and indignantly asks what you even need money for every time you talk about it
  • bad presents. it’s always fucking socks or a screwdriver or something
  • stands and watches you doing homework
    • ETA: you can try to text on the dl. but he knows. he smacks the phone out of your hands.
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but waits until you’re out of the room to do it)
  • bad cop


  • good cop 
  • constantly talking shit in mandarin around non-mandarin speakers
  • secretly spoils ya when chirrut isn’t around
  • your friends are terrified of him
  • gets you + your friends to stand on his back when he does pushups
  • buys cheap stuff in bulk. ‘you don’t know when it’ll be on sale again’
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but you can tell exactly what he thinks of them because he’s staring you dead in the eyes while he does it) 
  • doesn’t care how well you’re doing in school except that you’re doing better than that next door kid whose parents he hates
  • incense burning all the time in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dumpling making machine. hand-minces the meat with a bigass cleaver
  • always trying new recipes from the cooking channel
  • PDA all the time. both you and chirrut are lowkey embarrassed but you’re used to it by now
  • ask him anytime for a piggyback ride and he’ll give it to ya