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Late May 2017: A casual Nu'est fan decides to sub some Broduce episodes. She figures she should have a way for people to contact her, so she creates a Tumblr on a whim. 4 months later, she’s a hardcore LOVE, whose trashiness is enabled by some lovely people~

I’ve been needing to thank the people who supply my dash with beautiful Nu'est content & positive energy. As a translator, my blog would look really dead without your gifs & gfx to reblog! Please hover over the ♡ to the right of your url for a brief message~

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thank you all so much for being part of my tumblr experience! xx.

Historically, which is better?

Saloon party or garden party? Circus or theatre? Bath or Cheltenham? Oxford or Cambridge? Pantaloons or breeches? Carriages or motor cars? Classical music or opera? Champagne or wine? Boating on the lake or croquet on the lawn? Townhouse or country estate? Fireworks or fairgrounds?

Oh mate

Muffet art, because why not.

But I lost ideas (because I drew all ideas I had), so do you have some?

Now I can say what sky is beautiful tonight (it’s 9 pm when I was making this post), so maybe I’ll drew something with stars I guess.

Stay Determined :)

Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique 


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

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classes begin in september, so I’ll have less time to draw stuff ;v; I will be more active on twitter with bits and pieces of little doodles, so please come visit!☆


namjoon: i’m not sure what you think, but you play a major role in building the mood in our group. you take care of the stuff i sometimes miss as a leader. i always envy you. you’re the most professional member in our team; you’re stable, that’s the quality an entertainer should have. // ©

  • [walking around, still disappointed 6 hours after visiting an aquarium]
  • Remus: What did you think a tiger shark was, Sirius?
Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws get over excited when they talk about things they’re passionate about. It’s they kind of excitement where people either get very annoyed by it very quickly, or become so enraptured by what Ravenclaw is saying that they forget how much time has passed.