you're on camera okay


I sure have!

Saeran As a Babysitter For The Others Kids...Including His Own
  • Zen: Here's everything! Oh, yeah, here's a camera as well! Make sure to document everything! Bye, Saeran!!!
  • Saeran: Wait! When did I *door slams shut behind Zen* agree to this?
  • Daughter: Elfie? Elfie! Elfie! Elfie!!
  • Saeran: Why am I not surprise that you're trying to say selfie? Okay, whatever, smile for the camera. *camera clicks*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jumin: She and Elizabeth Third eat five minutes apart. Make sure they stay on schedule.
  • Saeran: I don't remember agreeing to this!! *door shuts behind Jumin*
  • Daughter: KITTY!! *Elizabeth screeches as the child grabs her tail*
  • Saeran: DON'T DO THAT!
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Yoosung: Are you sure about this? I'm going to only be at the office for a few hours.
  • Saeran: You told me you had something for that idiot brother.
  • Yoosung: I do. At the office and my wife is out of town so I need someone to watch my son. I'll be back~~
  • Saeran: Why does this keep happening?!
  • Yoosung: *leaves without looking back*
  • Son: Food? Food! Food! Food!
  • Saeran: What do you want to eat?
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jaehee: I don't want to leave you alone with my son...
  • Saeran: I think you might be the only sane one of the bunch. I can operate a phone. Would you like me to help you find a good babysitter?
  • Jaehee: Please.
  • Son: Wok. Wok. Wok.
  • Saeran: You really do work a lot if he's trying to say 'work'.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: Catch!
  • Son: Puter? Puter!
  • Saeran: Good idea. Let's put a virus on idiot's computer.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeran: Is there any chance you can take care of yourself?
  • Daughter: *two months old* *starts crying*
  • Saeran: WHAT DO I DO! ______!!! IT'S CRYING!!!!!!! HALP!

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