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I've been having a crappy couple of days. Got any cute Kristanna fluff to lighten my mood?

I’m so sorry, nonnie! How about some pregnancy fluff?

The loud crash woke Kristoff from a sound sleep, and for one disoriented moment he thought the world had ended. When he finally got his wits about him, he sighed as he realized Anna wasn’t in bed. He got out of bed and walked towards the source of the noise.

Anna was in the kitchen, perched precariously on a chair as she tried to reach for something on the top shelf. Kristoff panicked.

“Anna what the hell are you doing!” he ran over and picked her up off the chair, setting her lightly down on the floor.

“Oh Kristoff! I’m so glad you’re awake!” she patted him on the shoulder, and as Kristoff finally looked at her he saw that she was quite a mess. Melted chocolate dotted her chin and cheeks, peanut butter was smeared on her right arm and part of the front of her night shirt. “Could you get the maraschino cherries on the top shelf up there?”

Kristoff reached up, grabbed the bottle in question and gave it to her. “Don’t we have an open bottle in the fridge?” he asked, eyebrow raising as she opened the bottle and started grabbing at the little cherries with her fingers.

“We did, but I finished it.” she popped a handful of them into her mouth.

“I see.” Kristoff’s eyes grew wide as she was in the process of polishing off the entire bottle as they stood there. “Were you trying to recreate a peanut butter cup?” he asked, gesturing to the mess on her face and clothing.

“Mmhm,” she attempted to answer with a mouthful of cherries, “but the real kind would be wonderful right about now.” she hinted, with lashes fluttering.

Kristoff rolled his eyes and chuckled, as he grabbed his coat and walked towards the front door.

When he returned, thankful for twenty-four hour drugstores, he found her lying on the sofa, snoring peacefully. He couldn’t help but smile, as he walked over and slipped his arms under her, carrying her back to their bed. She stirred in his arms.


“Let’s get you back to bed, princess.” he smiled at her.

“Mmm, thank you. This baby will be the death of me.” she groaned.

You will be the death of you. No more climbing on furniture when you’re nine months pregnant please.”

“Yes sir.” she mock-saluted as he lay her gently down on the bed. “You’re so good to me.” she brought his face to hers and kissed him softly before turning to her side. Kristoff smiled, pulled the blanket over her and settled in.

After a moment, in a voice already laced with sleep, Anna asked “Did you get the peanut butter cups?”

“Yes. You want me to go get them, don’t you?”

She reached back and patted him on the leg.

“You’re so good to me.”

Please don’t forget the privilege that white mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled people hold over mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled POC. They’re more likely to get diagnosed, more likely to receive support from their community, parents, school, friends, more likely to receive representation in media and more likely to have other resources and societal benefits that POC may not get. Please include this in your narrative when you talk about mental illness and disability. Its key and should not be forgotten, especially when reaching out to all of us

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(Multipart ask, sorry!! T__T ) Part 1/3 Hello! I watched the movie in theaters last month and it basically filled me with so many feels that I had to find a place to unload them somewhere and I'm SO GLAD I found your blog because it is *amazing/insightful/everything*. Thank you so much for existing!!

(Part 3/3) And…if so, does Atem acknowledge this?? Try to send him back?? If Kaiba stays there too long will he just…disappear completely?? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this because I’ve just been driving myself insane thinking about it. (Sorry for such a long ask! >__< If this has already been discussed feel free to point me to the relevant post!)

Ok, part 2/3 was clearly incredibly important to this set of asks, but tungl.hel apparently decided to eat it and I never received it.

But if I had to guess, you were asking about all the *wiggles fingers* stuff coming off Kaiba in the Egypt scene which is similar to the stuff in the duel.

So my answer is: It’s all open to interpretation.

Ultimately it’s left unexplained, and we can do things with it, or ignore it, as much as we want.

  • You could see it as him ‘losing life points’ and he’ll eventually die.
  • You could see it as a timer saying his time is limited and he’ll disappear back to his home dimension when it runs out.
  • Or you could see it as purely a symbol of him being connected to another dimension and completely ignorable.
  • Or that it’s as a side effect of messing around with the Plana cube to power his cannon.
  • Or he’ll win the duel and it will disappear.
  • Or he’ll lose the duel and it will disappear, but he will not.
  • Or it’s a sign that he’s already in a metaphorical duel.

There are loads of ways to view it and none of them are canon - we take it from here, and no-one’s reading is any better than anyone else’s, so view it however you want at the time, and when that stops working for you, try another one.

It’s our party.

bpd is really hard to explain because you say something like “everybody’s leaving me!!!” and then next minute you’re like “i abandon everyone because i have commitment issues” and people are like that’s a contradiction?? and you’re like I AM A CONTRADICTION

  • brain: it's suffering time now
  • me: I keep explaining to you that in order for it to be 'suffering time' /now/, 'suffering time' must have stopped at some point.
  • brain (a little louder): I said, it's suffering time now.
  • me: whatever. good. great.