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Hi, Audrey! Regarding your game, can you please do a High School reunion fic starring Young Do and Eun Sang? Where thy haven't seen each other since high school. Feel free to include other Heirs characters. :)

[Hi, anon! We’ll keep it short and simple because otherwise I will be tempted to start another project I cannot finish.]

Young-do wasn’t particularly interested in attending his ten-year reunion, but an excuse to dodge the press’s attention by retreating for a weekend at a remote and exclusive mountain resort was precisely what he needed. If another reporter shoved a mic in his face and asked how he felt about his father’s upcoming release from prison, he was going to have to pay a hefty compensation fee once he was finished.

Neither Rachel nor Myung-soo had come—both of them were attending New York Fashion Week—so Young-do spent the first day ignoring calls from his vice president by going on a hike and finding a quiet little clearing where he could hurl snowballs at tree trunks undisturbed. By the time he returned to the resort hours later, he was overheated and worn out. He caught an elevator up to his suite so he could take a shower and change into something more presentable for the night’s formal dinner.

He wasn’t prepared for the elevator doors to open for Cha Eun-sang.

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