you're not supposed to be this hot

There’s just something so pure and magical about rewatching the affair days - when they’re dancing around how they feel about one another and they’re all loaded eye contact everywhere they go - but knowing that they’re now married, and they’re so in love it’s ridiculous, and they’ve never loved anyone the way they love each other, and they love each other so much they don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

Ah, Robron.

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Alright so... What about the RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC playing video games and she like, curses and screams at the characters. And god save them when she plays horror games because her screams are really loud, haha. I hope you're having a nice day!


  • he gets terrified whenever you scream
  • more often that not it sends him into panic mode
  • “OH MY GOD IS THERE A MURDERER IN THE HOUSE oh wait nevermind it’s just resident evil 7”
  • when you’re yelling in anger he’s so flustered
  • he doesn’t know what to do
  • why are you so angry?
  • why is it so hot?
  • he squeals and tells you not to swear so much but in reality it makes him kinda hot and bothered
  • to be honest, he can’t really criticise you much because he yells too whenever he gets frustrated on LOLOL
  • god forbid you’re ever gaming at the same time
  • so many noise complaints


  • he is absolutely adamant that ladies are not supposed to swear
  • oh boy is he in for a surprise
  • the first time you start screaming and yelling at the screen he’s absolutely shocked
  • he had no idea you had it in you
  • this is the girl he calls princess
  • but right now
  • she is a wild fuckin hyena
  • he genuinely has no idea what he’s supposed to do
  • when you’re playing a horror game and start screaming he’ll run up to you like “omg babe are you okay??”
  • and when you tell him it’s just because of the game he’s like “I know but omg are you okay you really shouldn’t play it if you get so scared”
  • you keep playing anyway
  • if he’s there with you while you’re playing he gets just as scared and screams just as loudly
  • it’s actually pretty funny


  • okay this is stressful for her
  • she’ll hear you screaming and freak out, ready to rush in and help you
  • but then she’ll hear you yelling at that fucking zombie that jumped out and killed you so now you have to go back to the last checkpoint for shit’s sake
  • lots of mum-sighs and eye-rolls
  • “maybe you shouldn’t play if you get so angry”
  • she just…. doesn’t understand why you would do this to yourself
  • sometimes she tries watching to see just why you get so angry over certain things
  • and she has to admit, she can see why some things are annoying
  • but the fact they bring out that kind of response??
  • it’s just beyond her


  • he really just doesn’t understand why you get so worked up over it
  • it’s not even real. what are you doing?
  • he tries watching sometimes to see why
  • and he makes comments about what you could’ve done differenty
  • yes Jumin I fucking know you are not helping
  • whenever you scream at the jumpscares, he doesn’t even flinch
  • he’ll just look at you and raise his eyebrows like “seriously?”
  • if you scare Elizabeth, though, he’ll get worried about her
  • he usually locks her in another room if he knows you’re going to be gaming
  • he doesn’t really like how much you swear, but he knows it just kind of slips out when you’re venting your anger


  • he finds it absolutely hilarious
  • he is a laughing mess whenever you scream
  • and when you’re yelling at the characters he’ll egg you on and pretend to get angry too
  • he’ll also probably film it
  • he loves how into it you get and how you don’t even notice he’s in the room half the time
  • and the amount of swearing is so fucking funny to him
  • he loves that you come across as cute and innocent but then you go ahead and do this
  • he’ll imitate you, too, so whenever you scream he’ll scream even higher
  • oh boy that pisses you off even more
  • and he fucking knows it


  • he thinks you’re a goddamn idiot
  • but… he has to admit, it is kind of amusing
  • the jumpscares don’t really scare him all that much, so if he’s watching you and you get scared he’ll smirk and call you stupid
  • when you get mad at the characters he’ll just stand there watching you
  • he did not realise how many swear words it was possible to use in one sentence
  • he enjoys just observing, to be honest, and he’ll never really get involved
  • he’ll make some comments on it afterwards though, and tease you about it a lot


  • he gets so worried
  • whenever you scream he’ll instantly rush to you, even if he knows you’re playing video games
  • you always feel bad because he checks on you every single time
  • and it happens a lot
  • he does find it pretty funny when you get angry, though
  • if he’s with you he’ll try to hide his smile because he doesn’t want to make it even worse
  • if he’s in another room he’ll just listen and laugh silently to himself as he hears you cursing and yelling
  • he loves how you don’t seem to care what comes out of your mouth when you’re so engrossed in a game

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"You're a terrible cook" Chat, to Marinette?

“Here, this should hopefully help you feel better,” Marinette said thrusting the bowl of steaming soup towards the pathetic figure huddled in a pile of blankets on her chaise. 

“Thank you. You’re kindness is only rivaled by you…ACHOOOO!” 

“Serves you right, you hopeless flirt,” Marinette laughed. Chat glowered at her, but reached his hands out from his nest for the bowl. 

“Jeez, what is this lava?” 

“It’s soup! It’s supposed to be served hot.” 

“Hot, not fiery inferno.” 

“Just shut up and eat your soup,” Marinette said fixing her grinning intruder with her best impression of her mother’s serious face. 

“As you wish princess,” Chat grinned not looking the least bit penitent. 

Marinette watched as he took a loud slurping sip of his soup. He said nothing his brow furrowing slightly. 

“What?” Marinette asked, her shoulders hunching self consciously as Chat stared at her. He said nothing, his eyes narrowing further as he took another spoonful of the soup. 

Marinette held her breath as he looked at her again, his head tilted to one side thoughtfully. 

“You’re a terrible cook,” he said in an awed voice. 

“I am not,” Marinette argued her face flushing. 

“Did you try this soup?” 

“Well no…” He held it out to her. “I’m not going to try it now,” Marinette sulked, you’re sick.” 

“Probably for the best, I think you put the whole dead sea in this.”


“It’s really salty,” Chat said with a soft smile, taking another spoonful of the soup anyways. 

“Well if you don’t want it you can give it back,” Marinette glowered, “I don’t see why you decided to come hang out at my place anyways.” 

“No one is home,” Chat replied quietly.

“Oh,” Marinette replied not sure how to deal with the sudden change of tone, “well I guess bad soup is better than no soup.” 

“Oh I could get soup,” Chat replied blithely his teasing smile coming back with a vengence, “top quality stuff too. That’s not the issue.” 

“What is it then?” Marinette asked glaring at the smiling, if sniffling cat in annoyance, as he continued to down her sub par offering. “Since clearly you could be back home enjoying 5 star cuisine instead of suffering through my terrible attempt at cooking.” 

“Well there are 3 reasons why I am here. One- I don’t like being alone when I am sick, I get moody. Two- While you are apparently a terrible cook, I know for a fact that you’re baking is excellent and I am hoping if I look pathetic enough that you will shower me with pastries,” he smirked. 

“You’re ridiculous,” Marinette said rolling her eyes but unable to help the small grin that came to her lips. “So what’s the third reason?” 

“Five star cuisine doesn’t compare to getting homemade soup from the prettiest girl in paris, I don’t care how salty it is,” Chat said, taking another deliberate spoonful. 

Marinette flushed and turned away before he could see the brilliant smile that she couldn’t have held back if she tried. 

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Me meeting Rick Riordan
  • Me: Hey wassup Ricky mah maaan. Hey so you know I was wonderin' if maybe you could write another book... I mean don't get me wrong all the other books you've written so far are great but... I need more Percabeth and get more of those gay ships in there that shits real good. And don't forget, I want it to have so much fluff I feel like a teddy bear just swallowed me and I'm in its fluffy belly. You know what I'm talking bout, I also need some making out in there, not necessarily Rated R action but I do want some shirtless making out in there that shit's hot. Anyway man you gonna make me happy?
  • Rick Riordan: Well unfortunately, I cannot do that because these are supposed to be children's books but if that's what you're into you know where to find it.
  • Me: Ye I know what u mean
  • Me: *goes on*
What went down in Climatika
  • Alec: welcome to this gameshow! vote for one of these small children to become a weather person!
  • Aurore: what are people voting based on?
  • Alec: well, they pick which of you they like more
  • Aurore: so it's just based on people's whims rather than our qualifications?
  • Alec: ok Aurore, that's enough, now let's get voting people
  • Marinette: get back here you little s**t
  • Manon: *doesn't get back here*
  • Alya: hey Marinette, that hot guy is at the park
  • Marinette: omg I love that hot guy!
  • Manon: hey Marinette, you're supposed to be babysitting me
  • Marinette: I can totally handle it
  • Alya: your life is literally a burning shamble of chaos and awkwardness
  • Marinette: ikr, now let's go to the park
  • Alec: yeah, the numbers are in and Aurore is a poor, pathetic, sad loser mcloserface
  • Aurore: real mature Alec
  • Alec: are you going to turn evil now?
  • Hawkmoth: HEY GUYS
  • Alec: this is a surprising development that I could never have anticipated
  • Climatika: *f**ks s**t up*
  • Marinette: it's not stalking if he doesn't see me
  • Alya: *facepalms*
  • Vincent: hey, imma need a girl to pose with Adrien
  • Alya: this plot development is as fake as your accent
  • Vincent: now that's just hurtful
  • Alya: hey Manon, I'm a magical unicorn
  • Manon: so am I!
  • Manon: *transforms into a unicorn*
  • Alya: this definitely didn't happen in this episode
  • Manon: fine
  • Climatika: *shows up, f**ks s**t up*
  • Marinette: Tikki, activate anime! *transforms*
  • Climatika: *keeps f**king s**t up*
  • Adrien: Plagg, work with me for a minute
  • Plagg: f**k you Adrien, imma eat this cheese
  • Adrien: *transforms*
  • Chat Noir: hey ice queen, what are you hoping to accomplish here?
  • Climatika: idk
  • Chat Noir: maybe you should come up with a plan?
  • Climatika: *hits Chat Noir so hard he literally makes pinball noises when he crashes into a bunch of parked cars*
  • Ladybug: hey Chat Noir imma poke you in the face
  • Chat Noir: kk cool
  • Ladybug: let's go attack her now
  • Climatika: here have lightning
  • Ladybug: ok that didn't work, let's attack her again
  • Climatika: here have wind
  • Ladybug: third time's the charm?
  • Climatika: here have ice
  • Chat Noir: speaking of charms, maybe you could use that one power you have that's always the key to taking down villains?
  • Ladybug: sorry I can't hear you
  • Climatika: here have a bus
  • Chat Noir: WHY
  • Climatika: idk
  • Hawkmoth: can we come up with a plan?
  • Climatika: yeah, bc I have no idea what I'm doing here
  • Hawkmoth: let's go to the TV studio and somehow make a broadcast bringing Ladybug and Chat Noir there, and then take their Miraculouses
  • Climatika: that doesn't sound like much of a plan
  • Hawkmoth: I'm trying, ok?
  • Climatika: in the process can I make a literal freaking tornado around the TV studio?
  • Hawkmoth: that seems excessive
  • Climatika: says the person who spends his entire life in a f**king butterfly dome just so he can steal jewelry from teenagers
  • Hawkmoth: let's not get personal here
  • Ladybug: ok she's at the TV studio, let's go
  • Chat Noir: is it a trap?
  • Ladybug: easy Admiral Ackbar, it's not a trap
  • Climatika: it's a trap
  • Chat Noir: I totally called it!
  • Ladybug: fine
  • Climatika: *attacks*
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *towel happens*
  • Ladybug: imma fabulous flying beetle girl
  • Chat Noir: cataclysm!
  • Climatika: *crashes through billboard*
  • Ladybug: *steals umbrella, throws it to Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: *throws it back*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Marinette: *goes to park*
  • Vincent: Adrien, pose with the small kid
  • Marinette: my heart is destroyed forever
  • Alya: it really isn't
Ciel playing Mystic Messenger
  • Ciel: Zen is hot
  • Ciel: does Jumin Han is gay lol
  • Ciel: Seven tf are u doin
  • Ciel: Yoosung I'm not Rika, I have dick smh
  • Ciel: baehee marry me mom
  • Sebastian: *turns off the wifi*
  • Ciel: ...
  • Sebastian: ...
  • Ciel: don't talk to me ever again you son of a bitch, I hope you go to hell again. Fucking demon I hate you, I'll leave you for Zen. Die. Fucktard I'm gonna break your head with a chair
  • Sebastian: so...
  • Sebastian: I suppose you're mad...

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That weather post though is kinda bs tho because like, you can bundle up with a blanket in cold weather and be perfectly fine, but there's pretty much no solution for hot weather? Like you can have a fan blowing on you and strip off all your clothes and then what? You're likely still going to be hot and sweaty af depending on where you live. What're you supposed to do? Stuff yourself in a freezer or fridge? There's literally no optimal solution to dealing with hot weather, unlike cold weather.

people who say they prefer the hot weather probably has never known what its like to experience a truly hot weather.

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Gear came in with a bag of groceries, dropped them on the table, and slid over to Thistle in a rush that he tripped and ended up on his back. He then got back up, looking nervous. "People are telling me you're in heat? Is this ri- Oh hi Lav."


*Lavender waves casually.

“I gave’em a juice-box and a back massage. He’s feelin a bit better.”

“You said you wouldn’t tell anyone about the back massage, you asshole…” 

“H-hey, Gear! Uh… No! It’s fine! It’s just… R-really hot in here…Heh-summer!…Am I right!?”

“Pft…. Yeah whatever…”

“Okay- but in all seriousness I didn’t know until someone said something… Don’t judge me! It’s not like I wanted this to happen! How was I suppose to know?” 

imagine Michelin star chef taekwoon asks his hot photographer friend hongbin to babysit ONCE and now his kids refuse to eat the breakfast he makes bc “hongbin’s eggs are better :( ” jung petty taekwoon tries to save face by forcing hongbin to make eggs for him to take notes but ends up nearly fainting when he sees hb add sugar to the eggs before he has the nerve to flip them (he still asks him out though everyone has their faults and sugar on fried eggs is hongbin’s)

  • Junkrat: *rubbing his neck* you
  • Symmetra: now and then, but not usually.
  • Junkrat: ah, so you're more of a healthy food person?
  • Symmetra: I suppose so. However...*gets close to him and traces a finger under his chin* I make exceptions for certain sweet things. *winks and walks away*
  • Junkrat: *tenses up and has no idea why his face feels so hot*

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hey there's just one itsy bitsy problem with the statement "ks is homophobic". Sangwoo, the character, is homophobic. Sangwoo, the character, is also a murderer, misogynist, egotist, and all around piece of shit person. Neither the author or narrative suggests that sangwoo or anything he does is normal, good or okay, including his homophobia. you're not supposed to see him and think he's a great guy. do you get the difference at all? lol of course you don't.

and yet we’re supposed to find him hot and his actions erotic lmao

me at a job interview
  • Hot Boss guy: So do you have any special talents?
  • me: *aggressively sweats* *thinks about all the smut I write* Well I write a lot in my free time.
  • Hot Boss guy: That's cool! So what else do you do in your free time?
  • me: *thinks about tumblr* *thinks about gay fanart* *thinks about all the hardcore kinky smut* *sweat begins to pour out of my pours like an ocean* I read...
  • Hot Boss guy: What do you like to read?
  • me: ...
  • Hot Boss guy: ...
  • me: *whispers* gay smut...
  • Hot Boss guy: *eyes widen and takes off glasses, and sighs deeply, as a tear falls out of the corner of his eye* you're one of them...
  • me: *stands up* Please I'm not like the others! I'm different!
  • Hot Boss guy: *stands up as well* You're all the same!
  • me: *tear falls down face and I sniffle* *I turn my head as a bright object catches my attention* *I look and it's... it's...the tumblr app open on his phone* *I gasp and look up at him in shock* No... You, you're?
  • Hot Boss guy: *eyes widen out of shock* No! You weren't supposed to see that I'm not-
  • me: *cuts him off* You're one of us... *whispers* I like your shoelaces...
  • Hot Boss guy: *tears start falling down his cheek and he lowers his voice, looking down* Thanks... I stole them from the president.
  • (A long pause before either of us speak)
  • Hot boss guy: You got the job...
New ghouls as Rocky Horror quotes


Hot patootie, bless my soul
I really love that rock’n roll!


I see you shiver with antici…..pation
But maybe the rain Isn’t really to blame

It’s just a jump to the left!!


With voyeuristic intention.
Well secluded I see all… 


This sonic transducer, it is I suppose some kind of audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device?

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Oh I didn't know there wouldn't be a time jump! Ok that's a lot more feasible then. And you're right, they're definitely going to use bughead sex scenes a huge draw to the show after how hot that scene was and the audience reactions to it. I mean they've even upstaged Varchie who are supposed to be the "sexy" ship element to the show whereas bughead is more about innocent, pure love! I can't even imagine how hot their actual first time will be and now I cannot wait!! Thank you <3

You’re welcome Nonnie! RAS did say that in one of the multiple interviews he gave after the finale, so you can rest assured that big moment for Bughead is definitely coming (pun intended) in Season 2. And Bughead managed to subvert all assumptions about them being sweet, innocent and pure with that absolutely sinful sex scene that was just so tastefully executed that it left me begging for more! That will have to help us tide through this hiatus until we have an even more sinful (hoping) sex scene to destroy us!

Millard with relationships (headcanons 1/10)
  • He's the type when he likes someone he is quite a mess around them. If he were to try to flirt with you it'd probably be a really nerdy pick up line like, 'uh according to the second law of thermodynamics, you're uh um supposed to share uh you're h-hotness with me.' He uses his invisibility as an advantage, to watch you (not in a creepy way), to see the cute things you do when no ones watching like dancing around you're room with the music blasting, it makes him smile.
  • He loves to share things with you whether it's something he found on Wikipedia or a dream he had about working side by side with his idol, Perplexus Anomalous. Though it's hard to shut him up when he gets started, he always lets you interrupt him (surprisingly). He enjoys to hear what you have to say. He's also a really big cuddler, he likes to let you lean on him so he can smell your fruity shampoo when your hair brushes against his face. He enjoys exploring with you, taking you to places you've never been before to see that look of awe or excitement on your face. Millard is committed to you no matter what, when he loves you he loves you. And the cutie can get a little insecure at times. He needs to be reassured that you love him too since he knows that you can't see him, he thinks it complicates things (but it really doesn't). Millard is very selfless when it comes to relationships, he's probably done numerous things for you that even if you try to repay him it, would never even come close enough to what he's done for you. He's witty in a sarcastic way and teases you constantly just to see you get a little mad then he kisses you which always catches you by surprise which makes him laugh. Millard is just an overall nervous goofball who loves you unconditionally.
Horoscope signs as Ganondorf
  • Aries - Twilight Princess Ganondorf: you ruined everything why did we invite you
  • Taurus - OoT Ganondorf: sassy schemer who don't take no lip from no hero and also secretly a boar
  • Gemini - Wind Waker Ganondorf: sometimes you look like a bird also stop harassing small children
  • Cancer - SSB Ganondorf: you run slow and we all like you ironically
  • Leo - a Link to the Past Ganondorf: you are actually a pig demon
  • Virgo - Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: your minions are useless but that hair tho
  • Libra - Skyward Sword Ganondorf: you don't exist. Sorry. Someone who looks kinda like you does some bad stuff tho
  • Scorpio - Four Swords Adventures Ganondorf: you had to break the law didn't you. See where that got you?? The race consisting of only girls hates you now. Hot girls. NICE GOING.
  • Sagittarius - Phantom Hourglass Ganondorf: you're but a distant memory of the small children you once harassed. Those children killed you. This is your own fault.
  • Capricorn - Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons Ganondorf: you were supposed to show up. We invited you and everything. Are you too cool for us??? Jerk.
  • Aquarius - Manga OoT Ganondorf: how did you go seven years thinking a wooden ocarina was the ocarina of time no wonder you lost
  • Pisces - SSBB storyline Ganondorf: stop following the hand guy and stop trusting people stop just stop.