you're not so perfect either

First Impressions
  • <p> <b></b> (Use your sun and rising!!)<p/><b>Aries:</b> Very striking.You have distinct, sharp features with high cheekbones. Odds are, your hair is red, or has been red, either naturally or dyed. You come off as enthusiastic yet intimidating. You probably have a badass scar on your face. You give your undivided attention only in short bursts, and you can seem impatient. You look great in bright colours. Most likely sign to pull ideas out of thin air and pull them off with similar speed.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Gentle looking. Your eyes shine softly, and you always look thoughtful, like you're mid daydream all the time. You speak with intention, directness, and sincerity. Your voice is probably on the deeper side, and you like to wear comfortable but very good quality clothing in neutral colours. Most likely sign to create an inside joke with you right off the bat.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Born communicators. You come off as youthful, curious, and intelligent. You have glittery eyes and small, neat features. You have a few distinct mannerisms and hand/mouth gestures that can make you seem fidgety and nervous if you're not careful. To catch a gemini, look for pastels, lace, stripes... any "childish" colours or patterns... you guys always pull them off though. Most likely sign to make you laugh so hard you're sore the next day.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Like home. There's something very familiar about you. You look like everyone's best friend. And you are. Your ability to mimic others is almost painfully funny. You have deep set, watery eyes and strong cheekbones with soft features. Probably a cute button nose. Your smile is always natural looking. Most likely sign to ask you if you need a hug if you're sad.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Bright and kind. Your smile is a home run like... you guys are blessed. Your hair is very noticable, either because there's just so much of it or because you decided to do it up and people are staring because it looks so perfect. You're warm and very friendly. You either come off as intimidating and very powerful, or cuddly and gentle. Either way, you have everyone's attention. You also probably have excellent posture. Most likely sign to defend you right away if someone accuses you of something.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> A breath of fresh air. You have questioning and curious eyes, small features and full lips. You speak with a soft determination and you seem to take up less room than you actually do. You don't impact the earth like others do. You walk lightly and almost cautiously. You look great in dark, deep colours and your skin glows naturally. You might come off as a little critical at first, so be careful. Most likely sign to offer you some of their hand cream.<p/><b>Libra:</b> Stunning and fair. Alright, there's no other way to say this... Librans are beautiful. You guys have symmetrical faces with features that fit perfectly together. You're a true diplomat, and probably the one who calls for a vote when your friends can't decide what to do next. Most likely sign to keep their attention on you even if a bunch of other people keep interrupting.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Magnetically fascinating. You have these eyes... that can see through anything basically. You're quiet. Maybe not after a while, but the first time someone meets you they might not even hear your voice at all! If not though, you are very interesting because you have an opinion on everything. Most likely sign to get in trouble for laughing too much and/or making too many jokes.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Larger than life. You're all beautiful giraffes. You're very tall, and if not you still have the graceful, long gallop of the archer. Very distinctive laugh. You have quizzical eyes. You speak either of all the incredible experiences you've had or your great plans and wishes for the future. You are new and young and shiny, but you are so wise somehow. You can come off as judgemental. Most likely sign to tell you a random fact that sticks with you for weeks.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Effortlessly cool. You have high, full cheekbones that often contribute to how photogenic you are (seriously... how). You have a lot to say, but you choose every word carefully, one at a time. Your smile is healthy and it reaches your eyes every time. You can come off as guarded. Most likely sign to have an "it's a small world" moment and discover that you both knew this one important person from your childhood.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Modern and well-adjusted. You have a high forehead, a wide mouth, and a big smile. You are engaging, realistic and ambitious. You aren't afraid to play with different colours and patterns. In fact, you probably embrace certain fashion no-no's, like wearing denim on denim, or wearing two different directions of stripes at once. You always make it work, though. It's also a scientific fact that all aquas can pull off glasses. I don't know why, but just trust me on this. Most likely sign to send you reeling into an exisential crisis after meeting them just once while simultaneously gaining you 100 followers on instagram.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> A dream come true. You have wide set, liquid eyes and you have a humble way of walking, confident, but almost in an effort not to assert yourself. There is nothing harsh about you. You speak gently and kindly. You can seem too wishful, like you want too many things you just can't have. You have the kind of face that attracts people looking for advice or just someone to listen. Most likely sign to text you the day after meeting you with a bucket list of all the awesome movies, books, and tv shows they want to show you.<p/></p>


          when was the last time either of them were affectionate with the other ?? when was the last time they curled up together on the couch, or held one another as they fell asleep ?? when was the last time they were close, and showed their love ?? she can’t remember, and it’s causing dangerous thoughts to enter her mind.

          she picks up the remote, clicking the power button so his attention would focus only on her. there are tears in her eyes, and she can’t really keep them back. not with what she’s about to ask. “do you still love me, hal ?? and be honest. not as the mother of your children… but are you in love with me anymore ??

Zippo Fest 2012

the Suck It And See Zippo is one of the most common things people ask me about. there’s usually not much i can do to help - the damn things are either sold out or way too expensive.

if you’re one of the people who really wants one, check out these posts that nobody saw last night because i did them at like 3 am.  

there’s advice on getting an SIAS zippo that’s every bit as good as the official one, at a fraction of the cost.

and i also did a little photo tutorial on how to refill/reflint them and i’ll probably keep posting this until it gets like at least 10 notes.  because that shit took me almost an hour. and i’m definitely petty enough to cry about nobody seeing it. that was an hour i could’ve spent doing important stuff like working on my collage of Hermione photos. hubba hubba.

anonymous asked:

I'm committing suicide tonight. I'm sorry. Your account has helped me as much as it did. I'm afraid no one and nothing can stop me. I hope you stay strong yourself, you're perfect. xx

so i can’t stop you either? please don’t go, don’t leave us, don’t leave me.. you are needed here!!