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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Slytherin: Are you okay?

Ravenclaw: Nope.

Slytherin: Okay, I’ll bite, why?

Ravenclaw: I just like to be prepared, you know? Set yourself up for the worst and then anything otherwise and you’re pleasantly surprised.

Slytherin: You’re never pleasantly surprised by anything.

Ravenclaw: Well, no, because if something good is happening, then something really bad must be about to happen.

Slytherin: And people think I’m the depressing one.

A reminder to smol insecure studyblrs

- You do not need midliners to be a good studyblr
- You do not need expensive pens to be a good studyblr
- You do not need a kanken rucksack to be a good studyblr
- You do not need perfect lighting to be a good studyblr
- You do not need a mac or iPhone to be a good studyblr
- You do not need Japanese stationery to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to be at university to be a good studyblr
- You do not need plants and flowers to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to follow aesthetics to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to study red brick subjects to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to be neurotypical to be a good studyblr

As long as you are studying SOMETHING and want to create your own content in ANY WAY YOU LIKE and are promoting good study habits and general positive vibes, you are a good studyblr. In fact, you are great. Keep up the good work!!

Accidentally Married: Not just for fanfic anymore!

Housemate Xed works for the Secretary of State, in the bit that registers businesses and, for a few years and for somewhat convoluted political reasons, domestic partnerships. 

Yesterday their office received the… complaints? Of a somewhat distraught pair of people (notice I do not say ‘couple’) who, at some point in the last few years, had decided to go into business together – a nail salon or something, I think – and been advised that they should form a Partnership. Pretty standard for a small business with two owners.

…except they didn’t understand and formed a Domestic Partnership instead. 

Washington State legalized same-sex marriage in 2012, and as part of that, this June ALL non-senior domestic partnerships became marriages automatically.

These two business partners accidentally married each other.

And now they’re trying to figure out how to undo it.

…short of divorce.

fun fact about fat lesbians/wlw:

you really are gorgeous and amazing and all that stuff those positivity posts like to say.

You know what else? You’re also hot. You’re sexy. There is a girl who DOES actually find you attractive, like, in a physical way. Many, actually. People DO want to kiss you. Your body is glorious. Us fat babes deserve to feel desirable in every single way, because we are. I promise. Even though you don’t feel it and you don’t believe it and you’re terrified of making a move and upsetting her or grossing her out or being predatory.

People are attracted to your body. Finding you hot is not the purview of fetishists or weirdos or chasers. When she says she finds you hot she is not lying. It takes so long to even start to trust that. But it’s true.

someone on the TAZ tag wanted to see Taako cooking with his aunt, so here it is

Young Taako and his aunt whom I called Jeremiah in my head though I don’t know why


Dadvid Appreciation Week 05: Family Holidays

Well, it IS almost Halloween and also I wanted an excuse to finally draw the CC cast in WOY outfits. Also taser joke because…Michael.

This was a FUN day to draw stuff for.

In this month of pride, let me give a shoutout to all my LGBTQIA+ people who have changed how they identify over the years. To the people still trying to figure out their identity, even if they thought they found one that fit.

You’re no less part of the community if you first identified as a lesbian, but now ID as a straight trans man. You’re not any less if you first identified as bi, but now consider yourself gay. You’re not any less if you identified as a binary trans person but now have a nonbinary identity.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you had to have known you were a certain way since you were a child to be valid. Don’t let anyone convince you that because your label could change in the future, you aren’t welcome. Don’t let anyone convince you that you must identify a certain way.

We’re all growing and learning about ourselves and maybe what fits today won’t fit a decade from now, but that’s okay. You’re not a bad person for not immediately having perfect knowledge of yourself. You’re not a fake because your identity has changed.

annawrites  asked:

i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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