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Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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AHHH!!! You're online!! (Unless that was your queue ... YOU'RE queuete ;D ) I just wanted to say you're so awesome and talented and I have so much love for you, my faraway friend!!! \^_^/ <3 Blessings, MWUAH, x) XOXOXO!!!, Sarah

Sarah, this is lovely to read haha. I feel like I’ve been a bit out these past couple days. We’ve had a really sudden death in the family, and world events are gettin’ me down so apologies if I’ve been kinda out of commission. This message really perked me up, so thank you for your loveliness


I wanted to wish my friend @sunagakures​ an early Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by your friends, family and of course your love ones too! 

A family Polaroid drawing 

Shoutouts to people who like winter and cold weather.

  • Because it’s tiresome being stared at like you grew an extra head when you say as much
  • Because countless people can say “I’m so glad spring is right around the corner!” and be praised with endless agreement, but I’m asked what’s wrong with me if I express the same thing about winter
  • Because the maintenance guy came in to fix something in my apartment, took one look at my thermostat, and wouldn’t believe me when I said there’s nothing wrong with my heater because it’s 65°F in my apartment and I’m happy 
  • Because if there’s a disagreement over the temperature, the person who likes the cold will always be outvoted 5 to 1
  • Because summer and the warmer days of autumn are mourned for their passing but winter’s end is celebrated
  • Because our endless discomfort in the summer is overlooked and brushed off because why wouldn’t we love this hot weather
  • Because winter is never long enough, summer is always too long, and no one will agree with you
Broadway Against Humanity

I am creating some Broadway themed Cards Against Humanity, but I need more ideas! Does not have to be Book of Mormon related, can be ANY show. As clean or vulgar as you want. I need black and white cards! You can message me with your ideas or you can simply reply to this post.

If I get a big enough deck built I could arrange a “Pretend You’re Xyzzy” (online Cards Against Humanity with optional custom decks) game with ALL Broadway cards!

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My top 5 songs from Heathers.

1. Candy Store: It’s just. So good. So fun. So camp. Je adore.

2. Our Love Is God: Simply, it’s beautiful.

3. Dead Girl Walking: If you ever want to get hyped for something, listen to this song.

4. Seventeen: A+ harmonies

5. I Am Damaged: “You look like Hell.” “I just got back.”

(I just realized how much I need to listen to this musical again…)

Probably one of the best anagrams of “Sam and Dean Winchester” is “When denim scared Satan.”


Milo Murpy’s Law intro - Multilanguage

updated with Danish and Hebrew. Because I love languages and MML.

It’s in alphapetical order as follows: Brazilian Portuguese - Castilian Spanish - Danish - English - French - German - Hebrew - Japanese - Korean - Latin Spanish - Polish - Russian

If you have a video of another language, feel free to link it and I’ll add it in. (But please make sure it’s in a watchable quality)

What does the intro in your language translate to? I’d love to know

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I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, but sometimes I get kinda frustrated because you don't respond to my asks? Even when I can see you're online??

I can see how that would be frustrating, but frankly I don’t like being talked to that way. 

How I use my time is my own business. I’m an introvert who has had to act extroverted for a long time. Much as I usually enjoy talking to people on here, I can’t be *on* all the time. Sometimes I just want to reblog funny pictures and disconnect for a while. If you take that as a slight, that sucks but tbh I’m still gonna do it. Not cos I don’t respect y’all but because I need to respect my own boundaries. I will talk to you when I feel emotionally prepared to engage in a conversation again, but sometimes that takes days and I’m trying to remind myself that that is okay. 

Have a nice night.