you're not funny stop

Ravi having the time of his life and Kkomae third wheeling (?). Ken just wants to do Q&A already.

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Percy Weasley

You know what? Keep on shipping. 😇


yixing never letting go of luhan

Welcome to parasite club. I’m your host.

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just because we're pet friendly (pet store, after all) doesn't mean you should bring your demon dog who is CLEARLY aggressive, barking and snarling and growling at well behaved children across the aisle who're just standing with their parents. Also, don't take your hellhound to the fish wall and ENCOURAGE it to try to attack our koi. It's not funny. stop laughing, take your demon, and leave. You're freaking out my fish. They're better behaved than you OR your dog.

Scrambled Ramble

JSHDIRBEJX I’m so glad you all love my dog post because I have a whole deck of cards and a book dedicated to dogs so I’m glad that I got to use them LMAOOOO. Anyway, thank you all so much for the support!!!! Like I’ll be reading tags and you guys are so funny and just the cutest and sweetest???? I actually think I read something about someone making fan art of one of my writings, and by all means, go for it!!! Be sure to tag me so I can scream about it and love it and put it on a billboard lolol. Also, I realized that I never gave you all a name???? It’s super delayed, but you may call me Swan!!! That’s all I really wanted to address lol. Thank you all so much!!!! I hope my writings bring you some kind of solace if you’re going through a tough time. Take care of yourselves!!! ^^