you're not funny stop

Percy Weasley

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ok when people called you two sided for supporting both atletico and RM you said you don't and that you just love torres because he's the first player you loved and all .. now how do you explain the MOYA GOALKEEPER OF ATLETICO DE MADRID spam on my dash ? he's the first keeper you've seen inside a goalpost ?


it’s not that deep ???

I didn’t know reblogging THREE pictures counts as spam but ok 

unfortunately for all of us this whole Moya thing has nothing to do with me being a closeted atleti fan,it all has to do with me having a set of eyes,eyes that inevitably look at people even if they’re not wearing RM Jerseys.

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Handbell/van anon again! I've said this in a previous anon ask I've sent, but again I want to say: reading your tags is life! I was checking out the tags for the updated Voltunes set and got the funniest image in my head when you asked for an arr. for all the current instruments. All I could think of was a van backfiring rhythmically in the background while the rest of Voltunes plays/sings XD. Thanks for all the giggles!

HA! I’m so delighted. You’re very welcome. <3