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Ravi having the time of his life and Kkomae third wheeling (?). Ken just wants to do Q&A already.

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Percy Weasley


yixing never letting go of luhan

So… I’ve been seeing this post going around

Pretty much if you think it’s “funny” or agree with it… you’re trash. Only bullies attack someone based on how they look.

Also y'all clearly never saw the movie bc I’m pretty sure the people who thought the hunchback was “ugly” were the villains in the story.

This isn’t just about Charlie (because when you call a character ugly who isn’t made up to look a certain way… you’re calling the actor ugly.) this is about anyone.

Plain and simple, it’s not funny to call people ugly or attack their looks, it’s gross and shows more of how ugly YOU are on the inside.

You know what? Keep on shipping. 😇

You can’t just do that to a witch.
—  Getting out of my car at work in the dark I hear a woman’s voice say “Hello?” like she wants my attention…I jerk my head around looking for the source. I can’t find it. I see no one. I feel someone though. In my head I’m like, ‘Don’t they know you can’t do that shit to a witch?” Witches NEED a follow up statement, dang it! Gaaww! 

After finishing “Good Omens,” there must come from me a stupid, stupid headcanon skit about the side characters

At some point, War has entered the same room as Famine, who appears as though he’s about to eat a sandwich, and she groans, “I’m hungry. Practically starving.”

Famine oh-so-conveniently tells her, “It looks like you need this sandwich far more than I do.” And he offers it right up.

War is about to take a bite when she remembers just who exactly she’s accepted a sandwich from, and he seems altogether too happy that she’s about to eat the sandwich. “Raven. Is there actual food in this?”

“Would I offer anything that wasn’t actual food to YOU, Scarlett?”

At which point, Pollution happens to be walking by, and notices the sandwich just as War takes a bite out of it, and he remarks, “Oh, good! It’s the sandwich I helped make! War, do you like it - “

And War spits out the bite and screams “NOW I KNOW THERE’S NO FOOD IN THIS.”

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  • Gaara: Some months ago I lost my life to the Akatsuki.
  • Naruto [with muffled sobbing]: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE YOU'RE DEAD
  • Gaara: Sometimes I can still hear the voice of the dear friend I left behind.
  • Naruto: [gross sobbing continues, accompanied by a violent tackelhug that takes the esteemed Kazekage straight down to his office floor]
  • Gaara: It appears someone messed up and sent me to heaven.
  • Naruto: !!! STOP !!! SAYING !!! YOU'RE DEAD !!!