you're not even that hot

Sweaty JinMin Appreciation Post

  • Luffy: I can't believe this. I can't. I really can't. I can't.
  • Law: ?
  • Luffy: Look, I know you're hot because shit, you're hot. BUT. To look good even in a bathrobe? .......CRIMINAL.
  • Law: *blushes furiously* I... You... Fucking moronic... Protozoa microbe flower foot rug... I.........Th-this is a kimono. Imeanthanksbutshitdon'tsaythatinbroaddaylightandyoulookgoodinblacktoofuckfuckfuck. *walks away*
  • Luffy: *tilts head* (•‿•)?
It’s funny how I used to think about you every minute of every day. How I thought I would never move on. How I assumed you were the only one out there for me. How I believed I’d never find someone better because I was so in love with you. But here I am a year later, and I don’t feel those things when I look at you anymore. I think of you now as an old friend, not the one that got away. I see now that we were never really meant to be in love with one another. But that doesn’t mean we don’t hold valuable places in each other’s lives, even if we don’t talk anymore.
—  Despite the hell I went through I’m so glad I met you

anonymous asked:

it happens a lot with sh*y m*tchell and l*ndsey m*rgan too.

Yep! There’s a whole crew of them! Any popular faceclaim of color is popular because they’re light skinned, young n’ hot and if they aren’t light skinned, it’s either because they’re apart of something big, new and exciting that white people will forget about in a couple months (Jöhn Böyega when TFA happened) or they’re Famous (Nörmani) I really can’t think of anyone who doesn’t fall into those categories.