you're not even on that team anymore

  • [Practice session at Rakuzan]
  • Akashi: *explaining a new technique*
  • Hayama: Does it have a difficulty level though, like my one finger, two fingers, three fingers..... *falls asleep*
  • Mibuchi: But Sei-chan, that sounds so exhausting on you, I won't allow my child to be drained this much and you're already so tired from school and student council work--
  • Nebuya: *doesn't understand* *farts*
  • Mayuzumi: I don't even like you or anything
  • Akashi: ......
  • Akashi: I should've gone to Shiratorizawa

Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

  • Luke: You were already used to it. A new kid went to school; the popular ones took care of him. You didn’t even bother trying anymore. So that’s why when the new guy, Luke, showed up at the same class at you and sat next to you, you didn’t make a big deal out of it. Sure, he was hot as hell. But you had already seen some of the popular chicks talking to him at break and the guys telling him to join the soccer team. “Form your pairs”, the teacher announced and you sighed – literally none of your friends were in that class. “Luke!”, you heard an annoying high pitched voice, “Please be my partner?”. “Uh”, Luke spoke, “I actually – uh”. You could see he was in a bad place, and figured you could help him. After all, you needed a pair as well. “Actually, we were thinking of working together”, you smirked at the girl, standing next to Luke. “Yeah, sorry”, he said. Once the girl had turned and went to flirt with another boy, he turned to you: “Thanks for getting me out of that”. “No problem”, you smiled. “But you can go work with one of your friends”, he shrugged, shyly looking down. “Actually, none of my friends are in this class”, you murmured. “Oh”, he looked at you, “Then I guess we should be each other’s pair”. “Yeah”, you smiled, “That’d be great”.
  • Ashton: Some people simply have the gift of being social. Others didn’t. That was the biggest different between you and Ashton, the new kid. After a week at school, he was already friends with everyone. While you, in your humble three years, had only a few friends. Probably, that was why you thought Ashton was rude and idiotic like those ‘cool kids’. “Sorry”, you heard a voice behind you, “But could you please tell me where the library is?”. You turned to see Ashton smiling and blushing. “Yeah, sure. I was heading there right now actually”, you replied. “Really? Then I’ll just tag alone with you”, he started walking by your side. “So, what’s your name?”, he began a conversation. “(Y/N)”. “Oh, I’m Ashton”, he said. “I know”, you smirked, “It’s only been a week and, yet, you already got your name out there”. “Nah”, he shrugged, “Only ‘cause they know your name doesn’t mean they’re my friends. I don’t think I have one friend in this school”. “Oh really?”, you asked, lifting your eyebrows, “’Cause you seemed to be getting along really well with those cheerleaders”. “Oh,” he blushed, “I was just having fun”. “Well, here we are”, you entered the library. “Thanks, (Y/N). It was really nice talking to you – hopefully that won’t be the last time”, he said, kissing your cheek.
  • Michael: “Did you see the new guy?”, your friend asked you. “Michael?”, you replied, “Yeah, he’s hot”. “So, do you wanna test our theory?”, she suggested. “As usual”, you giggled. Through the years, you and your friend had developed a theory that either people were hot or they were nice. “Go talk to him, then”, she urged you on. “Why always me?!”, you exclaimed. “’Cause you know you’re better at talking to people than me”, she shrugged. “Fine”, you huffed. Slowly, you walked closer to him. “Hey”, you smiled, “Michael, right?”. “Yeah”, he smiled back at you, “And you’re?”. “(Y/N)”, you introduced yourself, “So, how are you liking your first day so far?”. “It’s really cool”, he smiled shyly, “Talked to some people, learned some things”. “I’m pretty sure that’s the propose of school”, you joked and earned a laugh from him. “Yeah, you’re right”, he agreed, “But I’m having some trouble in finding my classes”. “Oh, do you want help?”, you offered, “I can take you to them”. “You don’t have to”, he shyly said, “Just tell me where they are”. “Nah”, you answered, “It’s also a good reason to get late to my classes”, you both laughed. So by the end of the day, you had proved that theory wrong.
  • Calum: You stood quietly in a corner, carefully watching Calum, the new student. You wanted to go talk to him badly, but were afraid he was a jerk. To be honest, he looked just as lost as you did, unsure of which way to go. Through the students passing by, he seemed to catch your eye and walked up to you: “Sorry, but can you help me?”, he asked. “Y-Yeah”, you stuttered, “What do you need?”. “I’m a new student and I have no idea where to go”, he blushed. “Oh”, you replied, “Here, let me see what your classes are”. You took a paper from his hands, mentally checking the classes you had with him. “Okay, so your first class is Biology and that’s the third door down the hall. After that, you have Math - which I have as well. So I’ll just come here pick you up”, you smiled. “Thanks, uh”, he waited for your name. “Oh, (Y/N)”, you smiled. “Thanks, (Y/N)”, he smiled widely, “I’m Calum, by the way”.