you're not dead you're sleeping

A day at Disney world be like:

Characters belong to:














And now, what’s going on with the characters in a tagshell (sry i had to)l:

  • Cole: Do they ever stop talking to you?
  • Varric: Nouns, Kid. Does who ever stop talking to me?
  • Cole: The people in your head. They aren't real, but they have voices and thoughts, and sometimes, you see through their eyes.
  • Varric: If they stopped, I wouldn't have to write so much!
The League of Extraordinary Nobodies
The League of Extraordinary Nobodies

I’ve been noticing the fact that nothing glorious can happen anymore
We’ve run the gamut of our filth
But here I am again, pretending spontaneity exists with idiots
All lifted out their little gills
Aren’t you disturbed that everything you did tonight
Is something else you did already

And its meaning is still nill
And all the people in your presence are just weapons
It’s as simple as the theory that the dying love to kill