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heeeyyyyy your posts are great, thank you so much for efforts and amazing content! Would you mind doing a rq with RFA+Saeran reactions to MC with a BPD? I know it is a hard topic and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, besides it is awesome that you're opening rqs anyway! Thank you for the great blog again and sorry for my bad English <3

first of all, thank you so so so much for your kind words ❤️ and I think this is something that’s not talked about enough and I did not feel uncomfortable at all about writing this, but thank you for being so considerate. Your English is great btw! And also, if there is anything incorrect or offensive about this, please feel free to call me out on my shit, otherwise I really appreciate this request ^^

-this isn’t something he’s familiar with
-so when you tell him, he is a bit confused until you explain it to him
-as he starts learning more about it, he starts to notice it a lot more in you
-he’s learned what to do and what kind of support to offer in different emotions
-although he can have his moments of frustration and impatience, he’s learned that these are just your emotions and to not take it personally
-over time, he has accustomed to it and can navigate it better by knowing what kind of support to offer
-he’s very understanding about it and offers you whatever help you may need

-when you first tell him, he honestly jumps to assumptions about it
-it’s something that you’ve clarified to him, but he still has those preconceived notions due to it just being ingrained in him
-he does try to be better about it and over time, gets educated on it
-he realizes that this is something that might be difficult for you and he just wants to make this easier on you, rather than be another stresser in your life
-so he’s fully offered support to you and has even offered help if you need it
-but will always be open to you emotionally and give you whatever it is you need, whether it’s reassurance or space

-she knows a bit more about it than most, but still lets you explain it to her so she can be completely sure on what it is
-and she tries to be there for you 100%
-at first, she tries to give you your space, let it run its course
-but over time, she’s learned to be more present when you need some physical support or don’t want to feel so alone in it
-she’s also learned to give you space when you need it and offers nothing but loving words when some emotions get taken out on her
-she just wants you to be happy and knows how difficult it can be to go through that alone

-when you first tell him, he is a bit taken aback by it, but it doesn’t stop him from showering you with love and support
-he gets himself more educated by reading online about it and even asking psychologists and such about it
-he just wants to be able to help you when it gets intense
-wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and that he can be a strong support system for you
-he doesn’t necessarily push you to get help, but he does want you to know that that’s an option if you ever need it

-after helping Saeran with it, he’s definitely more experienced and educated on how to navigate that
-so when you come forward and tell him about it, he doesn’t see you any different than before
-this is something he’s grown accustomed to and is always ready to be emotional support for it
-although if Saeran and you are having one of those days were it’s acting up for both of you, he can get a little strung out and even shut down cause he doesn’t know what to do sometimes
-regardless, he’ll still try to help and put your own mental health before his and it can stretch him thin at times, but he just wants you to see him as someone you can rely on when it gets to be too much
-offers you the same help he got for Saeran, but understands if you decide you don’t need it

-he definitely has experience with this since he has dealt with his own bpd
-although his has been a bit more extreme, and he’s gotten the help he needs to coexist with it
-having a significant other who is also going through that makes him feel less self-conscious and alone about it
-and he uses his experience to help you with it
-he knows when to hold you close and let you know that it’s alright
-and he know when to let you have your space and figure yourself out
-but he’s always open providing you with help
-he even asks you for help from time to time when his own starts acting up

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Okay so I'm really wanting to rp with someone over kik with a specific pairing (*cough* MARKISNOTONFIRE *cough*) but I can't find anyone who will??? I'm sorry if you don't support roleplaying, you can delete my question if you'd like. I hope you're doing well and bless you for this ship 💛

There’s not a lot of fandom stuff that freaks me out, tbh. :p I have a thirteen-year-long YuGiOh rp goin’ with my bestie, so nah, I don’t dislike rp. I know there are different considerations to be taken when it involves rpf, but I think as long as you’re respectful, using common sense and discretion, and making a solid distinction between your rp character and the actual person, you’re likely to be okay. I see it kinda like writing fanfic, but with more than one writer. I know it can be a disputed subject, but I think a lot of it really comes down to respecting the wishes and privacy of the person you want to base a character on. 

That said, I don’t have much advice for finding an rp partner, because I’m a creature of habit, haha. I guess you just kinda have to float the idea out there, and hope that someone with a similar interest will find ya. Maybe check through the ship tag on tumblr and see who’s around?

I hope you’re doing well, also. :3 And the ship is actually @pixelatedcrow‘s baby; they requested it initially. :)

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Stupid Sexy Vampire: The Carmilla Book of Flirt V
  • Carmilla: [coming from the bathroom, as Laura's lamenting about not getting an A for the first time] Ugh, what are you whining about now?
  • Laura: Nothing. [what she means, and her face is transparent: not nothing.] I think I failed my Lit midterm.
  • Carmilla: Big deal? Aren't you practically dating your TA? [Do we sense jealousy here, mmm?]
  • Laura: You mean ask Danny to--? No, I couldn't do that. [All righteous] An A is a sacred trust.
  • Carmilla: Fine! [flirtatiously] But if I was your TA, you wouldn't even have to ask.
  • Laura: [clearly flattered] That's unethical. Considerate; but unethical.
  • Carmilla: [not giving a fuck about ethics] Ethics are a ridiculous game, played by children who think they can impose order on an arbitrary universe.
  • Laura: Yeah but, what can you do but try?
  • Carmilla: Well, if you're smart, you take any advantage you can get. Speaking of which, where is that bracelet I gave you?
  • [Laura sheepishly retrieves it from under Carmilla's matress, where she'd put it]
  • Carmilla: Okay.
  • Laura: So, what does it do exactly?
  • [she sits and rolls her chair towards Carmilla, the latter ties the charm back on Laura's wrist]
  • Carmilla: It makes you feel off to vampires. Like you're leaking radiation. [blasé and shruggily, but you're not fooling us Karnstein] Like, if I touched you I might feel off.
  • Laura: [disappointedly] Oh. Well, that's good. That probably good. [nodding unconvincingly, what she means: NOT GOOD. I don't wanna turn you off, no, no, no.]
  • Carmilla: Well, it might persuade them to move on to someone else. [what she means: you're mine; not to eat... I mean...]
  • Laura: Speaking of which, have you heard anything from the Dean yet?
  • Carmilla: [shaking her head] Radio silence. But the fact that we're both not messily dead bodes well.
  • [LaFontaine and Perry walk in, chatting]
  • Carmilla: [very upset that once again the moment she and Laura were having is cut short] Um, at what point in the last century did people give up on knowking?!

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Okay dude. I love your ocs so much and I have a couple questions! How did you come up with the idea of Bitn? How'd you come up with the characters? How do you create ocs in general cause I'm awful at it and can never create an original world, storyline, or interesting characters, and I absolutely hate it. Anyway I think you're amazing and super talented

THANK U but ah i’m not…entirely sure? i came up with the concept of BITN by taking into consideration the things that inspired me, things i liked, and the vibe i wanted to go for it. for example: i like monsters and i like ragtag combinations of characters. so i tossed both of those into BITN as the focal point with a very loose coming of age story that has monsters/supernatural stuff/cryptids in a small town as the base undertone with the exploration of character dynamics and character growth as the story progresses. as for ocs, idk really…? i like certain types of characters or i have a vague idea of a character and then i build off of that…??? aa i’m sorry i’m not good at verbalizing this sort of stuff

like literally it’s just “i want a sporty character. he will have freckles. his name is lucas” and then i build off of that

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Then stop trying to make us feel shitty for it. People like whatever they want right? As long as it's not harming anybody right? Then be more considerate please. Just because some indulges in certain things doesn't mean they are gross or should be ashamed. Kinky individuals just like sex or fetishes or what have you. They aren't nasty because someone who was actually nasty became abusive... I think that should be broadcast more, not just "these damn porn blogs". You're making some people feelbad

I honestly don’t really care, anon. People in kinks have zero respect for those who are uncomfortable by them.

Please stop acting entitled and just leave me alone. The next ask you send is getting you IP blocked, you’re doing nothing but making yourself look worse. Enough.

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Me, crying from pain and staggering around the house: everything hurts, and I can barely stand. I think I may have one of a few things, and really need to be checked out for them. // Housemate, who has my medical card: you're fine, you need to move more, rather than stay in bed all day.

Translation: Moving is good for me, so it has to be good for you! What do you mean, I should get my sorry rear moving out that door right now? I’m a ‘good friend’, because I totally listen to what you’re saying about your own health. No, wait, I don’t, because I’m about as considerate as a rock! Imagine that.

~Admin Eo

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If you're still taking the romantic prompt ones: 25, 30, and 32 for ben please 💙💙💙 thank you for your time and consideration

Alright! I hope you like it :)

Modern AU Ben Solo +  “Sorry for calling so late - I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” +  “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” +  “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”

You were certain you knew how your evening was going to go, and yet, you were so incredibly off. Just when you had thought your night couldn’t get eventful, finally giving you another night of staying in, you were suddenly thrown off guard.

All it had taken was one phone call and suddenly your plans had changed. With only one utter of the words from that familiar voice, you were sold.

“Sorry for calling so late - I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

That’s exactly what he had said in those late hours. Even though sleep had been nearly ready to take you, suddenly you felt a sort of energy course through you. For whatever reason the mere sound of his voice was reason enough for you to stop what you were doing.

Now, you awoke lazily in a different apartment, rolling out of the bed slowly as you slipped a t-shirt over your head. You and Ben had known for years that you had feelings for each other, last night however had been the first time anyone ever said or acted on any of it. Almost as if the years of penting up feelings and emotions had become too much, you both poured out everything you had.

Stretching with a yawn you suddenly heard a shuffle behind you followed by a low humming sound.


You turned to Ben with a smile, “Morning.”

Ben’s eyes widened slightly, even sleep seeming to not stop him from admiring you. 

“You look…wow.”

You rolled your eyes with a giggle, “Come on Solo, it’s a t-shirt.”

“No, like… It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

Your cheeks grew hot as you subtly looked away from Ben for a moment. 

“Oh, I’m uh, glad you like it.”

Ben nodded as his eyes raked over you, your heart beginning to beat faster again. Clearing your throat you pointed out to the kitchen.

“Anyways, I’m going to go make us some breakfast.”

Swiftly you went to walk around the bed and make your way out to the kitchen when suddenly you were stopped. A pair of large and surprisingly warm arms engulfed your mid section and pulled you backwards. With a faint squeal you lost your footing and felt yourself get lifted from the floor.

“Oh no you don’t.”


Pulling you into his chest he held you there, keeping his arms locked around you. In a surprising but welcome gesture he began to pepper kisses down the exposed nape of your neck, causing you to smile.

“Ben come on.”

“I’m sorry.”

He leaned close to your ear, his breath fanning against it, “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”

At that your cheeks grew even hotter, your heart practically leaping out of your chest.


Ben hummed in content as he continued his work, peppering kisses all along your skin as your heart fluttered in content. Deep down, this is all you had ever wanted.

so i’m seeing all of your lovely selves today and most importantly seeing all of your ages and ……. idk guys i think it’s important for y'all to remember that there are children here?? i saw someone who was at least 13 y/o??? and if you’re like 18+ (but especially if you’re in your late twenties to thirties) remember that you’re in a community w children and they’re not your friends?? like …. there’s a fundamental difference in your maturity levels that makes it impossible to be friends w them in the same way you’re friends w people your age? it leaves too much room for manipulation, even if that manipulation may be unintentional ……

basically it’d be an inappropriate relationship if you’re like a 25+ chilling w someone who’s under 18…… if you’re an adult interacting w a minor be cautious and considerate and know when and where to draw the line??? the biggest priority should always be to keep minors feeling safe and comfortable and if you disregard that you’re nasty and that’s just the Tea™

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Dear Princess Twilight, You know you're scary right? You're kind, considerate, helpful, patient, welcoming and understanding, but your high level of intelligence makes you a very intimidating force to be reckoned with. Do ponies ever shy away from you in fear of making a fool of themselves in front of you? I know I would! I'm not very smart and even just reading your intelligently complex replies to questions makes me feel stupid. Has any pony ever admitted to feeling this way around you?

Not that I know of. But then I don’t think I would notice even if they did, and I don’t recall anypony mentioning it before.

By your own assessment, I am understanding, so surely you shouldn’t feel afraid to make a fool of yourself. I’ve made a fool out of myself quite a lot when it comes to social graces, but I have understanding friends, and they’ve made me feel like that’s alright. They will correct me, criticize me, but they won’t think less of me for making mistakes and doing my best to make it right.

I know most ponies are not as educated (not necessarily smart, because that can mean many things) as I am, and I don’t hold everypony to my standard. You shouldn’t feel intimidated. It just means there’s more to learn, and I love sharing knowledge.

As long as you’re not being willfully ignorant, or pretending to be as some sort of prank to annoy me or waste my time, you’re certainly welcome to approach me. And you shouldn’t underestimate what you have to offer, either. You will have experiences that others lack, which might not seem like much to you, but can be enlightening to somepony else.

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You know what my favorite part of being trans is? Getting the whole, "hey you're too young to understand that stuff". I mean, yeah i know, I'm 12, i am very young. But I'm pretty sure when you're "daughter" has been crying to you for 4 years that "she" wishes "she" was a boy that "she" might know what she wants and you may have to put that into consideration.

I don’t think people really understand that gender is inherent. Like you can’t chose to not be trans or else people wouldn’t be trans. That’s so much money and effort and emotional exhaustion ya know? If you’ve felt like that for 4 years I really doubt it’s going to be a phase or something you grow out of… They should at least let you cut your hair and present as masculine, there’s literally no repercussions to that. I’m sorry you’re going though that. That totally sucks.

  • Doctor: What is it that you actually want?
  • Bonnie: War.
  • Doctor: Ah, right. And when this war is over, when you have a homeland free from humans, what do you think it's going to be like? Have you thought about it? Have you given it any consideration? Because you're so close to getting what you want. What's it going to be like? Paint me a picture. Will you live in houses? Will you go to work? Will there be holidays? Oooh! Will there be music? Do you think people will be allowed to play violins? Who's going to make the violins? Well? Oh, you don't actually know, do you? Because like very other tantruming child in history, Bonnie, you don't actually know what you want. So let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you've killed all of the bad guys and when it's all perfect and just and fair. When you have finally got it exactly the way you want it... what are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one?
  • Bonnie: We'll win.
  • Doctor: Oh, will you? Well, maybe you will win. But nobody lives for long. The wheel just keeps turning. So, come on, break the cycle.
  • Bonnie: Why are you still talking?
  • Doctor: Because I want to get you to see, and I'm almost there.
  • Bonnie: Do you know what I see, Doctor? A box. A box with everything I need. A fifty percent chance.
  • Kate: For us, too.
  • Doctor: And we're off! Fingers on buzzers. Are ya feeling lucky? Ready to play the game? Who's going to be quickest? Who's going to be luckiest?
  • Kate: This is not a game!
  • Doctor: No! It's not a game, sweetheart, and I mean that quite sincerely.
  • Bonnie: Why are you doing this?
  • Kate: Yes, I'd quite like to know that too. You set this up. Why?
  • Doctor: Because it's not a game, Kate! This is a scale model of war. Every war every fought, right there in front of you! Because it's always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die. You don't know whose children are going to scream and burn, how many hearts will be broken, how many lives shattered, how much blood will spill until everybody does what they're always going to have to do from the very beginning: sit down and talk! Listen to me, listen. I just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word for changing your mind.
  • Bonnie: I will not change my mind.
  • Doctor: Then you will die stupid. Alternatively, you could step away from that box. You could walk right out of that door and you could stand your revolution down.
  • Bonnie: No. I'm not stopping this, Doctor. I've started this, I will not stop it. Do you think they'll let me go after what I've done?
  • Doctor: You're all the same, you screaming kids, you know that? Look at me, I'm unforgivable. Well here's the unforeseeable: I forgive you! After all you've done. I forgive you.
TOHOSHINKI Music Japan 16th June '14: Test on how far YH & CM knows each other
  • MC: (to Yunho) what do you think was Changmin's first impression of you?
  • YH: scary, strong person
  • correct answer: scary senpai
  • CM: he seem cold and personality-wise he didn't seem like a nice person
  • YH: .....
  • CM: *trying to say sorry for what he said by massaging and touching yunho's arm all over the place shamelessly and making unnecessary thumbs up to make sure yunho's not mad and he didn't stop until scary senpai noticed*
  • MC: Changmin is really attentive/considerate towards Yunho, isn't it...
How he'd comfort you when you're on your period
  • Eren: It would frustrate him a little at first if he couldn't understand you right away, but he'd still try. He would be a little more restrained and gentle in the way he speaks to you and acts towards you. It would also amuse him that he's learning a little more while he comforts you.
  • Armin: In order to understand you better and know how to handle you during that time, he would start reading up on period, even if it seems weird. He would also look for tips on how to treat cramps, mood swings, cravings, and the like. Another thing he'd do is to give advice that he read up on in order to experience more comfort.
  • Reiner: He wouldn't have a clue on what it feels like, so it would be very difficult him to understand your situation. He would also be a little frustrated that he couldn't understand it even if he tries. Nonetheless, he would be nearby if you need someone to fetch you snacks or if you just need to yell at someone.
  • Bertholdt: The constant mood swings, heavy cravings, and everything else would scare him off, so he would completely stay out of your way during your period. If you were to come across him, he would make up excuses about having to go somewhere or how he has errands to run, etc. He would only do that just because he wouldn't know how to handle you in a very complicated situation.
  • Jean: He wouldn't understand it and he would refuse to understand it because it's a "girly matter". The fact that he doesn't want to at least try to understand it would be a big problem because his hot-headedness plus your mood swings wouldn't end up nicely. The best he can do is just to avoid you for a while with a tub of ice cream or a bag of chips.
  • Marco: As expected, he wouldn't mind playing nurse for you. He would have the courtesy to personally buy sanitary napkins/tampons, a hot pack, aspirins, and everything else that you'd need to stay comfortable. He would constantly be at your beck and call because he would hate to see you in pain whenever you have to get up and do something.
  • Connie: He would hesitantly try to help, then run for his life whenever he doesn't do well out of fear that you'll swallow him alive. He would check on you once in a while to see if there's anything he can do or what, just so that he'll get on your good side. The best way he can make you forget about the pain/discomfort would be by distracting you with comedy movies or TV shows.
  • Levi: At first, he would think that you're just acting up to get privileges and favors, so he'd just ignore you and treat you like how he usually treats you. However, once he sees that you're truly in pain and you have no control over how you'd feel, he'd give a little more consideration and spoil you a little. For once, he would be your lackey and do whatever you want him to do.
  • Erwin: The concept of having periods really freak him out, so he wouldn't really bother comforting or taking care of you at first. However, he would feel bad for just leaving you there, so he'd try to do his best when it comes to exerting effort in understanding you. Having him around would be quite entertaining, since he'd just bust in with different kinds of lady stuff, tubs of ice cream, DVDs, and everything else to keep you amused.

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i really don't want to argue with you about discourse because i just know you're probably going to shut me down immediately, but i don't think the crux of the problem is people quibbling about two adults with considerable age gaps being together. it's about actual minors engaging in relationships with adults. it's about the potentially unequal dynamic that comes with gaps in maturity. it's about not invalidating people who feel unsafe/uncomfortable in spaces that normalize these dynamics.

I’m shutting you down by saying that you’re partially right. 

But first.

As an adult, it’s my job to also defend my interests and the perception people have of my interests because as an adult the things that happen online actually impact me and can potentially follow me through life. It’s my job to let people know that my perception and imagination do not view these fictional characters as minors, which in exchange, doesn’t invalidate the real non-fictional people who feel unsafe/uncomfortable because the dynamic isn’t even there in the first place. At least, not on my blog.

I mentioned I don’t know anyone who ships sheith with Keith as a minor in mind because the trajectory of a lot of this discourse is built on fabled bullshit implying we get off to minors. That’s disgusting, and it’s unfair, okay? No one has the right to insert those words as a generalization for a whole group.

It is gross.

Imagine if I whole heartedly dismissed klance as ‘emotionally abusive because Lance uses Keith’s grief-induced fallout from the Garrison against him to better his low self-esteem.’ See how easy it is to just do that? I could write a whole academic essay about how klance is a nightmare if I wanted to get on someone’s nerves or was petty enough to view the ship as threatening.

You’re using words like ‘potentially’ and ‘actual minors.’ This in itself is a headache I’m sure several people have approached. I won’t get into that. This has been hashed out a hundred times. I’m not here for that fight.

Also, my view of things could potentially be skewed entirely by Season 2. This is fine, and I think we need to start bucking up and admitting this is fine because our source content is very narrow. As is, anything goes.

But again, if I want to age up Keith, then that still goes. If I want to view these characters as adults and project them as healthy, then that still goes. I wrote 40k+ words about the stress of subtle power dynamics and how things don’t work out in sheith until Keith is a fully equalized leader who’s willing to look outside his view of Shiro, so maybe we should look at self-awareness and dissection as something that still goes, too. Approaching hard subjects in fiction doesn’t make me problematic. Enjoying it as a fictional idea doesn’t make me problematic, especially if my thoughts are ‘how do characters grow from this’ and ‘how do these characters self-actualize in the face of god complexes.’

I’m not invalidating people who feel uncomfortable at the thought of minors with adults (like actually who invalidates that), but what I am invalidating is the ‘normalize these dynamics’ rhetoric in the Voltron fandom. The dynamic we’re normalizing is the stress of two very young adults taking on the universe and how that is damaging and scary when you carry that weight. The dynamic we’re normalizing is universal heartache that would hit all of the paladins in the ‘do we really have time for romance when we’re trying to be so much more than individuals right now’ way I wish more people thought about.

The fact that I can’t conceptualize this ‘minor/adult’ and ‘power/maturity gap’ shipping you’re talking about to the point of real life frustration speaks volumes about how I don’t view these two as anything but emotional equals, even if I might see their emotional literacy to be in nearly different languages sometimes.

The point is: If you view Keith as a sixteen-year-old, then that’s fine. That’s great. Don’t ship him with Shiro. I’d really prefer if you absolutely didn’t in that case. But if I view Keith as an adult, then that’s fine. I’m shipping him with Shiro in that context, and I’m gonna have a great time.

Project what you want, but recognize your projection as much as I recognize mine. Don’t tell me what I believe is something it’s not when I know myself way too well to be told where my interests lie. That’s all I have to say.

  • Sirius: So do you know what you're going to name your little boy yet?
  • James: I'm not sure, Lily and I were exchanging ideas earlier but we haven't decided on anything yet.
  • Sirius: So you have no ideas?
  • James: Some but nothing in particular yet.
  • Sirius: No... serious considerations?
  • James: Not yet, no.
  • Sirius: Nothing uh... SERIOUSLY jumping out at you?
  • James: I already said- ....oh.
  • Sirius: I mean, you've tossed around some names but nothing SERIOUS has come up?
  • James: ... Sirius.
  • Sirius: Yes, James?
  • James: I'm not naming my child Sirius.
  • Sirius: What?? Pfft, no, I wasn't- you didn't think that I was- no way, I wasn't- I was just asking if there were any SERIOUS-
  • James: No.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: It's a good fucking name.
  • James: His name would literally be Dog Potter.
  • Sirius: I don't- I'm not- I'm sorry. I'm just failing to see the issue here.

oh, yeah, sure, kaz “let me sell everything I own and spend every last considerable penny I have to free inej from the illegal indenture contract she was sold into” brekker sure does love $$$ the most in the world. mmhmm.

(honestly, who does he think he’s kidding?)

The signs as people I know
  • Aries- amazing at sports even though shes tiny she can run SO fast, hangs out with girly people but doesn't wear makeup at all. People either hate her or love her.
  • Taurus- so aesthetically pleasing, keeps emotions bottled up until she explodes, kind to everyone unless you're not kind to her, amazing at singing and art, could've been a professional singer or artist but was too stubborn to believe in herself.
  • Gemini- never ever stops. always doing something whether its a new club, a work project or going on a road trip, has so many friends and will always have someone there for them, so smart and loves to debate and learn all the time.
  • cancer- total hippie, cares about everything, literally everything. gets upset at the slightest thing and bursts into tears, buddhas all over her room.If you do something to upset her she'll block you from everything and her mum will probably kill you, always wearing weird clothes that don't match.
  • Leo- so mature and lovely to everyone she meets and makes friends so easily. has the ability to just walk up to a group of people and have them love her straight away. frizzy curly hair and is very sporty.
  • Virgo- So critical of everything but only because he wants the best. Speaks as if hes reading out bullet points from his brain. always has to be right. Could have been an international hacker but was too depressed to. deconstructed life until he only seen the flaws and thinks about them constantly. so misunderstood. will help anyone.
  • Libra- Total girl next door vibe. Will bake cookies for you when you're not well and is so considerate of everyone else. SO indecisive. Loves art, music and poetry and isn't very good at maths and science.
  • Scorpio- literally every girl in school has had a crush on him at least once, doesn't fit in but is so confident that it intimidates people into being his friend. Will ask you questions that are very personal and then gets offended when you won't answer or ask him the same thing.
  • Sagittarius- total hipster,thinks she knows about everything. listens to weird music and thinks it makes her cool. very nice to talk to and will make you feel welcome, needs a lot of space.
  • Aquarius- treats everyone the same, even teachers and small children, very distant and doesn't like to talk about emotions.Very open minded and will have watched every documentary you mention to her. Wants to be different.
  • Capricorn- Such an over achiever and perfectionist. Wants to be perfect at everything and if she isn't then to her it isn't important. Won't like you if she sees you as competition.
  • Pisces- SO cute and softly spoken, gorgeous eyes. will victimize herself so people feel sorry for her, very smart and everyone loves her.

lynncss  asked:

Everyone kinda laughs at it but imagine Charles tearing up when you sing him "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran because that song was made for him. Especially the first line. (But don't imagine it in during DOFP, when he's curled up in bed, upset because he's lost pretty much everything and you snuggle up to him from behind and start sweetly and softly singing it to him and he starts crying because it's beautiful and you're so considerate.)

im crying this is so pure