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i’m seeing some debates about whether it is right to punch a nazi, and without giving any value to it i would like everyone to know that there’s a card game in germany where when someone plays a nazi card you literally need to punch it and the last one to do it gets punished.

‘Why do Feysand and Rowaelin not get treated exactly the same way in the narrative/look exactly the same/why does Rhys do some things Rowan doesn’t/why is Rowan allowed to do some things that the narrative addresses with Rhys and points out that they’re not good’? repeat forever. 

Because there is not one model of a good/healthy relationship. It does not work Feyrhys = healthy; everything else = toxic. 

Because women are not carbon copies of one another. We have different tastes. We have different likes. We have different needs in a relationship. We are our own individual people and we need our partners to respond to our personal preferences, likes, and dislikes and not simply have someone behave exactly the same way to every single person they’re with. 

Feyre dislikes feeling smothered or not having her full freedom and independence. As such, when the mating bond snaps into place between her and Rhys, Rhys carefully explains to her why he feels protective and territorial and that he is working to stop doing that. Because she has been in an abusive relationship before where someone has done these things to an unhealthy level and is uncomfortable with any minor repetition of them. Rhys addresses her personal concerns and her personal needs and that is why the narrative picks this out and unpicks it and explains it with Rhys but not with Rowan. 

Aelin is a completely different character with a completely different backstory, a completely different set of insecurities and a completely different set of needs and Rowan responds to them. Aelin does not have a problem with Rowan being territorial or protective over, not in the way Feyre does. It might be a vague annoyance sometimes (AT THE VERY MOST) and even then she’s dismissive of it and it amuses her and it is never taken too far to the point that it restricts her freedom/the choices she can make/the things that she can do. And she is not in any way triggered by it as she has not experienced the same kind of abuse that Feyre has. 

Territorial behaviour of the kind that comes natural to the fae is not in itself abusive/unhealthy. Protectiveness over the people that you care about is not in itself unhealthy/abusive. What would be unhealthy would be to expect men to treat every single woman he meets/is with exactly the same way because it suits one single woman. That is reductive and frankly insulting.

 I have no doubt that Rhys would behave differently with Aelin and that Rowan would behave differently with Feyre because they are individual people with individual needs and desires and expecting Aelin to be treated the same as Feyre because this is apparently the only standard of a healthy relationship is frankly a little bit misoygnistic because, shock horror, not all women think the same/feel the same/like/dislike the same things. Isn’t that amazing? It’s as though we’re real people who know what we like and don’t like and expect the people closest to us to respect that and respond accordingly. Incredible. 

TL;DR Stop comparing Feyrhys and Rowaelin. Especially if the purpose of this is to say ‘Rhys does x, this is good for Feyre and makes their relationship healthy. Rowan does not do x, therefore this is bad for Aelin and makes their relationship unhealthy’ because, newsflash, that’s not the way it works

There is no one way to have a good, positive relationship. In fact that thinking in itself is unhealthy. Different people have different needs and their partners should therefore behave differently so suit those needs, not just mirror another’s behaviour because it has been deemed ‘The Most Healthy And Appropriate Way To Behave With Women’. Because. Guess what? Not all women are going to want/respond well to that and you ignoring their needs and wants in order to try and fulfil this idealistic idea of a perfect relationship is not healthy. Rowan is responding to what Aelin personally wants/needs/feels comfortable with. He is not Rhys, he does not behave like Rhys and that is completely okay because Aelin is not Feyre and does not need him to do that for her. 

Blanket Burrito

“Percy. Psst, Percy.” Annabeth curled her hand over her boyfriend’s shoulder and shook him gently. When he didn’t respond, she shook him not so gently. “Percy.”

He mumbled something unintelligible, turning his head away from her and smearing his cheek through the small puddle of drool on his pillow.

Annabeth sighed exasperatedly and punched him in the arm. “Percy!”

“Whaimawake!” He sat bolt upright, Riptide in his hand, blearily looking around the room for the threat. 

She allowed herself a second to be impressed with his reflexes before saying, “You’ve taken all the blankets.”

He slowly turned his attention to her, blinking a few times. His mouth was open and he looked like he was about to drop back onto the pillow without another word, but eventually he frowned and asked, “What?”

“The blankets,” she said, gesturing to the blankets pooled in his lap. She grabbed the closest edge and flipped it up, demonstrating how thoroughly he’d managed to roll himself up in them, leaving none for her. “You’ve taken all of them.”

“Just take them back, then,” he grumbled, looking thoroughly put out.

She wouldn’t blame him, if this wasn’t his fault in the first place.

“I tried, but you’ve made herself a blanket burrito. There was no way I could unroll you from that.” 

He stared dumbly down at the blankets, seemingly uncomprehending. Just when Annabeth was about to lose all patience and push him off the bed, Percy mumbled, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” she said, pushing her hair off her face with the back of her hand. “Just - roll over, would you, so I can get some blanket and we can both go back to sleep.”

He clumsily rolled onto his side, lifting his hips so that she could tug the blankets out from under. She hadn’t bothered to turn any lights on, so they were doing this in the dark, and it was an entirely uncoordinated affair. 

“You’re still sitting on it!” she growled, pulling violently at a corner.

“I’m not! You’re just pulling the wrong bit!”

“No, would you just - oh, get off it -”

With a great, inconvenienced sigh, Percy rolled over in the other direction - and landed flat on top of Annabeth.

“There,” he said, voice muffled by her collarbone. “I’m off the blankets. Happy?”

“You’re squashing me,” she complained, pushing at his shoulders and then his sides.

He didn’t budge. “Who needs a blanket when you’ve got a Percy?” His voice was starting to slur, the ends of his words blurring into the start of the next, and Annabeth curled her toes and tried to push him off of her before he became a completely dead weight.

“No, Percy, don’t fall asleep on me!”

He lifted his head slightly and pressed a sloppy kiss to her cheek. She stuck her tongue out and wiped the drool away, swiping her hand across his shoulder to get rid of it entirely.

“Here, Annabeth,” he said drowsily. He moved against her side for a few moments before the comforting weight of the blankets were draped over the top of her. “I gotcha blankets for you.”

Thank you,” she said happily, snuggling down under the covers and into his side. “I don’t understand how you sleep all curled up like - oh.”

She fell silent as Percy draped an arm over her chest, pulling her in close to his side. He nuzzled his face into her shoulder, planting a soft, open mouthed kiss on the exposed skin before taking a deep breath in and a shallow breath out.

A warm comfortable feeling spread from Annabeth’s stomach all the way through her body. She felt him breathing against her neck and smiled into the dark. Because even if he was definitely going to drool all over her, he’d been right - she didn’t really need a blanket when she had Percy.

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We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.

lance: (walking around with shades on, clutching his water bottle like it’s a lifeline, hair a wreck, shoulders hunched, and in the clothes from the day before)

shiro: good morning lance! :)

lance: you shut the fuck up

Homura and Madoka are in love

honestly??? how could you bother to think that they aren’t. they aren’t just “best friends” like some people believe they are. but their relationship is almost completely intimate.

aww look at that cute little head nuzzle


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[[ i learned 2 things today

1. i shouldnt be allowed to write pickup lines

2. i shouldnt talk to ask-victorious-morgana about stupid pickup lines

that said, majority of lines by ask-victorious-morgana bless ]]

I’ve had that same veronica mars avatar since I joined tumblr and I’ve grown rather attached to it, but I also wanted an Asami avatar, so I compromised

Imagine Steve and Bucky being finally together after all the Hydra and war and who-the-hell-is-Bucky-stuff and then

Bucky finds out that his precious little pre-serum punk

  • Jumped on a grenade
  • Fought the nazis all alone
  • Crashed into the ocean in a plane full of bombs
  • Has done a lot of dangerous things he wasn’t allowed to
  • Become friend with gods and Russian spies and Tony Stark

and he looks at him like

I imagine Leo being that sibling where he’ll be going to a store with Elise (and maybe others) and there will be a sign on the store door saying “only service animals allowed” or something like that and he’d turn to look Elise straight in the eye and say “well, I guess you’ll have to wait out here Elise.”