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looking for little friends!!

Hiii!! 😄 I don’t really have any little friends, and I need some! I know I have Daddy to talk to about little stuff, but I need little friends too! We can introduce our stuffies to each other and color pictures for one another! And we can talk about little stuff, but when one of us has had a bad day we could talk about big stuffs too!! Oh oh, and and and!!! If we get close (and if you’re comfy with it, of course!) we could even send each other snail mail like penpals 🐌💌 (snails are one of my fav animals btw!… are they animals? Or… insects? I dunno, they’re just sweet, precious friendos!) !!! Like cute lil letters with stickers!!!!!! How exciting does that sound?! And we could Skype if you’re comfy with it and watch little space shows together or color together!! I’m just in sucha happy mood and I wanna make alllll the friends ever!!
Soooo… message me please! Don’t be shy, I promise I’m really friendly and easy-going! And if you aren’t comfy messaging first you could like/reblog/reply to this and that way I’ll know it’s okay for me to message you first!! You could even send me an anonymous ask first with questions to see if you’re comfy enough to message with me, I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfy! 😄
I can’t wait to make friends!!!! 💞


(happy birthday i hope u have a good 22cd pal)



@warmestbloggerever asked me to write something with Nico turning three years old again for some reason, and Will having to take care of him. Sorry, this is late, but I hope you like it!

You should all check out her blog, ‘cause she’s great!

Will Solace decided he had enough of the gods using demigods as toys to be played with whenever they were bored. He kind of wanted to go up to Olympus and yell at them, although he didn’t think he would be received well if he did.

Not that he had time to do that now, anyway, seen as he had to take care of a toddler. A toddler with dark hair and big dark eyes the color of melted chocolate. A toddler that was also his boyfriend, or what used to be his boyfriend, anyway. A grown boy (although he hadn’t exactly grown that much and still perfectly fit into Will’s arms. When the world felt a little too big, a little too much, Will’s arms were grounding and warm and safe) that talked easily and with full sentences. This kid was very, very small and did not speak full sentences. Well, fortunately Will had always been good with kids and with all the work in the infirmary he knew how to stay calm under extreme circumstances, which lead him to not freak out this morning.

This morning Will woke up to the laughter, groans and chatter of his siblings in the Apollo cabin. Every morning there felt like a new beginning and there was no room for morning grumpiness, which wasn’t exactly surprising when you put a group of children of the sun god together. The bright smiles and personalities chased whatever bad feelings you’re having away. And so, Will got ready that morning, happily joining when his siblings broke into an impromptu singalong/dance-party. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, quickly raked a hand through his messy hair, stepped into the bright sunlight.

He was still humming when he knocked on his boyfriend’s cabin door. When he got no response, he assumed Nico was still in the shower or something so he decided to head over to get breakfast and save a seat for Nico. But then he heard a noise coming from inside that sounded a lot like a sob.

‘Nico?’, Will called, but he got no response. Now, he was sure he hadn’t imagined the sound. It happened again. He carefully put a hand on the knob and pushed the door open. He peeked his head inside and at first he didn’t see anything different, he didn’t even see Nico in the dark. He squinted his eyes and after a couple second they adjusted to the darkness and he was able to make out a figure bundled in the blankets and sitting far in the corner of the bed that was pushed against a wall, knees pulled up and letting out heartbreaking sobs. Will had heard Nico cry, though, and although it was heartbreaking, it wasn’t the same as this.

Will stepped closer to the bed. The floor squeaked and the boy looked up with wide eyes. Eyes as big and beautiful and the exact same shade of magical brown as Nico’s. Will inhaled sharply when he noticed that, yes, his eyes were the same – he would recognize those eyes even in the dark – but this boy was decidedly not Nico. Or, at least, not the Nico Will knew and loved. This boy must be around three or four years old. How Nico had turned into a three-year old overnight, was something that Will did not comprehend and it made his head spin with such force he thought it might fall off. But, as mentioned earlier, all the years Will had spent working in the infirmary, had given him the ability to act quickly and be surprised later.

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So I was flipping through the manga last night and I think I just found what may be one of my favorite reunion scenes of all time:



“I think my favorite is keith being a silent broody mess and someone trying to figure out his deal. lol someone annoying keith when he wants to be alone until he suddenly has to puke is one of my favorite things….I think [caretaker pidge is] fucking sweet and cute as hell usually. Especially if she’s super snarky but gets softer when she knows he’s really not feeling good.”

A/N: This is a thank you piece for @doublecheckyoself for the gorgeous art and the minific they did based on Sparring Match. No amount of words can express my thanks to you!

Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.

Nope. Absolutely not. Not tonight.

That’s what Keith’s stomach told him as he stared down the food goo in front of him, when only hours ago during training, it begged for sustenance. But now that the meal was here, there was no way in hell he was eating it.

Maybe it’s cause Galra don’t eat food goo… the paladin thought, They probably eat…I dunno, weird space mice. Am I going to have to start eating space mice? Do Allura’s mice count?

Keith’s stomach protested again, doing a somersault at the thought of eating mice. He pushed himself back from the table and scooped up the plate.

“I’m going to eat in my room.”

None of the others at the dinner table dared to stop him.

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I’d like to make friends from the League community. I just feel so isolated because a lot of people I’ve met like yaoi and anime, and people like to make fun of me for playing League in my area. They call me toxic just for playing the game, but League of Legends makes me happy. It gets my mind off of things, and it’s something to look forward to on a daily basis. I just don’t see why people have to hate the game so much when not all of the community is horrible.

Confession by @willowthewiccan

Art by Paul Kwon 

I was playing comp w a friend and half of our team left so we resulted to saying hi and sitting down with the enemy team. We got to this point on Ilios and he just yells “TUMBLR MOMENT” and tells me to put this on here.

So here ya go. Nice lil gency for y'all. Per Squid’s request.