you're never out bby

Aiba Manabu [140824] 1/3

Exposing you through the unconscious or particular act you have.

^ Seeing the image, what relations do you think these two people have.

A: Hmm .. I think it’s a good thing. Like before going out to a date; the guy saying ’Yosh, let’s go ...’ while the girl saying stuff like ’Un, alright ..’
W: With the guy leading?

A: Right, like the guy leading it.
S: Like they are in love?
A: Yes, like they are asking ’Where do you want to go?’ or ’What should we eat?’ things like that.
W: What do you get to expose by this?

With this, we could learn that it is what we actually want to do.
If only things could happen this’ sort of image.

W: Then, you have a good image right?
S: True, since you said that.
W: ’I want to go out . .’ things like that.
A: True, like walking on street (with someone), I never done that before.
W: So you have desire to do that?
T: Because you never experience such thing, I think …
W: True … true …
T: Like going out with your date and do stuff.
A: This is embarrassing. It is embarrassing.