you're nathan


Warren as Marty McFly /Back to the Future/
Nathan as Danny Zuko /Grease/

I think they’re wearing costumes for Halloween or whatever

so you know Back to the Future, welp who doesn’t but you know Grease? you better watch that movie (9*^*)9

~ Kill the rich kid ~ 20160308
Nathan Prescott LiS commission completed. Couldn’t resist my friend and this is the result. He didn’t want me to upload it here and we argued but in the end he gave up, hah! I’m such a stubborn person, lmao


It must have been fun having a brother growing up. It’s like having a best friend over all the time. Yeah. But remember, Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really that close when we were your age. The important part is we became more like real brothers once we got a little bit older. But you’re right. Having a brother is a lot like having a best friend. It helped make me the man I am today.


The Time to Sleep 🍂

We found a place to which we drive
And I offer you the time
To sleep - to dream
To wake up when we arrive…”

Poses: @simtrovart, thank you 💕