you're my world gif

I need you more than anything.

Hey everyone!!! Monsieur Pigeon, World Hacker Amy and Dragon Pigeons would like to thank you all for following, liking and sharing my stuff ^-^ It means a lot to me and I hope you will continue liking and supporting me for many eons to come (yeah that’s right, I’m on Tumblr 4 LYF YO).

Some things you can expect from me in the very near future: setting up commissions, setting up a Tictail store to sell prints and other things (Ditto stickers okay 8D), a Seven fic I’ve been writing behind the scenes that I wanna start posting to AO3, more Yoosung fanart, more MM fanart, Izuku Midoriya fanart shut up I like him okay, and of course general crack-posting >30

Think that’s it for now. Hope you have a beautiful day 🌞

Happy birthday Grumbles!! Here’s a smiling Yu for you! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*: ・゚