you're my wife now!

Honestly? I can’t wait to have kids.
I can’t wait to watch my wife try and slowly manipulate her glowing body out of my car as we make our way to the ultra sound appointment.
I can’t wait to pull a small piece of paper out of my pocket that has about 300 questions I have to ask our doctor.
I can’t wait until the doctor tells me google exists and I will be just fine.
I can’t wait to stand in the book store carrying more “how to” books than necessary to the cash register. Looking both bewildered and enamoured as my wife shakes her head with embarrassment at my intense excitement.
I can’t wait to hear her tired voice ask me for Pringles and peanut butter.
I can’t wait to be laying on her belly and feel a small foot on the side of my head.
I can’t wait to see my beautiful wife standing in the mirror rubbing me stomach slightly concerned.
I can’t wait to reach my hands around and pull her in tight and whisper how utterly stunning she is. How unbelievably lucky I am. How unbelievably lucky our “little guy is.”
I can’t wait to discuss who’s genes you’re going to get. Argue over who’s nose we hope you have.
I can’t wait to hear the “it’s time.”
I can’t wait to be next to her, holding her hand. I know she’ll tell me she can’t do it. But I damn well know she can. She will be the strongest bravest person I know.
I can’t wait to hear your cries as you breath into this world.
I can’t wait to look down at my wife, exhausting, but glowing. She’ll be looking at you. But I’ll be looking at the two of you. No moment will ever match this. No moment will ever feel so accomplishing. So important. As to when I see my family together for the first time.
Honestly? I can’t wait to have kids.
I’m so excited to hear uncoordinated footsteps fill the hallways of my home. Followed by high pitched laughed filled screams and the voice of my wife shouting “I’m gunna getcha!”
I can’t wait to pull you both close onto my lap as I read the same bed time story I’ve read every single night for the past month.
Watch both of your chests rise and fall together as your breath becomes rhythmic.
I can’t wait to sit on that couch with you both asleep in my lap not wanting to move because no matter how tired, how uncomfortable I am. For god sakes I couldn’t look away if I tried.
There are so many things in this world I look forward too. But this lifetime I’m going to get to create? I am so excited for.
—  I can’t wait to meet you.

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If Barry And Iris Had To Move Back In With Joe
  • Barry: *being handsy with Iris up against her closed bedroom door*
  • Iris: *laughing and giggling* Barry stop, my dad will hear.
  • Barry: So what *slips hands under dress*
  • Iris: I'm still his daughter, after all
  • Barry: *all cocky and assertive* No, you're my WIFE
  • Joe: *knocks on door* She's what now Barry?
  • Barry: *drops Iris* You-your daughter sir

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Hello yes, I was the one who proposed to you on your birthday.... You're my wife now right? I swear I will take responsibility :) <3

I know you will take care of me dear anon husband/wife, I trust you <333

   I pray one day you will learn
                              to love yourself.

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  • Molly: What have you done?
  • Sherlock: Simple. Our signatures are both printed on a legally binding document of marriage. Here's the ring.
  • Molly: *annoyed* I don't want your bloody ring!
  • Sherlock: *mumbles* You were fine about it yesterday.
  • Molly: Well, yes, but I thought you needed it for the case. Why is it real?
  • Sherlock: Look, don't make me say it. Just take the ring, change your name to Holmes and move in with me. We'll say no more about it.
  • Molly: Are you forgetting about Tom?
  • Sherlock: *angry* For God's sake, you are my wife now. Why are you making things so difficult when they're really quite simple? Why can't you just-
  • Molly: *grabs Sherlock's scarf; kisses him*
  • Sherlock: ...that was rude. I was about to say I love you. Can you accept that?
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: About this ring...
  • Sherlock: *grins*

smileyixing for my wifey♥

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One time, at school, we had a sex ed teacher who preached about abstinence and wouldn't talk about safe sex, and basically said that kissing was bad because it led to sex. We were told to do a project about safe sex/stds and partnered up girl/boy. I was with this girl and we were stumped, so decided to do a video of us making out and pretend that we accidentally showed it to the class. When the day came for the presentation, the class was cheering and we got in so much trouble! Shes now my wife.

if this isn’t the best ‘how we met’ story i honestly don’t know what is

AZ: "Holy shit! She's on her way over here right now, she/he CANNOT see you!"
  • Zade: *still sleepy* W-whaa?
  • Andreau: *grabs his boxers* Shit, Zades. Gumising ka na dyan! Mars is coming!
  • Zade: *tinakpan ng unan ang mukha* No. Still sleepy.
  • Andreau: *stares at her* Scheherazade Pascual please for the love of god wake the fuck up.
  • Zade: *rolls away from him* Too tired. Body hurts. Your fault.
  • Andreau: How come this is my fault??
  • Zade: *sits up, throws a pillow at him* Kasalanan mo naman talaga eh!! i'm not supposed to be here! Ang tahimik ko lang kagabi and getting my beauty sleep tapo--
  • Andreau: Okay okay! My fault! Now can you please fucking get up right now and get dressed? Mars will definitely kill us!
  • Zade: Okay fine you little shit. *nakita ang bra na nakasabit sa lamp shade* An indicator of a great sex: bras on lampshades. Well played, Cortez. Well played.
  • Andreau: *from inside the bathroom* I know, you don't have to remind me. I was there.
  • Zade: And please mention you are the most willing participant betwe--
  • Andreau: *goes out of the bathroom, holding a toothbrush* You came five times-- wait, was it six?
  • Zade: *throws a water bottle at him* Asshole! Ang sama talaga ng ugali mo! And that's my toothbrush you idiot!
  • Andreau: *rolls eyes* You're in my room so this is mine! Don't act like a prude. I went down on you for thre--
  • Andreau: *laughs* You're so adorkable, Zades. I love you.
  • Zade: *dresses up* I love you mo mukha mo! Pasalamat ka nahihiya lang ako sa mga guest natin! Kundi hindi kita sisiputin mamaya!
  • Andreau: Nah. You won't do that to me.
  • Zade: Wow, you're so confident ah. Bakit naman? Kasi kung sasabihin mo na gwapo ka hindi 'yon ang ras--
  • Andreau: *flashes mysterious smile* Because you love me. Because six hours from now you're gonna be my wife. Because nine hours from now we'll be having our first married sex. Because you love me. And.. because I love you.
  • Zade: Walang hiya ka. I don't wanna cry on our wedding day, Francisco. *walks towards him; hugs* I love you, too.
  • Andreau: Good. Now go before Mar--
  • *a loud bang on the bedroom door*