you're my waterfall

If I ever did a Pocahontas/Inuyasha AU, I always thought I would make Inuyasha like Pocahontas and Kagome like John Smith.

But the longer and harder I plotted out the characters and how they fit into the Disney roles I came to realize:

Sango would win as a rebellious Princess Pocahontas, (tagged along by Kirara and Shippo maybe like Meeko and Flit), and Miroku kills it as a charming, rouge type Captain John Smith. They’d quietly meet at a waterfall; Miroku completely enamored by the beautiful wild woman with endlessly long brown hair, who slowly appears among the mist and lowers his musket as he surrenders to her steadfast stare.

……..But that’d mean we’d lose Inuyasha singing “Just around the Riverbend” from the top of his lungs and that just simply won’t do.