you're my sunshine my only sunshine


♡ Happy 21st birthday to everyone’s beloved little brother, our Disney fanboy, Kotaki Nozomu!♡

AU where Nico and Will switch personalities
  • Nico: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine-
  • Will: Nico. Wtf are you doing?
  • Nico: You make me HAPPY when skies are gray-
  • Will: Nico you stop that now-
  • Nico: You'll never know DEAR how much I love you-
  • Will: One more line and I swear to god-
  • Nico: So please don't take my sunshine away!
  • Will: That's it come here, you little-
  • *Will begins chasing Nico around the Hades cabin and pins him to the wall*
  • *and then Nico begins to kiss Will*
  • Will: You're lucky you're cute.
  • This is a conversation between Your crush and Nico di Angelo .
  • Your crush: *winks*
  • Your crush: You are my sunshine
  • Your crush: My only sunshine
  • Your crush: You make me happy when days are grey
  • Your crush: You'll never know dear how much I love you
  • Nico di Angelo : ...Will this is highly disturbing.
  • Nico di Angelo : NOT that I am saying you're my crush.
  • Nico di Angelo : Damn.
  • Nico di Angelo has left the conversation.

you're my sunshine, my only sunshine- my mom use to sing me this song when i was little and it made me think of him

amnesia by 5sos // magic by coldplay // die in your arm by ariana grande (cover) // kiss me slowly by parachute // only love by ben howard // scientist by cold play // into your arms by the maine // the only reason by 5sos // ain't it fun by paramore // e.v.o.l by marina and the diamonds // fallin' for you by colbie caillat // your biggest fan by never shout never // stay by fifth harmony (cover) // truly, madly, deeply by one direction // sirens by cher lloyd // thought of you by justin bieber // mr. brightside by the vamps (cover) // you always make me smile by kyle andrews // you're my sunshine by johnny cash