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Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!


You have to understand, Flynn is out of control. If this one death can save hundreds… Save Rittenhouse, you mean.


Happy birthday, Diego Luna | 29th December 1979

(Diego on his birthday) It’s horrible. It’s been traumatic. It took me awhile to understand that there was another kid that was born on the 25th that was much more celebrated than me. Yeah, it was sad. Everyone was like either hangover or getting ready for New Year’s Eve but never really actually celebrating me. It was like, “Hey! I’m here!” “Yeah, we know whatever.”

Hannibal script project masterpost, seasons 1-2

As you may have noticed, I have an ongoing project, where I compile together deleted dialogue & scenes and other interesting parts from the scripts of each Hannibal episode. The posts often ended up being pretty long, because I would include almost every single deleted line, no matter how small.

Here are links to season 1 and 2 posts, season 3 is currently still in progress. When I’m done with season 3, I’ll make another masterpost where I compile everything together.

Season 1

  1. Apéritif
  2. Amuse-Bouche
  3. Potage
  4. Oeuf
  5. Coquilles
  6. Entrée
  7. Sorbet
  8. Fromage
  9. Trou Normand
  10. Buffet Froid
  11. Rôti
  12. Relevés
  13. Savoureux

Season 2

  1. Kaiseki
  2. Sakizuke
  3. Hassun
  4. Takiawase
  5. Mukozuke
  6. Futamono
  7. Yakimono
  8. Su-zakana
  9. Shiizakana
  10. Naka-Choko
  11. Ko No Mono
  12. Tome-wan
  13. Mizumono

They can all also be found under THIS tag.


prison break |   iconic quotes (the comedy edition)

Tell me you miss me. Show up at my house at 1 am, knock on my door and hold me close. Tell me you were wrong. That you love me, care about me, want me.  Tell me that you’re an idiot and that you’ve spent your days wanting to wrap me in your arms.  Tell me you made a mistake.  Tell me you’re sorry and that you so desperately want to try again.
—  k.r.b.// aren’t you as miserable as i am? 

Ok, before I start, I just wanted to remind you that Sam is not a good guy - I know some of you are gonna roll their eyes at this, but I’m still putting the warning sign up  -  and surely not the one that poor Donny deserves.

-Sam is a sadist. Langdon is a masochist. It’s destiny, it’s written in the fucking   stars. Sam can’t stop his hands from gripping at his neck- wrists- legs- arms- whatever he’s closer to. Tightening the grip until he hears a faint groan- a please, Sam, please stop.

-Both of them know that Langdon really doesn’t want to stop.  

-Langdon loves calling Sam ’daddy’ at the most inappropriate moments: walking in the New York morning crowd - while he’s peacefully sipping his coffee - or in front of that strange man who Sam seems to fear so much. It’s particularly funny seeing how Sam’s ears tinge a lovely shade of red, before he grabs him and throws him against whatever flat surface he finds. 

-I’m so sorry, daddy- ah! I said I’m sorry, please- hng - please daddy don’t, uh, don’t hurt me, don’t use The Knife on me– yes, daddy, I’m a pathetic little slut, I know.

-Langdon doesn’t understand Sam’s fascination with knives; privately, he thinks it’s just an excuse to scare him. The fucking bastard. 

-Sam has a thing for pet names, and really, what was Langdon expecting? 

-Open up, doll, show me that pretty hole of yours. That’s right- good boy, spread yourself for me.   Use your fingers, yeah, that’s right. Good job, sweetheart, now I want you to scream as loud as you can, bitch- 

-Sam can’t stop thinking about the way Langdon clenches on him, tight like a vine when he’s about to come. How he throws his head back, mouth slack. Every muscle of his body paralyzed, ass milking him until Sam has to force him away because it’s so good it fucking hurts.

-Something that Langdon will never admit is just how good Sam feels inside him. How full he makes him feel, how he always manages to hit that particular spot that makes him see withe for a few seconds.
-Sam loves loves loves fucking Langdon’s throat. He loves the sight of him, on his knees, spit running down his chin. Loves how painfully inexperienced he is.
-Langdon is painfully inexperienced in a great deal of things, actually. Sam wants to teach him all of them.  

-Langdon’s memory capacity slowly starts to deteriorate. Has he already talked to his father about those articles he’s been working on for weeks? How long has Henry been dead now? Four, no– six months? The only clear point of his life become the encounters with Sam. Sam always knows what hour it is, which day, which year. Sam knows best- and so he unconsciously starts to spend more time in Sam’s apartment, because what street does he have to take to go home? Why does he even want to go back there? 

-When Langdon isn’t able to leave the bed anymore, Sam reluctantly stops bringing women at his - their - place.  

This week in doodles I’ll never finish:

“yes. yes hello to you too. Yes, I am very happy to see you as-NOT IN THE MOUTH”

-Fen’harel recites the ancient mantra of canine owners.


You opened up my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible…







Pictures from when I was Midoriya at Kumoricon
Bakugou is @1-800-bears Todoroki is @vulpinebones
Whoever was Allmight let me know and I’ll tag you!
Pictures by @blckankh and @vulpinebones
(The second picture is a genuine reaction, I wasn’t expecting to be yelled at haha.)