you're my hero omfg

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want to laugh, you canwatch this.

Here I am playing (or should I say « trying to play ») banjo. This song is Hobo’s Lullaby by Woody Guthrie. I thought it could be a beautiful cover on banjo. But actually, I have just learnt the chords this weekend and play it a lot like I do with my guitar. Which means it sucks a lot. Also I don’t have much voice and it sounds off-key because I have a cold. (I just am trying to find some excuses because it’s a really bad cover omfg)

I just thought it would be fun to post that on here and have some feedbacks .

Enjoy !

PS : the G stringand the tunning peg are missing I know, I need to bring it at the music instrument store

PPS  : It was a terrible idea

PPPS :  also I look stupid