you're my favourite everything

You’re my favourite thought. You’re my favourite conversation. You’re my favourite daydream. You’re my favourite name. You’re my favourite text. You’re my favourite smile. You’re my favourite hug. You’re my favourite everything.

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

You are my fav color.. my fav sound.. my fav feeling.. my fav texture.. my fav thought.. my fav dream.. you are my fav everything. My all, my love.. I’m dedicated to you like nobody else. I love you so much..
—  Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

anonymous asked:

Can I request a sequel to your MC reset theory where MC gets a lil' drunk on the first or second day of the reset and just calls their fave and blurts out everything? Bonus points for "You're my favourite, I wanted to stay with you" Thank you so much!

OHMYYOFSJNJ thank you so much for requesting this, i really appreciate knowing someone actually liked that!! you’re so welcome, and again thank thank thANK THANK THANKKK YOUUU!! side note i c ried,, a lil writing thi,,s,


  • when you called him he picked up so fast
  • you sound so happy
  • after a couple minutes he realizes that ur deadass drunk
  • then all of a sudden ur voice goes real sad and soft
  • “is ur eye alright nowww? i was so worried you know?”
  • you’re slurring but somehow he can understand you
  • my eye???
  • what about my eye?????
  • and you go on about his dreams about being a vet
  • what???
  • didn’t we just meet yesterday
  • how do u know all this
  • “of course i know these things!! but this dumb ability doesn’t let you rememberrr”
  • he’s really confused
  • you talk more about some gibberish he can’t comprehend
  • something about a cat named lisa or something
  • and again about his eye
  • eventually you fall asleep on him
  • and he’s so??
  • his heart kinda hurts a little
  • ?? what is this
  • he plays games all night to forget
  • but then ever since that happened he never brought it up again
  • he thought about it a lot
  • but will literally never say anything about it
  • the air between you two stays awkward and it probably makes him turn away from you a little
  • :’(


  • he thinks u sound cute drunk
  • he’d make fun of u for a while
  • until u literally just start crying
  • “??? mc?”
  • you start babbling nonsense and he assumes u must be one of those emotional talkative drunks
  • issa rlly cute
  • but then u start talking about how he saved you from a dangerous white haired man in the apartment
  • ??? what kind of imagination does this girl have
  • he plays along asking u what happened next
  • at this point u kinda forgot u were talking to him
  • but you continue
  • going on and on about a hacker
  • and how you spent the night at his house
  • zen is puzzled
  • hey hey hey this is getting a bit..
  • eventually all he hears from the other side of the line is your soft breathing
  • he wonders if you fell asleep
  • “sweet dreams, mc.”
  • he’s about to hang up but then hears you mumble something that sounded like his name
  • “don’t go..”
  • after this zen found it kinda hard to approach you
  • he wanted to know what you meant
  • he spends his nights frequently waking up from dreams he can’t recall
  • yet he acts like nothing happened in the chatroom
  • but when he can’t help the growing feelings along with the feeling it wasn’t the first time this had happened
  • he starts to remember what his dreams were about


  • she was at home
  • working like always even when she isn’t at the office
  • then she gets a phone call from you
  • she hesitates a bit
  • i mean she just met you today so
  • “hello? this is kang jaehee”
  • “aah.. jaeheee..”
  • you sounded relieved to hear her voice
  • “uh.. mc? are you.. feeling okay?”
  • you were pretty sure you were drunk
  • but right now all you wanted was to hear her voice
  • “i wish we could go back to the way we used to be”
  • you sounded really sad
  • jaehee didn’t really know how to react
  • so she just listens
  • “hey..”
  • your voice is all hoarse and cracking
  • “do you think if i hadn’t chosen you then i wouldn’t have to be so sad now?”
  • “but then..”
  • “i wanted to stay with you in the end”
  • she didn’t need to see your face
  • to know that you were in tears
  • jaehee doesn’t know why but she ends up hanging up
  • without a word
  • she continues to work
  • with a heavy heart
  • i don’t even know what she looks like
  • and for the first time
  • she fell asleep at her desk with her work left unfinished
  • and dreams of a blurry face with a smile warm like the sun


  • he was a bit surprised to see a phone call come in from you
  • considering how it was only the second day since you had joined
  • he certainly wasn’t expecting this
  • although he strangely could listen to your voice all day
  • you called him often at night
  • though he can tell pretty quickly that you’re hammered
  • he advises you to take it easy and rest
  • he doesn’t really pay attention to what you ramble about
  • but decides to humor you one night
  • if he was getting any closer to you
  • and opening up his heart now
  • this definitely would have closed it back up
  • “i keep forgetting how you were before i came here”
  • he didn’t understand a single word you were saying
  • it sounded
  • unreal
  • “i loved you”
  • “i loved you so much”
  • he would probably close off any feelings he was starting to have
  • or already had
  • he just
  • can’t comprehend it
  • his heart
  • his mind
  • cannot understand such feelings
  • such thoughts
  • are too much for him
  • the distance between you two would only grow overtime
  • jumin would probably be as confused with himself as he originally was when he was just learning to love
  • he needs time
  • before he can talk about it again with you


  • woo yall just love to see me suffer
  • seven would already be one of the only people to call you pretty frequently after only the first couple days
  • so one night you call him
  • you were tired from drinking a bit too much earlier while reflecting
  • and just laid in bed still drunk
  • “hey! what’s up?”
  • his voice alone was enough to make you tear up
  • “i can’t sleep”
  • “so i thought hearing your voice would help”
  • he chuckles and your stomach twists
  • because you could tell he was trying to not take it seriously
  • “are you trying to say i tire you out? i’m hurt, mc”
  • you know he’s just trying to cover what you said
  • but you were just so tired
  • “keep talking”
  • and talk he did
  • until you fell soundly asleep
  • seven is silent on the other line
  • contently listening to your soft breathing
  • “sa..saeyoung..”
  • he freezes
  • and his finger presses to end the call
  • just who were you
  • who
  • “..are you?”
  • he becomes frantic
  • and hacks into notes you kept on your phone
  • his insecurities come spilling out faster than before
  • how did you know so much about him
  • how could you pick out every flaw and fear he had
  • so perfectly
  • so effortlessly
  • his facade crumbles
  • and he has so many questions
  • “just who… am i?”

When it’s over I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘Well, you were a half-decent player.’

perfectshadeof-darkblue  asked:

How would Wanna One react when they hear you got into an accident while they're on tour? (Also, can I just say you're my favourite writing blog. Everything you post seems like the most realistic and fsjfkahd thank you, you talented human being.)

Jisung, Minhyun, Jinyoung, Daehwi would all start crying not knowing what to do at first. They would literally bawl their eyes out and would blame themselves for letting you alone. They would want to call you or someone close to you and ask them repeteadly to take good care of you until they come back. I also think they would want to drop anything and just fly back to you, just to make sure you are ok. 

Sungwoon, Seongwoo, Daniel, Jaehwan would all think it was a joke at first when they hear it, but after learning it wasn’t they would all be scared and call you immediately to make sure you’re ok. They would promise you to come back as fast as they could and to call you to check on you everyday. I think they would kind of try to change the subject a little and tell you that they will bring you a cute souvenir or something, to make you forget about the pain.

Jihoon, Woojin, Guan Lin would panic so bad at first and have no idea what to do when they first hear about your accident. They would probably feel so bad about it and think it was only their fault; somehow, I think they would all be reluctant to call you because they would be afraid you’d be mad at them for not being able to be next to you and support. When they do call you, they won’t talk much and all you can hear are muffled cries over the phone.

anonymous asked:

tbh i'm so glad you're the one to own the yoonseok username because i couldn't imagine someone better for the job on the entire platform you're just??? so good at everything you do and highkey my favourite blog to go to whenever i feel down or feel like i'm craving sope bless u

this made me smile so hard thank you omg ;; i’ve always wanted to be that blog, you know. the one you check up on every now and then lmao also being acknowledged for not only either gifs or graphics but both means a lot to me. i really work hard to get better at either and just,, thank you so much 

anonymous asked:

OMG I JUST LOVE EVERY SINGLE KUSTARD THING THAT YOU DO IT JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY! YOU DRAW THEM TOGETHER SO PERFECTLY??? And that animatic made me cry ;o; Honestly, you're like my favourite artist for Kustard. Thank you for everything that you do, you're awesome :D

omg thank you so much, this is so sweet ; v ;

paleesky  asked:

you're "supposedly" drawing *squints suspiciously at you* so i just want to leave you some love. Starting with. You're my favourite. yes that's it. You're just my favourite everything. i love your writing, art and your love for sheith,PJO and just you. <3

I am Shiro. I fainted when I read this message saying I’m your favourite. You are Keith. Looking at me weirdly thinking “What a weakass man.” Thank you, Tamara you’re always so sweet to me :(((((


21 Days of Markiplier

Day 4 - Mark’s room of death in Alien: Isolation
        “Yes! Goddamn you, yes! Screw everything you care about 
                    ‘cause I don’t care anymore! You are a son of a bitch and I am done!”

‘It’s wrong for women to be constantly shy and embarrassed about their bodies. There are so many images of unattainable beauty that are so destructive. It’s important to show how your body really is. As the cliche has it, beauty comes from within.’

Alex Kingston