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Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 


fic posters ; nightmare by @provocative-envy ( tom x hermione ) 

I am fascinated by her, by all of her, and that makes her dangerous. Because she has power over me, she could ask me for anything, for everything― I wouldn’t even hesitate before I said yes. I wouldn’t even think to fucking hesitate.
                             I wonder if she knows that

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For the 5 ficlet, how about percabeth and the five times one of them tries getting a pet?


Percy was six years old when his mother took him to the aquarium for the first time. Sally and Gabe had gotten married a few months ago and things at home hadn’t gone the way she planned, but she finally managed to save enough money to take Percy out to a nice place.

Percy was more than happy to visit the aquarium, even though he wasn’t sure why he was hearing voices calling him “Lord”. When he told Sally, she just laughed and told him to find his favorite exhibit, Percy didn’t see the worry on his mother’s face.

Percy loved the aquarium, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy—well, a time when his mother’s cooking wasn’t involved. They stayed there from opening time until closing, enjoying each other’s company and feeling happy to be together, away from Gabe.

“Can we buy a fish?” Percy said when they were walking back home.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to get a pet,” Sally said, holding his hand a little bit tighter.

“I can take care of it, mom!” Percy replied. “Please! I can buy the food with my allowance!”

“Gabe won’t allow it sweetie, but I promise you, one day I’ll get you a pet,” Sally said.

“But mom!”

“I’m really sorry baby, I truly am.” Sally couldn’t look  Percy in the eyes; she didn’t want to see the sadness in them. “But maybe I can bake you some cookies?”

“Can I help?”  

Sally laughed. “Of course you can! You’re my little assistant after all!”

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Thomas, your vines always made me smile no matter what, especially when I was down and depressed. And now I find out you're a fan of Kingdom Hearts and Anime too? You're my favorite person ever. I want to be your friend! 😊

Awwwww cyber buddies!!!! Nothing like some good ole shared interests!!!

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Hi, you're one of my favorite drarry blogs ever and I just want to say that I kinda love you *cue me blushing*, so can you pretty please do a short sweet little thing about my fav otp drarry cuddling and being all cutesy? Tysm ily xxx

Hi anon! You are my first anon ever, do you know that!! And such a sweet kind perfect anon at that! I am so, so, so thankful for your lovely message! (tbh I can’t really believe I could be one of your favourite blogs!) I did write up something small for you and I hope you like it. Cuddling and cuteness aren’t exactly my forte if I’m completely honest, so I hope this doesn’t suck.  :) <3

Harry had never imagined he could have mornings like the one he was waking into now. Soft sunlight was flittering through the curtains, he was slowly emerging from a deep fulfilling sleep and he was breathing in the soft familiar scent of the man beside him.

There was just one thing that was wrong, he realized sleepily. He was cold.

The morning chill made him shiver slightly and he groaned. Draco had hoarded all the blankets on his side again. He extended his arm towards the body beside him, eyes still closed, and took hold of the blanket and pulled gently. ‘’Draco, ‘’ he mumbled ‘’ M’ cold.’’ The body didn’t budge.

‘’Draco,’’ he said loudly and pulled on the blankets harder. Draco muttered something that sounded awfully like shut up Potter and rolled closer to Harry, still not relinquishing his hold on the blankets though. Apparently, Harry will have to wrestle with a sleeping Draco again to get any warmth.

He cracked his eyes open, grabbed the blanket with both hands and yanked hard. This startled Draco into waking; his eyes flew open, he lifted his head in confusion, but before he could protest, Harry was already under the blankets pressing himself against Draco’s warm soft body. He sighed in contentment. 

Draco, however, flinched as cold feet found his warm legs and settled between them, ‘’Get your cold feet away from me,’’ he grumbled, while wrapping an arm around Harry’s torso and burying his head against the thick black hair. Harry snuggled closer into the warmth his eyes already fluttering shut again and whispered, ‘’S’your fault. You’re the blanket thief.’’

Before sleep overcame him again he could feel a faint chuckle shaking the body wrapped around him and a faint kiss pressed into his hair.

He had never imagined he could have mornings like this, because they were better than anyone could ever imagine.

Fake Chats #132
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you you're beautiful?
  • Yoongi: no.
  • Seokjin: good. I wouldn't want to be a liar.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you how graceful you are?
  • Namjoon: no.
  • Seokjin: good. I don't want to mislead you.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you you're my favorite dongsaeng?
  • Jimin: no.
  • Seokjin: that's good, 'cause I wouldn't want to be caught in a lie.
  • Jungkook: hyung, he says you're his favorite all the time?
  • Jimin: he says that to you too.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you that you're the most talented of us?
  • Jungkook: yes.
  • Seokjin: well color me a liar and set my pants on fire.
  • Jimin: hyung...
  • Jungkook: please stop.
  • Seokjin: okay.
  • Jikook: that's a lie.
My Favorite Fanfic, Ever

“You Know They’re Gonna Think You’re Lovers, Right?” Has ended and can I say, wow.

i’m kinda copying my comment but just This story was beautiful and heartbreaking happy, it made me laugh, cry, feel so many emotions all at once. I am in tears right now. I love how this story gave me closure, im sad to see it go but its done its finished I feel complete. I am so grateful that story like this for this ship, fandom, the world basically exists. it is painfully accurate when it goes over so many mental disorders and it doesn’t flat out copy the same feelings I felt for the actual show. I would describe it as the ending most of us needed/wanted.

If anybody from the Dear Evan Hansen fandom hasn’t read this, I beg you to. Even if Kleinsen isn’t your thing, it’s still a heartwarming/breaking piece of writing that the whole fandom should read. (fucking tumblr wont let me hyperlink)

And just 1000000x thanks to @neglectedrainbow for being an amazing writer.

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I saw your drawing of Hanamaki on twitter and just got really happy and warm?? Idk if that's weird?? But you're literally my favorite artist ever, I look up to you so much as not only an artist but person as well. Your work is just so engrossing.


13. Far too young to die

Birthday Party
Fandom: PJO/HOO - Percabeth
Song: Far too young to die - Panic! At The Disco
For: Anon

“I never really thought you’d come tonight.”, he finally broke the silence, after minutes of nothing to be heard except for the rustling of the celebrating campers beneath them and the quiet sound of waves crashing onto the shore in a distance.

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maremollybarrowcalore  asked:

do you have any opinions on keeping your head up and keep loving yourself?? maybe it's just my depression and anxiety but i feel like everyone is giving me a hard time about me loving writing and books, how much i love rq, that fact that im bi, my political views. idk why, i just feel like a target. i know this is a weird question, and sorry for ranting, but you're like my favorite person ever. i figured some advice from you might help.

It can be very hard sometimes. And you’re not wrong to feel like a target. Many have communicated that they don’t care about the marginalized or don’t think about their well-being. Don’t be sorry for ranting. Your feelings are valid. All you can do is keep moving forward. Focus on yourself and what you love. That’s what works for me.

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I'm super excited. I work for a company that employs disabled folks, and I've convinced the Training dept to buy some fidget toys. Now I get to help buy up to $100 worth of fidget toys. And not only will Stimtastic give us the most bang for our buck, you're one of my favorite online stores ever and I love supporting you. :DD

Awww, thank you so much for the kind words and for recommending us! And great job advocating for resources for your fellow employees! 

I get so many notes where people are having to try to hide their stims at work and school so it’s nice to hear about workplaces that are making an effort to support people instead of make them feel bad about having stim toys.