you're my favorite color

It’s been ages since I’ve seen someone do this but I was scrolling through old posts and came across this beautiful unfinished gay piece that I forgot had existed. So I tried to complete it or something? They’re a relationship I never considered before but now I’m in love 

Anyway I really love @drawbauchery uwu <3 (Original)

The moment I knew @mormoc was going to be apart of the @pjocoloringbookproject, was the moment I knew that it was going to be the very first picture that I colored. And she didn’t disappoint me! I was utterly blown away with this piece (as I usually am whenever I see any of May’s artwork) and was so excited to color it!

Thank you May, for your beautiful lineart that is just so wonderfully compelling and breathtakingly fun to look at and color! You’re an incredible artist and a lovely friend altogether! Thank you!


“What episode of “Glee” have you revisited the most?”

Probably the one when we went to New York in Season 2. That’s one of my most favorite episodes, and it was personally such a special episode for me because I had just left New York a year prior, and the next thing you know I was coming back one year later with this hugely successful show being followed by, I think, close to, like 200 fans and paparazzi. So, for me, it was crazy to be in these places that I’d walked through hundreds of times in my life, but now in such a different way. So, that was such a pivotal episode for me.

Daily Inspiration 10 - @dailycelebi

An adorable daily blog with vibrant colors and great designs! Daily Celebi was among the first daily blogs to inspire me to make my own! (Though, to be entirely honest, I was intimidated to see how high quality your drawings were… I was like, “I could never produce something like that every day!”) It makes me happy to see that you’re still active and that you often reach out to other daily blogs in the community!! Please keep being precious and pink!!


Something about the man’s eyes were impeccable. They were beautiful and pure…but Hamilton knew the power behind them, so he rolled his eyes and looked away from the man.

Jefferson, also, was lost in the infuriating man’s eyes, but for a moment, he felt something. He was unsure of what in the hell that zap of feeling was, but it was something.

Here’s my entry for @burrn‘s art contest!! I had chapter one of their CYMFH series :) I tried out a new coloring style for this and I think it turned out pretty well!! The total time put into this was about 8/9 hours!!


You’re supposed to  t r u s t  that I’m nothing like Enzo.

I don’t know actually. You’re not exactly the sharing type.

Kay Icon Test (fixed)~

::Made for my other blog @kayxclankforever::

I made these by lowering the saturation to zero (to create the white fur); I then decided to add the semi-poor quality pink nose in there to make up for my lack of being talented enough to do the blue eyes. After that I just added a light blue color filter and added a nice blue border. Hope these look presentable enough.

P.S: Many thanks to @theflawedgeneral for providing me with screenshots of the comics. You’re an awesome nerd~! :3


I got mad about something I saw on my dash so I drew these for my lovely friends that are fed up with some bullshit

I kind of really love narutostaph‘s art and this one in particular so hey hey I decided to try and color it