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hey !! ok so im like super late in joining the snk fandom (ooops) but i am getting super into ereri and was just wondering if you know of any cool fantasy/magic au fics? sorry to bother you, but i know you've been in the fandom for a while now!!

Oh man this list kind of got too long for me and somehow i still feel like i’ve forgotten so many so if anyone notices a fic that should be on here but isn’t, feel free to add it on ^_^

(These are in no particular order btw)

The Wolf and the Mountain - @bfketh
Summary: Levi didn’t really care what people thought he was - demon, spirit, or god - as long as they left him alone.That is until one winter’s day, when a snow storm deposits an injured wolf-spirit practically on his doorstep.

Time Deprives all but Memories - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Living in a future in which survival is their only victory Levi wonders if there can be anything left to lose.Offered a chance to make things right, he discovers that everything has a price…

The Choice - @appleapplepeach
Summary:  After their return from Shinganshina the survivors are doing their best to pick up the pieces. When someone intrudes on their fragile peace, will it be an opportunity–or disaster?

The Gate of the North - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Everyone knows the Survey Corp is the laughingstock of the military, a place for crackpots and weirdos. It doesn’t have the prestige of the MP or the security of the Garrison. The only people who join are people who can’t fit into modern society.It’s been Eren’s dream to join since childhood. Flunking out of school prevents him from attending military college, and he drifts along in life, ignoring his friends’ encouragement to go back to school or start a career.Levi is the gatekeeper of the Northern Gate, the most important (and most troublesome) gate that keeps the human world safe from interference and invasion. When he receives a letter from his cousin asking him to take on her friend for a summer apprenticeship he agrees against his better judgement.Neither of them is expecting the end of the world.

The Strange and the Usual - lalazee
Summary:  When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Be her Valentine - @raindrop-rouge
Summary:  Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Witch’s Vein and Blood Stains - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  The Survey Corps is in dire need of a new witch after a tragic mission gone wrong resulted in their last ones death. Eren is still young and green as far as witches go, but he has raw talent and a curious mastery over wilderness that Levi can’t help but be drawn to. When circumstances conspire to pit the squad against the same adversary that took Ilse barely a year ago, will they be able to handle the challenge a second time round?

Forbidden Fruit - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  A collection of stories from my Greek Mythology AU where Eren is Persephone, Levi is Hades, and I’ll make everything else up as I go.

Demons and Darkness - @sciencefictioness
Summary:  Levi is a scout, and protects his village day and night from feral yokai, demon like creatures who feast on human flesh. When the chieftan of his village is killed by the beasts, Levi’s father takes over, putting him next in line to lead his people. All Levi wants to do is watch over Mitras with his blade, fighting along side his teacher, who he has been in love with all his life. When he discovers that Erwin is getting married, he heads off into the woods alone to drink and slay demons, trying to forget. He never expects to summon from the darkness a yokai of his own.

A Bird in the Hand - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Little ever changes in the Underworld, and few visit, but the arrival of a single songbird foretells a coming change for both the Underworld and its god, Eren.Spring is here.

Bemused! - @mongoose-bite
Summary: When an artist struggles with his art, sometimes Fate takes pity on him, and sends him a muse.Whether he wants one or not.

Magic does not Make a Garden - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Levi grows his garden peacefully on the edge of the desert, until the day he finds a boy with wings dying of exhaustion and takes him in.

Shooting Unicorns through your Heart - @emiza
Summary:  Eren is a magical girl. He is also very embarrassed over this fact, and the pink and rainbow fluffiness of his outfit, and would rather die than to let anyone see him in his magica glory.
Which is what happens when he climbs into the wrong window at night.

I am the Ocean - @emiza
Summary: Ägir and Ran, brother and sister, were the god and goddess of the ocean. They guarded over the brave Vikings upon their waves, caught them when they fell into deep waters and collected long lost treasures in their names. But as time passed and new gods were born, the world no longer needed the old ones.What happens to gods no one believes in?

Wake Up - @emiza
Summary:  Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination.

A Warm Breath - @ryuusea
Summary: “You’re a human child, aren’t you. You mustn’t touch me then, or I’ll disappear.“One summer when visiting his Uncle Erwin out in the countryside, Eren befriends a mysterious masked man who lives in the forest. They promise to meet every summer from then on.In other words, a story told through summers, year by year, of Eren being a (cute) brat, Levi dealing with said brat, and all the fluff, awkwardness, and strange feelings that come with growing up, despite the limitations placed on their interactions.

Starboy - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

The Stag in the Dark - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

Halocline - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  A lousy vacation puts Eren’s life at jeopardy when he goes for a midnight surf and gets caught in a storm only to be saved by a mysterious creature. Eren tries to communicate with his new friend but it’s hard when you don’t speak fish.

Welcome to the Jungle - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Eren and his crew run heists on magical dispensaries, stealing goods to perform illegal spells until one day things don’t go as planned…

Castle Ghost - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: King’s knight Levi Ackerman comes across a mysterious, seemingly abandoned castle. Eren and friends deal with a meticulous, neat-freak ghost.

Joy to the World - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Pastel!Eren and Punk!Levi are the last two people on Earth. So they go to the mall.

The Perfect Temperature for Tea - @missmichellebelle
Summary: "I’m a witch.““Like Harry Potter?” A wry smile twists Levi’s lips as he mimes waving a wand. “Wingardium leviosa.”

Stowaway - @onewhositswiththeturtles
Summary:  Levi is the Captain of The Captain’s Killer, the most dreaded pirate ship in all the Caribbean, which hunts its bounty with ruthless efficiency. For years Captain Levi has dodged the Navy’s most decorated Commander, Erwin, and his attempts at sinking Levi’s ship and coercing him into sailing under the Navy’s banner. It seems that Levi will continue sailing the seas as he pleases, answering to no one but the mood of the winds, until a stowaway with a few secrets of his own ends up on his ship and throws everything in disarray.

And then there’s one of mine, Wicked Grace
Summary: “Please take this seriously,” Armin reprimanded. “The game is like Wicked Grace - played to the death. You must never reveal your cards. When you meet the Empress, the eyes of the whole court will be upon you. You’re safer in the fade with Fear demons.”


Ainsley University: 8:43 AM

“My name is Oliver Jung. I’m about to start my first day of university in a new town, far away from every person I’ve ever known. Well, every person…except one.”

OLIVER: Wait. Is that..?


we are told by our mama ‘don’t take sweets off strangers’, but it’s ironic when we are slid over a bottle of pills by a stranger with a degree, we can only take them because we know it’ll satiate our sweet tooth cravings. our graveyard mouth homes every lie we have told and the row of tombstone teeth gnaw on the pills we take like candy. we shove it down our throats and feel hollow when falling through the bottle’s gaping hole and realising it was just a facade all along because i wanted people to care when i’m lying to die. it’s so sweet when we have the attention, it’s sickeningly sadistic.



“you cannot go back to t h e m, just accept that you’re different–hey, scott, you’re b e t t e r.”

[songs for the maker and the unwilling protege; for impotent rage and cold affection, grazes creeping across quivering skin; for cast-offs and changed men with no place else to go; for being alone together, forging family through venom in the blood, sharp teeth and sharper claws]

↳ a carlos madrigal/scott fuller mix

red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds // evil and a heathen - franz ferdinand // blues from down here - tv on the radio // claws off - margot & the nuclear so and so’s // patron saint hunter - timber timbre // we suck young blood - radiohead // mx missiles - andrew bird // sweet sour - band of skulls // damn i wish i was your lover - black kids  // lick the palm of the burning handshake - zola jesus // zephyrus - bloc party // actor out of work - st. vincent // for real - okkervil river // boat song - woodkid // dear fellow traveler - sea wolf

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Ahh, um okay I'm so glad this is open! You're my fave blog!! How would Kaneki (both), Anyato and Tatara react to their s.o asking them to watch Big Hero 6 with them at the movies?

(( screaming because i love big hero 6 ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

also glad u like the blog ))

Kuro!Kaneki had seen commercials for the animated movie floating around—and he wasn’t going to lie if he hadn’t thought about seeing it sometime too. It looked interesting to say the least, and if anything, he’s been a sucker for movies featuring the classic ‘a boy and his robot’ motif (because who doesn’t like Iron Giant?). So, Kaneki accepts his partner’s suggestion the moment they brought it up, smiling as he asks when they should visit the theaters.

Shiro!Kaneki hadn’t much time to watch movies lately. What not with the many questions he still had, after all (what a pawn he was). So when he’s lazing away the day, gently combing fingers through his partner’s hair, they bring it up first. “What’s it about?” He asks, looking at them, massaging a part of their head.

They laugh softly, pushing his hand away. “It’s about this young boy and his robot—they start a super hero team, I think.” 

“Alright, then let’s go now.” He says, pushing himself off the bed, offering a hand to his partner. 

Ayato stares when his partner asks him about watching the movie. Wasn’t that for children—like, the children who cried over Frozen? He laughs it off, before folding his arms as his expression draws coldly. “No.” He says and they gawk at him.

“Why not?” They complain, huffing at his stubbornness. Ayato just shrugs.

“Because it doesn’t interest me.” He offers, and at this his partner grabs him by the hand and pulls him along.

“You’re coming whether you like it or not—” His partner says and he isn’t given the chance to complain as they shoot him a look. Needless to say, he did cry at the end of the movie.

Tatara is surprised when his partner asks him for a little date at the theaters, to which he tries to reject as nicely as he could—it could have turned out better, though, because all he tells his partner is, “I’m busy.” And it’s kind of a lie. The way they sulk at his demeanor makes him almost change his mind. 

“You rarely ever hang out with me,” They frown. “…Are you just embarrassed?” A sly smile upturned their lips as they lean over to poke him in the forehead. 

Well, maybe he was. Just a tiny little bit. “No.” He replies calmly, trying to suppress his blush as he shuffles a few papers around. They raise an eyebrow, clearly not believing him.

“Is it because you’re a big bad ghoul? Afraid to be caught at a children’s movie?" 

"That a challenge?”

“I dare you.”