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salutations,, so i just reached a huge milestone: 1k followers..!?? i’m genuinely without words because i’m still in shock?? i didn’t think i was going to get any followers or even noticed since the phandom is so huge, so thank you. to all of the people who follow me, send me messages, and have ever shown kindness to me in any way: you mean so much to me and i profoundly appreciate you. obviously, this is a follow forever, so i’ll stop babbling and get to the part where i rave about how great the people i follow are

also if i’ve never talked to you i can 102% guarantee that i admire you from a far but i’m too shy to ever speak up so hello you have a swell blog

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favorite character memeepisodes [1/5]

This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession, everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.


When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.

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Send 💋+ a number to kiss my Muse!  @wandcmaximoff

💋+2 On the cheek.

     “Okay Wanda …” He pursed his lips after she kissed his cheek.“What do you need from me this time?” He jokingly asked, turning to her.“Keep that up, you’re going to make me spoil you, one day.”

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Hey Sabrina! 💕 congrats again on 6k!!! I voted for margaeiry but honestly all of them were good so you'll definitely will have a pretty url!!! Can I get a name edit? ❤️ hope you have a nice day! <3

Awww thank you so much cutieee, you’re the sweetest ! AND SURE ❤️❤️

6k celebration | edit under the cut

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songs that speak to me // not spring, love, or cherry blossoms - high4 & iu

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(My sideblog is destiny-draws) can I just say, thank you for going and leaving those nice replies on my drawings! I really appreciate it (and it made my day a lil Bc you're one of my fav artists tbh) 💖

Oh, of course! Your art is absolutely gorgeous! And the dedication you put into that one lyric project is astounding! Definitely keep it up, I’d love to see much more of it! 💙 (And you’re absolutely right, there isn’t nearly enough Rex Marksley art!)


140831 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior - Shirt

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hello! i was wondering if you've watched the first ep of haikyuu season 2 yet and what you thought of it // how do you feel about more ushi and oikawa may or may not be what i am asking ahah you're my fav artist for them. actually you're my fav artist for all the shows you've drawn for tbh ily (and ur ocs!!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH T.T to be honest i wasn’t sure if i was even going to watch s2 bc im very preoccupied w literally everything else int he world LMFAO but your kind msg really motivated me to watch it!!!! SO SORRY FOR REPLYING SO LATE I JUST WATCHED THE FIRST 2 EPS TODAY *screaming wildly at ushiwakas face* in the back of my mind wishing maybe the hot way ushiwaka says oikawas name and praises him will make ppl want ushioi— /SLAPPED

i really too so many screen shot i couldnt stop myself so it took a long time to watch lOOOL  lOOK AT HOW MANY TIMES THEY APPEAR TOGETHER!!!! GYAAAAAAA