you're my boy blue!

“Let it be to kill the demon.”

He fell quietly from her arms.

He was a king.


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

ask-youngster-kaito  asked:

hi there im KAITO! you seem a bit sad. whenever im sad i like to sing with my friends and family. do you like singing?

“?!…Oh…um…Hello, Kaito.” she was rather surprised seeing a younger blue coming up to speak to her. “

“I don’t know if I like it or not, I only sing when it’s a job. Glad to hear you like it though, at least it makes you…happy, right?..But I am fine, it goes away.”

You're Welcome Tour

I just deleted five apps, a thousand of my photos and all my texts so I could make sure to be able to document all of Mark’s Tour from tonight in Houston. I’m so glad I got to go and the four to five hour drive was so worth it! I had SO much fun! Best night of my life by far. For whoever is going to any future shows, be prepared, it’s amazing.

And on a side note, @crankgameplays heard me when I yelled his name!! That made my night and life! I love you Ethan and @markiplier and everyone else there!!!! Thanks so much for everything!!!


I loathe introductions and forewords. The stories that live are the ones we get into like a knife in the flesh. 

Jean Ray in La danse de Salomé

Every time she smiled, my heart bloomed like the field of flowers by the forest behind her house.
The trees knelt down when she laughed; leaning closer to let the birds in their branches create songs with the melodies her voice echoed.
The clouds hung low on quiet days, begging her to run her delicate fingers over their misty air, praying to hang like dewdrops on her cheeks and in her hair.
And the stars…god, the stars couldn’t get enough of her. I swear the nights lasted centuries because those stars needed time to map her eyes into constellations; the moon loved her almost more than it loved the sun.
—  “Mother Nature held her hand and kissed her with the love of every element, reminding her that she, too, was unique…was ethereal.”
(m.b, a Blue Sargent poem)

riannkrusnik13  asked:

I've never actually seen any of your videos yet 😅 you're the cute blue haired boy I've seen in my circles, though, and now I'm curious! What should I watch first?

I would recommend watching The Best of CrankGameplays video first! :D