you're my biggest inspiration and i love you

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You're one of my biggest inspirations ever and I'm totally in love with your art, and I have a question, would you mind doing a little tutorial how to draw faces from the profile (from the side)? 'Cause I really, really like the way you draw them, thanks 💕

aa thank you so much!
i don’t really have much of a method besides like… putting this one shape down then drawing over it

it definitely gets a lil same-facey but i tend to rely more on eye/nose/eyebrow shape to try and get my variation which is something i have to work on. the differences in how i draw chins/jaws are very subtle and need some expanding

but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get some half decent different profiles from it as long as you watch yourself

not all perfectly and vastly different but at least not the exact same

of course i don’t ALWAYS use that face shape, it’s just my most common one and sort of my go-to

it can be adjusted to fit most shapes you’ll need

this absolutely doesn’t explain everything or how to do anything but like. in terms of how i draw i can’t do that i literally just draw stuff, no steps or anything. but putting down a base shape of some sort at least gives you a scale and a skeleton to keep to that’ll make things a ton easier for you

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hi! ok so first off, i love your art! you're definitely one of my biggest inspirations! i was wondering, what size do you usually use for icons? i'm trying to make dancestor icons but i can't figure out the sizing. thank you!! :) <3

just any sizing you can comfortably draw in!

most sites will shrink down the image automatically and I doubt most will show an icon bigger than 200x200 px, so I’d usually go for something in between that and 500px maybe, but you could even draw it at 900px or something else

(and thank you!)

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Hi there Eric! I'm a young writer going to university soon, and I wanted to say I love your work in Minecraft Story Mode! You have inspired me to write my own stories, and I love that you're the lead writer for season two! You're one of my idols and role-models. That said, I wanted to ask you something about the series; What exactly inspired you for the adventure pass (Ep's 5-8). They were the most creative ep's to me, and I wanted to know what inspired you for them, Old builders, Blaze-Rods etc

Man… First of all, I can’t even tell you how much that means to me. Wow. I am seriously just so touched and so flattered… Thank you.

To answer your question about inspiration… the two biggest inspirations for the Adventure Pass were Doctor Who and a 90s TV show called Sliders. We wanted to be able to do really tonally different episodes that let the player experience some of the huge variety that’s possible in the world of Minecraft. Each episode took influence from (1) a game type in Minecraft and (2) a genre of film/television.

Episode 5, Order Up!, took its initial inspiration from the Minecraft gametype “Skyblock,” where players must build as much as possible from highly limited resources in the middle of the sky. Tonally, it drew its influences from adventure stories like The Princess Bride, The Three Musketeers, Zorro, and the movies of Errol Flynn. We wanted to let the player feel like a rebellious swashbuckler getting thrown into the middle of crazy skyblock political drama and really mix it up.

Episode 6, Portal to Mystery, mostly drew its influences from murder mystery stories like Clue and And Then There Were None. Gameplay-wise, we were inspired by “Murder Mystery” gametype that people play in Minecraft - We wanted to see if we could make an episode that felt like a super dramatized version of one of those games.

Episode 7, Access Denied, wasn’t so much influenced by a single gametype as it was influenced by people who build crazy large-scale redstone computers in Minecraft. It asked the question “What if one of those computers… went evil?” For tonal inspiration we looked at classic science fiction like the original Star Trek and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Episode 8, A Journey’s End?, took the majority of its inspiration from a few of the competitive minigames that people play in Minecraft: Spleef, Parkour/Lava run, and The Walls - Again, trying to imagine the most dramatized version of people playing those minigames. Tonal influences included movies like Spartacus, Gladiator, and The Hunger Games, though it also drew from professional wrestling, American Ninja Warrior, and American Gladiators.

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What is one of the biggest lessons (not related to transition) you've learned through transitioning thus far? What words of wisdom would you give trans youth who are still closeted or are still early in the transition? You're amazing and so inspirational. Thank you for all that you do <3

Thank you! I love you and appreciate your question. As you might have seen in #ThisIsEverythingDoc, my communication was not always the best with my father. It’s been a big lesson in how to be a better communicator.  Take your time, there’s no rush or race to a “finish line,” it’s all about the journey to get there. Focus on your inside.

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Hey! I adore ur blog omg 💓 I'm very new to Holby and I've watched most of the recent episodes online and I know (and love) the Berena story arc but I was wondering if you could briefly fill me in a bit on their back stories? Thanks for inspiring me to get into this show, you're amazing!!!

first of all: thank YOU nony!! i’m so glad that you enjoy my gay yelling (and that i inspired you to get into berena??? omg???? welcome to the party!!!! that is literally the biggest compliment!!!)
second of all: this probably will not be brief at all because i cannot half ass anything especially when it comes to my love serena campbell (also i am on mobile so the layout will be a bit wanky)

Okay so:
• bernie was a trauma surgeon in the army, where she met & had a HUGE affair w/ Alex Dawson (and subsequently gave in to the gay)
• bernie came to holby bc of a war injury (IED went off while she was driving) and stayed bc her husband wanted her to and holby was like ‘you’re stuck here??? be our locum pls’ except she wasn’t a locum bc they held on to her and never let go (she legit turned down another stint in the army bc he was a whiny baby about it like jeez)
• She was married to Marcus for like… 25 years?? But it was #bad bc he is a wet sock and she was gay obv and was too in love with (women) the army
• she has two kiddos, cameron and charlotte, and for some reason people think she is a bad mother when there is literally no logical evidence to support that?????? did everyone forget the perfume/chocolate buttons convo??? BERENICE GRISELDA WOLFE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD MOTHER FUCK OFF I WILL DEFEND THIS #FACT WITH MY LIFE
• honestly?? most of the stuff we know abt bernie is learned through berena stuff, there isn’t much else to say apart from she doesnt know shit abt music, can speak french, and cannot draw

Serena however:
• has a fucking business degree from fucking HARVARD on top of her medical degree
• spent years working in america
• was married to edward, a complete fuckhole, who basically treated her like shit tbh then had some big ole alcohol problem and cheated on her so she was like #bye
• her and edward briefly get back together in s16 which is y u c k bc she realises he hasn’t changed at all (but she loves a good dicking tbh who am i to judge)
• nursed her dying mother who had dementia and was severely physically and emotionally abusive (y'all thought the elinor storyline was hard??? honey. h o n e y. you dont know SHIT), to which she NEVER went to therapy for (she legit groomed herself into thinking she deserved it and it still completely breaks my entire heart)
• had a brief stint as CEO while henrik was fucking off somewhere in sweden and was legit the best power gay i’ve ever seen
• cant walk in heels without slipping over and/or making guy self feel inadequate
• CAN pole dance
• is CANONICALLY kinky af, wants to be diciplined
• had a fling with a board member (well, he was a bit more important than that bc im p sure he was the chairman) but dumped him bc he wouldn’t go further than second base
• for some reason ended up with robbie (still unsure how this even happened, he was only there to affirm her straightness before bernie and somehow managed to be almost as bland as raf and essie)
• elinor only ever treated her like complete garbage and tbh nobody that is her equal or her family has ever properly respected her until jason and bernie came around (apart from perhaps raf and colette and fletch?? but even raf and fletch are below her)
• canonically has depression !!!!!!!!!! she really struggled with it when she was in america but apparently it was so much easier there bc mental health problems are so much less taboo than they are here in the uk

Anyone that has anything to add is v welcome to stick em in the replies (also correct me if i am wrong anywhere!!)
Also i cannot recommend the early serena scenes enough she is the BEST and they are all on youtube!! (sans s15 but they are available online!!)

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juliette i'm in love with your art!!! everything about it from the weight of the lines to the colors to the way you draw clothes to the fabric designs to your imaginative shapes is so cool. you're one of my biggest art inspirations! love the bard party btw, hope you draw more of them ^^

Aaaaah thank you so much !! I wanna draw the bards again yes !

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omg where to start... when i first started on tumblr, not even knowing how to post anything, me, a shy little babyyy, reached out to you. (idk exactly for what, but i did) that was one of the best decisions i have ever made. you actually inspired me so much and kinda basically sorta founded my account and i love you. *hugs* p.s.- i'm your biggest fan


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Hi! I just wanted to say I really love your art I've been a fan for awhile and you're one of my biggest inspirations and you got me back into drawing again after falling out of it for a while so thank you! Also I wanted to know if you have any more little funfacts about Quincy, I really like her and your reindeer boys and girls and I hope one day I can make ocs as well rounded and interesting as yours, thanks for reading all of this ramble ahaha

Aww thank you for all that ;_; <3 !!! I’ll keep working on them and fleshing them out more and more! I’m glad Quincy has a fan, she’s special for me. Named after a stuffed Reindeer I had as a kid. 

Fact! Quincy is the only person in town who seems to acknowledge the fact that it’s weird for someone to have antlers.

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Hi, i'd just like to say you're my biggest inspiration for drawing Medic. :) I love your style, and you inspired me to try and find my own! Thank you for being utterly awesome, and i'm glad there are talented people like you out there! :)

I couldn’t find words to thank you enough so I sketched a cute medic instead. I hope you find your own style and be satisfied with it :)


I look around and I know there’s a lot in the world that I want to see changed — and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to see things change, in myself as much as in the world around me.

Happy Birthday to my hero and biggest inspiration: Jon Foreman.

Thank you for everything man.

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ENDO, I am your biggest fan and you're my new inspiration. But while I'm typing this, I feel like giving up drawing, because my drawing skills are not perfect and my arm hurts. I crave for a new art style, I want to become a new thing and your art inspires me, but it also hurts me. Because your art is straight edge and angular, and I love it. I try to practice, I try hard, but my arm hurts, my arm muscles tighten, it's frustrating, and it's not even good to my standards. How do I cope with this?

You kinda caught me with my trousers down, this may be the realest question I’ve ever answered. You’ve just opened the floodgates, so awake, avast, hold tight your buns, if buns you do hold dear. 

I think maybe art is one of the most organic experiences a human can go through, besides going though childbirth, or eating kale. Art might not be as physically painful as either of those, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say it’s DEFINITELY as emotionally painful for some people, myself included

Did you know I hate my art?

I hate it, hate it, hate it to little bloody pieces

It makes me wanna crawl right out of my fucking skin

I didn’t used to though, and I still haven’t found out when or why I started, despite having scoped it out from every angle. At some point I realized that the art I drew in no way resembled or bore aspects of any of the styles that I held close to my heart; my style was and is unique, and it represents who I am, but it isn’t what I wanted. I don’t know that my style will EVER be what I wanted.

But here’s the thing. Let’s say that in the same fashion I tried to emulate someone’s style, so did you. Let’s say that you manage to perfectly incorporate my style into yours to the point that someone wouldn’t be able to tell my art from yours.

Our styles would cancel each other out.

By having no singularly individual aspect of our art, we lose our uniqueness. Us artists are not supposed to perfectly copy another style; we are not conveyor belts or printers robots

So only recently have I learned to accept and love my style, because just like we can look at our faces in a mirror and not see its true shape, artists can rarely see the value and style of our own art. Maybe I will always hate my art, but I hate it a lot less as of late, having learned that it inspires people, which is something I never thought would happen. I honestly never have and never will consider myself an inspiration, but the fact that people have come forward to tell me I inspire them is the main reason I cry myself to sleep. So maybe you can’t see your value, but I assure you there are close friends and admirers who love you and your art very, very much.

And maybe that’s what really matters? I don’t know.

As for giving up drawing? I don’t know if I really believe anyone can give up drawing. I’ve gone through some month-long intervals where even attempting to draw sent me into literal spasms. But any stress I had was entirely situational, and in the long run I knew I would never stop drawing, even if I couldn’t draw at the time.

I think the best way I heard it put was that “A tree cant bear fruit all year round”. Or something along those lines. And it’s true. Taking breaks from art don’t mean you’re giving up, it’s as vital to keeping your art healthy as is sleep. I feel it’s necessary to function properly.

Also for the arm pain? I’m not a doctor or anything, like I thought my heart was behind my bellybutton until I was a freshman. But I guess maybe consider some kind of like arm brace? And try that ice first, heat later therapy shit for a few days. If'n the pain persists, maybe talk to the doc? It could be that Carpet Tunnel shit. I never got it, and I draw with my legs behind my head.

If there was more for me to say, then I forgot what it was, but I hope this unnecessarily long post helps a little bit. I have the nagging feeling it won’t.

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Sea family, I just wanted to let you know that you're doing amazing things and I love you all a lot.

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I know you probably won’t answer this but I just wanted you to know that what you guys are doing is awesome! Thank you so much, people need advice like these!

muthatruckintacos said to fairysharkmother:

Momma, I just want to say you’re such an inspiration to me. You’ve helped me through so much shit it’s insane. I just want you to know that you’re one of the biggest reasons I’m still here today. I love you mom. Even if you aren’t my real mom. I wish you were.

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I think sea fam made me love the ocean I love uuuuuuu

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

I love you mom! Thanks for being so great -young blue sea Shark

Anonymous said to fairysharkmother:

This is my favorite blog because it’s easy to see how you all go out of your way to try to lift up others whenever possible and I have so much respect for that thank you so much

Thank you so much for all your love recently! It brings us much joy to be able to help Momma’s babies; she’s beaming as well reading your comments! Sharks always look halfway like they’re smiling, but Momma’s a very happy shark tonight.

(Art credit: puppyresidue)

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every time i see your work, it gives me so many feels! it's like my heart sudenly becomes warmer, sometimes i start laughing, just like that, alone, because your art is like rays of sunshine! i love it! i admire you soooooooo much, you're my biggest inspiration!! <3 ( i don't know why, but whenever i listen to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, it always makes me think about you and your work, and it makes me smile too :D) <3 have a nice day!

Wow thank you, lovely comparison… Love Jack Johnson!

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Heyo, Nick! I know you're a biiiig Hayao Miyazaki fan, and I wanted to know what do you think was the biggest thing in his films? or what did YOU really like? :D

Oh man, do I love this question? Yes. Yes I love this question.

Hayao Miyazaki…I am going to have a hard time talking adequately about how I feel about his work- I just find the rawness of his work so inspiring- it’s rare to see someone operating at that level with such clarity of vision…he doesn’t seem to compromise on much.

I’d have to say that my favorite things about his films, are how he captures a kind of emotional truth in the designs, scenes, music and pacing. Everything works together to create these moments that are just…sublime.

Spirited Away, Porco Rosso and Kiki’s Delivery Service are my  favorite 3- and each of them have moments where the narrative gives way to poetic moments where we are allowed and encouraged to contemplate the feeling of a space or scene.
He takes his time to let us love the little things with him: the way light plays across water, how a character puts on their shoes or stretches their back, the wind in the grass. The worlds of each film are so vivid, beautiful and alive because of those moments and I bring that back into my everyday to remember.
I suppose it’s timely to quote the beautiful Maya Angelou: 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What I remember most about Miyazaki is the way his work makes me feel :)