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If you're looking for kitanishi prompts, how about Natsume thought they were dating and gets worried he's wrong because he thinks he can't understand social cues. Cue kitsnishi pairing realizing they kind of were dating lol

It starts with an invitation.

One of Satoru’s classmates at cram school invites him to go out with her and a few of her friends over the coming weekend—and since some of them would have dates with them, he’s more than welcome to bring his girlfriend along!

The problem:

Satoru doesn’t have a girlfriend. Satoru is terminally single.

He could cancel, but he wants to go. He could show up alone, but that would be all kinds of awkward—especially if he was the odd man out, especially if they were expecting him to have a date.

So he puts his brilliant mind to work in coming up with a solution.

“Natsumeee, what do I do?” Satoru is sprawled piteously across Natsume’s desk. “I need your advice, man.”

“Go by yourself?”

“Natsume! I need better advice!”

Natsume eyes the book he was reading, trapped under Satoru’s arms, and visibly gives up on the idea of extracting it before the idea can even half form in his eyes. Instead he sighs and leans back in his chair, accepting Satoru’s dilemma as his own. They’ve come a long way as friends.

“Honestly, Nishimura, why ask me?” the heartthrob of year two asks obliviously, pushing dusty blond hair out of his eyes. “I have literally no experience when it comes to this. I’ve never been on a date.”

Satoru narrows his eyes at him. Somehow it’s even more annoying that Natsume is so sincerely clueless about how stupidly popular he is. Satoru has no idea how to verbalize this, so he settles for glaring quietly.

“Besides,” Natsume adds, unmoved by Satoru’s expression, “I figured you’d just go with Kitamoto.”

Satoru sits up slowly, staring. “Uh. Why would I go with Kitamoto?”

Natsume looks uncertainly back at him. “Because you’re dating him?”


There’s an impasse of stark misunderstanding opening between them like a yawning chasm, and Natsume visibly retreats back into his little socially awkward shell like some kind of giant skittish hermit crab. Satoru watches him go, totally bemused.

His face is red, hands tangled anxiously together in his lap, eye contact a thing of the past.

“I just assumed—I’m so sorry—”

“Dude, it’s okay, I just—have no idea where that came from?”

“I’m really, really sorry—”

“Natsume, seriously. Stop apologizing or Tsuji’s gonna think I’m bullying you—oh, great, here he comes now.”

Satoru leans back in his chair when Tsuji stops by the desk, and watches Natsume’s face as the pale boy hurriedly assures their class rep that all’s well. Natsume was wrong, obviously, but it’s not like Satoru's mad about it. Natsume doesn’t have much experience in being sociable or having friends (which is an ugly thought, and Satoru hates that it’s true) so it makes sense that he sort of read the cues wrong. It’s no big deal, not even worth thinking about.

But he’s thinking about it. Tuning out the conversation going on right beside him and staring without seeing out the window.

Thinking about what cues Natsume read, and how he possibly could have read them wrong.

“You’re not wrong,” Tsuji is saying calmly, in stark defiance of Satoru’s innermost thoughts. He tunes back into the conversation sharply, watching Tsuji pat Natsume’s shoulder comfortingly. “You picked up on the same cues everyone else did.”

Wait, what?

“Wait, what?” Satoru sits up straight, more than a little gobsmacked, and stares at Tsuji, who stares right back.  Natsume is a shade of pink Satoru has never seen on him before, but it doesn’t look like he’s about to die of humiliation or try to crawl under a rock or something. Compared to the Natsume they started with, this is progress.

“Nishimura, come on,” Tsuji says. “It’s obvious.”

Outraged, Satoru squawks, “No it’s not! What are we even talking about!”

Tsuji gives him literally the dryest look ever. Honestly, Satoru has seen his own mother look more enthusiastic than Tsuji does right now. He’d be impressed, if he wasn’t so busy being offended. 

“You, my friend,” Tsuji says kindly, even leaning over to put a caring hand on Satoru’s arm, “are an idiot.”

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How to take care of yourself at school

* make sure you eat, calories aren’t bad and we all need food to live regardless of if you like it or not

* travel sized lotion because school not only sucks the soul from your body, it sucks out the moisture from your skin

* mini mouthwash 👄

* store some no hassle snacks in your bag like goldfish or gronala bars (my favourite are Kind bars)

* stay hydrated!!

* keep some wipes in your bag if you take a gym class and don’t have the option of a shower to wipe yourself down

* if you do have the option please take a shower after gym

* keep a spare pair of underwear in your locker if you get your period because it will sneak up on you

* if it’s raining when you’re on the way to school bring an extra pair of socks

* mini first aid kit

* if you have a locker or can share with someone leave a change of clothes + an umbrella in there

* hype yourself up before tests and presentations

* I know my school had a food pantry for homeless students so if that’s something you need look into it

* asking for help is okay, it’s more than okay whether you need help with a certain subject or housing situations or if you’re in trouble and need adult help

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So, this person you've become, you're happy with her when you look in the mirror? You tell yourself "I'm not being dishonest, I'm just not being fully candid" with these high school age kids that look up to me, who take everything I say as the truth, who trust me and support me with the most challenging issues of their lives. Who cares though, right, you're getting yours, no matter the carnage. Congrats.

Not really sure what you’re on about here.

Living honestly and fearlessly is about me encouraging people to be themselves.. not about me sharing every single detail of my life. 

If I’ve offended you in someway you are more than welcome to just unfollow me. My life seems to be causing you a lot of negativity and I only want to be spreading positivity so maybe you should invest your time in something that brings you more joy! 

353. Butterflies...
  • Louis: ...fill your stomach as you pace back and forth, the white, lacy dress clutched between your hands. Thirty minutes ago Louis arrived at the church. 20 minutes ago you arrived at the church and now in two minutes, you'll be walking down the isle. Coming face to face with the boy you have fallen head over heels for and becoming Mrs. Louis Tomlinson. "Are you nervous" One of your bridesmaids ask. You nod. "I've got butterflies in my stomach" you respond and she giggles. And as the doors open after all bridesmaids have gone through, the butterflies dissipate and all you can do is smile at the thought of Louis becoming your forever in less than fifteen minutes.
  • Liam: ...the symbol of change. Change is good. Change is what keeps the world revolving. People make changes everyday. They change their clothes, they change their hair, last name. You're changing your address. Liam had cautiously asked you a month ago to move in with him. Your flat was dingy and kind of hopeless and Liam's was beautiful but empty. You've accepted his offer, but your nervous. You're not one to change or to do things out of the norm. But you're thinking it's time to spread your wings and open up to new ideas. Like a butterfly. You clutch the box in your hand and bring it with you as you enter the new flat. Liam grins and helps with the box. "Welcome home:
  • Niall: ...not exactly butterflies, more like butterfly kisses. Butterfly kisses are shared in messy king sized beds, in kitchens during late night snacking, around family and on car rides. They're done in private or in front of thousands. The small gesture from Niall to affirm that he's here and he loves you more than life itself. He can't always be major pda with all the cameras so this is all he can truly provide. Niall never will admit to doing it, especially since the boys have picked on him before for being too loving towards you, but the boys have noticed. They've said it's a shot to their masculinity, but Niall could care less. All he wants is to show his affection. Even if he's showing it but fluttering his eyelashes onto your cheek, or your neck.
  • Harry: ... Just one. A large one. Smack down in the middle of his stomach. An intricate pattern that has you enticed the moment you see it. The tattoo that hasn't got a specific meaning to it, It was done because Harry liked it, yet it holds special meanings to you. It's where you can rest your head during movie nights and what you fall asleep on when you're cuddled on top of him. It's what you trace with your tongue during a sensual moment and what you trace with your finger after a time of pleasure. The butterfly on his stomach as captured more tears, more kisses and has seen so much love between the two of you than anyone has ever witnessed. Although it might seem stupid to others, to you it's you're favorite thing in the world.
  • Zayn: ... fly around the two of you as you walk through the butterfly garden. Intricate colors and designs cover every one of them, not one the same. Just like humans. You're eyes are filled with awe as one lands on your hand and flutters it's wings. Zayn smiles at it, taking in it's beauty. It's rare that the two of you could do something like this, like Zayn would want to walk through a butterfly garden, yet here the two of you are and Zayn is more than pleased. The butterfly offers strength and support. They're there to lead you through tough times and even though you and Zayn are not going through any harsh conditions, the two of you keep it in mind, promising to come back to watch the soothing insects flutter around the room if anything were to happen.
  • Honestly i did this for Louis's and Harry's... ~AlliXx

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Prompt: "Hey my mom is trying to set me up with this guy and you're the only one of my friends she hasn't met yet so could you pretend to be my boyfriend at her dinner on sunday thank you" Bellarke :))

[AO3] & [FFN]

Clarke is sitting in her living room, video chatting with her mother.

“Yes, Mom, of course I’m coming to Dad’s birthday dinner on Sunday,” Clarke says, staring at her mother through the laptop screen. 

“You’re welcome to bring your roommates along. We’ll have more than enough food. Marcus is bringing one of his employees, a young man named Wick, Kyle Wick. I think you’ll like him.” The set up is too familiar. She tried this with her and Wells years ago and then there was that hospital intern last year for Thanksgiving.

Octavia, sitting on the opposite end of the couch, recognizes the set up—she’s actually pulled it a few times—and barges into the conversation. “We’d love to come over for dinner. Should we bring anything? You know Raven and I make a mean potato salad, and I know for a fact that Clarke’s boyfriend can bake like no one’s business.”

“Yes, Octavia, please bring that salad. It is to die for.” Abby smiles at Clarke’s new roommate. Then she seems to register the rest of the statement. “Boyfriend?” Abby looks confused. “Clarke, you never mentioned you were seeing anyone.”

In all honesty, that’s because she isn’t. She hasn’t had a boyfriend since the Finn fiasco a few months back, but she sends Octavia a grateful look before answering. “Yeah, uh, that’s because it’s rather new. I’m sure he’d be happy to come, though.”

“Of course he can come, then, and he doesn’t have to bring anything, but if he wants to, you know we never turn down more food.”

Clarke smiles apprehensively at her mother. “Yeah, well, I’ve got to go, Mom. I’ll see you on Sunday.”

“Bye, Sweetie,” her mother says before the screen goes dark.

Clarke turns to Octavia after a moment with a panicked look. “Where the hell am I gonna get a boyfriend who can bake in less than a week?”

Octavia smiles. “Well, I know someone. He’s tall, a bit of a nerd, and lives across the hall.”

Clarke’s mouth drops open and she shakes her head. “No way in hell am I introducing your brother to my mom as my boyfriend.”

Bellamy, sitting across the room studying for his for his ancient civilizations final, looks up. “What was that?”

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Oh bless, you made your way over here to the cracky side of town ;D Hope you have some fun kicking around on here with us when you aren't busy, and that no one scares you off, because you're an awesome human being and bring a lot of encouragement to so many. Especially girls, who haven't quite gotten comfy in their skin yet. But anyway, welcome! <3

Thank you! Without issuing a challenge, I have fairly thick skin. And I try to remember people are free to have their opinions. I value that freedom more than I value approval.