you're messing with the wrong people

Hey exclusionists.

When we’re telling you that something you said resembles TERF rhetoric, we aren’t calling you TERFs. We’re telling you that what you’re saying seems to have a foundation on similar things, and that spreading the same type of posts/sayings/whatever as TERFs use is dangerous because it normalizes the rhetoric and allows TERF ideals to slip passed people’s radars.

My reaction if someone were to tell me that something I said resembled TERF rhetoric?

“Oh crap! Sorry! I’ll delete/edit the post. Please let me know how I can do better in the future to keep from endangering trans people.”

Because my number one priority is to make sure I’m not helping to perpetuate or normalize TERF rhetoric. Screaming about how I’m not a TERF would do absolutely no good, and would just further push that using the same language as this horrible group of people is completely fine - which of course it’s not.

Do better.

anonymous asked:

What the actual fuck is wrong with you, you fucked up messed up piece of shit? Being happy over findings of severe illness in another person. Have some fucking compassion. You're a fucked up horrible person. Those findings you got so excited about made someone stay up nights worried about. Their parents crying. What the fuck is wrong with you huh? Be ashamed of yourself. People like you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a fucking hospital. Disgusting.

If I ever wrote in a post I was happy over signs of severe illness in a patient, let me assure you I definitely did NOT feel how you think I did. I find medicine fascinating. Reading about  the pathophysiology of different diseases and their treatment interests me. When I come across a case or findings I have never seen before, I am intrigued and my curiosity is piqued. However, along with being intrigued, I also feel for the patient. I think about the effects of the disease on the body and the symptoms the patient is experiencing and I feel sorry for them. Then my mind goes to how the disease could be treated, how the patient could be made comfortable and am cheered by the fact that we can help alleviate the patient’s suffering.          

 Did I make them sick? No.  Am I somehow  obstructing their treatment? No. Do I want to help them? With all of my heart. Do I want to talk to them, take a good h&p, see their various lab results and read more about their case and it’s treatment? Yes.                                                                                                                                     

Being interested in reading a patient’s file or feeling lucky to observe an operation does not mean I wish more people would get sick. 

not to vagueblog or anything but it’s great to see that even lgbt christians spew the “cafeteria catholic” stuff

like, churches have been wrong. Social teachings and “theological teachings” are not as distinct as you seem to think. Gay people aren’t just grandfathered into the wait-til-marriage thing, their desires are considered intrinsically disordered and you can’t just make a tiny exception without admitting that there are some messed up teachings if not now then in the past because like it or not, people including bishops and popes considered Jews “god-killers” and they took this as part of their theology even if they changed it at vatican II. Just because you and your priest have put it behind you doesn’t mean it wasn’t central to their belief system before.

“well, genders of ordained ministers doesn’t count—”
“same sex couples are ok but only if they wait until marriage—”
“I’m sure the church was never anti-semitic because they never said anything about it at the first vatican council!”

These things are not as perfectly separable as you think. The Church Militant is not the same thing as the Church Triumphant. The fucking southern baptists claim that they’re the same as the early Christians just like you do. And sure, you can claim that the church has never changed its doctrine, if you adjust the definition of “doctrine” every time there’s a change.

Change is ok. Change is not evil. Humans are brilliant and continually rediscover God.

Why the hell are armys hating on Bulldok? I love these girls they are so beautiful and nice and hard working. None of them said or did anything wrong except Hyungeun who didn’t use honorifics when talking about BTS and made some comments. But she left the group, she’s a former member. Why are people hating on the group? Explain.

It’s so sad because they are so hard working and I feel like some armys will bring this back up everytime Bulldok will have a comeback even though Hyungeun left the group. I love BTS a lot, but I freaking hate at least half of the fandom. I’m so mad rn don’t touch me.

Timehop shattered me today. Usually it’s okay. Melancholy for the past, but still good. Today was not. Today hit me like a brick wall.

I’ve been talking to the most amazing guy for years now. We met on Omegle.
The year I graduated high school(2011!), a really big tumblr trend was to go on Omegle under the “tumblr” tag and try to find your friends/followers. It was hysterical. It was fun. I was on there so much it started leaking into my real life. My friend and I would have sleepovers and stay up until crazy hours, on Omegle just finding people to talk to. Obviously the cute ones would get more attention, and we’d have to skip a dick or 10(yes literal dicks), and on the rare occasion we’d get a guy’s number and text for 48 hours and then never again.
But one night, it was different. If I remember right, we were dicking around with stuffed animals. We’d hold them on screen and try to get people to interact with them without seeing what we looked like. Accents, whatever. And if they gave us the time of day we revealed our faces after a while. So we connect with this random babe. And he’s got the bluest eyes. And this swoopy brown hair. Squarish jawline. And he says he’s from England and we’re swooning because we’re American and foreign accents are delicious. He’s not talking though, just typing. We eventually show our faces. My friend gets bored and says we should skip him but I don’t want to. He’s so cute and the way he won’t speak is making him a mystery I’m dying to hear. I get his Skype so we can move on and promise to talk to him later. This guy is cute and all but we’ve only just met and I’m hosting a sleepover and my friend is bored. A bit later, I get a Skype message. I let the guy know we’re still on Omegle. What’s he still doing up? It’s like 6am there. He’s nuts. But he wants to Skype me. But I can’t. My friend is there. I can’t just take over the computer. Eventually my friend gets tired. So I close Omegle and Skype the England Boy. I’m begging him to say “love” in the accent I know he has. But he won’t do it. I’m 18 years old and teenage romance novels are my weakness and romcoms are everything and the way Gerard Butler calls his leading lady “love” is all I need in my life. My friend is falling asleep on the couch and I’m busy falling for the biggest fall of my life. We’re Skyping for four hours. He barely speaks. And then gloriously he says to me, “goodnight love,” and I’m dying from head to toe, it’s beautiful and this cute guy said it in his cute accent and even if he didn’t mean it, if he only said it because I begged and persuaded it out of him, it’s still got me in a puddle of emotions. It’s perfect. He’s great. I’ve got him on Skype. I can call him up whenever I want.
That was how it started. It was everything to me. I stayed up Skyping him when I should have been sleeping. I stayed on Skype with him for 6 hours 6 days a week. It was the summer before I went to college. He meant everything to me. He made me laugh. Die laughing. He was adorable and funny and charming and immature and sarcastic in all the right ways. He’s terrified of spiders. Sometimes, he sleep walks. He hates pineapple. He’s got a lesbian sister. More siblings. He’s never owned a car. He doesn’t have a license to drive. He’s getting a 7k inheritance when he turns 21. His dad’s an accountant. He had a brother who passed away. His girlfriend appears to be a massive uncaring bitch. He can do better. Dealing with my feelings and his girlfriend was a rough patch. She’d infuriate me so badly some nights. He’d Skype me from her house. It’s okay, she’s asleep. Why are you talking to me? You should be sleeping next to her. You can’t sleep? That happened more than once.
When he broke up with her I was so happy for him. So proud of him. He didn’t have to date me. Distance. Yuck. But now he could find someone to treat and be treated better. He never really did.
He’d watch American Football. Something I’m not sure he’d ever even thought about before me. He’d say he’d seen a Vikings game. Why would you watch that? We’re terrible. Football sucks.
He Skyped me through the single semester I went through college. He made a tumblr because I used it so much. We had matching links at one point. He Skyped me when I came home from college. I got a job, a good job but I still had time for him. I moved in with friends downtown. I got a new, good job. I was meeting people. I was partying. I was hooking up with people because I had all these feelings for a guy halfway across the world that were becoming hard to deal with outside our computer screen Skype world. It was easier to crash into guys who didn’t really care about me and wouldn’t notice I wasn’t exactly there for them emotionally 100%, even if I pretend or felt like it for fleeting moments in time. It had been three years since we first met. I started fading. I was working 40 hours a week. I hated my job. Loving him and not being with him was suddenly becoming painful. Not talking about it because it was painful and a useless conversation was even more painful. It wasn’t easy to accept anymore. It wasn’t easy to know that everyone around me wasn’t him. That no one could amount to him. That I could harbour so much feeling for a guy I’d never met. Would maybe never meet. These feelings were suffocating. I was drowning in something I couldn’t have. Couldn’t even touch. He was mad at me for becoming more and more unavailable. I tried to explain it. He was killing me. He couldn’t understand. He still wouldn’t.
We Snapchatted. Barely. I found a boy at home who wanted to hook up and also be a friend. Eventually it crashed into a million fucking pieces, but it helped me. At least, I thought it did. I tried so hard to make it work. If I couldn’t have England Boy, maybe this guy would date me. Maybe I’d finally be worthy of “girlfriend.” Well, I wasn’t. I lost the extended fling, and the guy halfway across the world was hurt that I was distant. Because he couldn’t understand. Because I couldn’t understand.

Now we never talk. I don’t remember the last time we had a video chat. Over 6 months ago? He’s back with his girlfriend who never cared enough. He’s got a life and he’s ignoring me.

It’s August 11th, 2015, and four years ago today, I met you. And our relationship killed me.

The signs as Stress
  • Signs as stresses
  • Aries: Having too much on your plate at once, spreading yourself too thin because you feel like you have to accomplish all your goals and be the best you can be all the time. Cut yourself a break and realize you have your whole life ahead of you. You don't have to be 100% on track every single day, sometimes just taking a day to chill even if it puts you behind a little can be therapeutic and make you even better when you get back to the grind.
  • Taurus: Others changing plans when you had the whole day planned out, things not going the way you want. Trying to control every situation may comfort you, but you can't possibly know what's going to happen all the time. Be more open to new experiences and remember, putting yourself outside your comfort zone can help you grow.
  • Gemini: Trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, deciding what you want to do as a career or where you want to end up in life. Nobody knows who they are the moment they're born. Life is about growing and learning and trying new things. You are a work in progress and the best thing you can do for yourself is what makes you happy now, in this moment. The future will be there when you're ready.
  • Cancer: Losing people close to you because of something you have done or said, being responsible for rift in your relationship with someone. Sometimes, you mess up. You say the wrong thing. If it was your fault, own up to it and try to move on. If you had to step away from a friendship because you felt like it was detrimental then keep your head up and know you deserve to be happy too. No one knows how other will react to what we say and do, you can only do your best to realize when you've messed up or if maybe the break was better for both of you. You may feel empty now but things will get better.
  • Leo: putting your all into someone and being let down, knowing that you are giving everything but they are only half-assing the relationship. You can try until you're blue in the face to help someone else and be there for them, but they don't owe you that in return. And you owe it to yourself to be around people who respect you and appreciate what you do. Don't get mad at them. If you're not being treated the way deserve, maybe you need to let them go and see if they realize on their own exactly what you're worth.
  • Virgo: not living up expectations, having the bar set too high by others and not achieving what they thought you could. Maybe you were super smart when you were young but now high school is much more challenging. Maybe you aren't getting perfect grades in college. Maybe your job is proving more difficult than you thought and now you have to try, every day, just to be average. The only bar you have to reach is the one you set for yourself. Don't get disillusioned by the things other people think you can do. If you are having a hard time, give yourself a break, step back, and set smaller goals for yourself. Take it one step at a time and remember that you can do it, maybe you you just have to work up to the top. It doesn't mean you aren't as smart or amazing or great as you were.
  • Libra: Not standing up for yourself, realizing you've been letting others walk all over you or take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to speak your mind, and sometimes you have to just let things happen. The hardest part is deciding which battle to fight. Never fighting, however, is only going to leave you stuck in whatever place others put you, following in the footsteps of a hundred other feet and feeling sorry for yourself. You have the right to challenge ideas you don't agree with and make your own destiny, even if if means you have to walk solo for a while. You are strong enough to March to your own drum. You are just as important as those around you, don't take the backseat.
  • Scorpio: losing control of your emotions, having a huge outburst and feeling attacked by those you love. Not everyone is out to get you! It's difficult to expose your inner thoughts to other people, not only because they can use it as a weapon against you, but because you feel like you are lesser and weak when you express yourself. But, if you keep everything inside until you explode on your friends, you only have yourself to blame when they won't put up with it anymore. Let a little out at a time, you don't have to dive in the water, but at least feel if it's warm before you lose your cool and hurt other people. Make an effort to be more open and I'm sure they will appreciate even a little budge.
  • Sagittarius: being stuck, for whatever reason, somewhere you dislike, feeling trapped or held down. For financial or other reasons, you may be stuck in a small town, a city you don't like, or a dead end job that makes you miserable. Keep. Up. The Hustle. You are destined for great things, but everyone faces setbacks. Learn a new skill, like crocheting or making something to make money on the side. Make connections with people who want to move forward too, End relationships with people who try to hold you back. Take every possible hand that reaches out to you and keep strong, you will be where you want to be someday. Don't take the little things for granted and keep your mind grounded and you can find your island in the sun.
  • Capricorn: running behind schedule or being late due to others, having someone not put in their share of work. People are people, and they make mistakes. Yes, it's annoying when your feel like you're the only one in the world who has it together, but one of these days when you fall behind pace, you'll appreciate the slack. Being constantly dragged down by others, however, isn't okay and if it becomes more than a minor inconvenience, maybe you need to switch up your role and put more pressure on others to succeed. (In a helpful way)
  • Aquarius: the weight if knowing you can't change things, knowing you are only one person and you can't alter the system no matter how broken. There are so many unfair situations, like a school system that loads you with so many tests you can hardly get by, or maybe your town is facing an apathy apocalypse where it seems no one cares about the environment, poverty, the ASSHOLE GOVERNOR (OHIO!) You see the big picture and that's a precious gift. The first step to changing anything is to recognize the problem, and if you stay passionate, you can change the world.
  • Pisces: getting older, the steady progression of time with an unclear future. Time moves forward, and that can make you feel as though you're being left behind. Everyone has this clear cut path and you feel like you're floating through, no particular goal or destination, a ghost wandering purposeless. At some point, every person has this existential worry that they will get older and still have not found their place. Just have some faith that one day, you will find what you love and things will come together. Life has a funny way of working out, even if you don't know it's plan just yet. Be patient and stay aware and present. Try not to get caught up in worrying and trying to imagine a perfect future. You are important and you will find happiness.
  • Check your Sun, Moon and Mars.
The signs as Blurryface songs//Why
  • Aries: Not Today// Out of their mind, and believes everyone who tries to be nice to them or tries to start a relationship is also out of their mind. Would be willing to take anyone down, but soon changes their mind. Seems like they are all happy and upbeat, but they get sad and mad just as easily as they get happy. Wants to play hard to get. Doesn't like big massive changes in their life. "I look outside, and I see a whole world better off without me"
  • Taurus: Hometown// Doesn't know how to make themselves better, so they need someone else to show them how to. Let's things go easily, but doesn't know how to bring them back if needed. "I will let the wind go quietly"
  • Gemini: Heavydirtysoul// Admits that they believe their soul and personality is dirty and 'heavy', but they don't know how to fix that. They need someone to save them and their soul. Turns to many things whenever they are upset, from writing to drugs. The future makes them eager but also worried. "Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit"
  • Cancer: Doubt// Needs someone to always be there for them, when they are afraid and lose hope for everything. Worries about losing someone important the whole song. Wants beautiful things to mean something to them again. "I hope you haven't left without me, please don't forget about me"
  • Leo: We Don't Believe What's On TV// Wants someone to be their plan B if things don't work out. Wants to care for this person and be 'saved' by them. Believes that everything they see is what they want to see. "I need to know that when I fall you'll still be here"
  • Virgo: Polarize// Wants help with organizing thoughts and problems. Just wants help for once, even if they aren't good at showing love and don't want people to see weakness in wanting someone else's help. Thinks they can always do better, and would if they were given a second chance. "Domingo en Diego, I think I lost my halo"
  • Libra: Tear In My Heart// This song is very upbeat, just like libra. Very romantic, and sweet. Often thinks of their significant other than themselves. Their heart is their 'armor'. "Sometimes you got to bleed to know, that you're alive and have a soul"
  • Scorpio: Fairly Local// States that they think they are evil and others think they are emotional. Later admits that they aren't evil, and knows that they are emotional. Shows the conflict between their mind and their true personality, and what others think of them and what they think of themselves. "Bulletproof in black like a funeral"
  • Sagittarius: Ride// Loves to fantasize and wants to be loyal. Sometimes over thinks, which brings them to a depressing state of mind. Knows things get hard sometimes, but it doesn't stop them one bit. Normally is very fast paced, but once everything piece together, they take their time to enjoy it. Gets asked plenty of questions, but finds it hard to answer them in the right way. "'I'd live for you,' and that's hard to do, even harder to say when you know it's not true"
  • Capricorn: The Judge// 'In charge' and has very high expectations. Knows that they are imperfect, but is perfect at being imperfect. Doubts other things that they don't know 100% about. Wants to make a change in someway and help someone. Kinda cold hearted but secretly wants to change that. "I'm a pro at imperfections and best friends with my doubt"
  • Aquarius: Lane Boy// Everything they hear is heartless, which shows that they find something wrong with everything, even if it's perfect. They don't trust people that are flawless, because there is probably something wrong with them. They know that their creativity and beauty is just 'currency' or just something someone else makes money off of. "If you get in between something I love and me, you're gonna feel the heat of my cavalry"
  • Pisces: Message Man// Knows that they are very different than what others think. Needs motivation to keep going, even if they don't believe in themselves. Doesn't want to hurt anyone by accident, so they like to warn people. "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man"
Psych Sentence Starters
  • "We may have a children of the corn situation happening here."
  • "You realize I carry a gun right?"
  • "I've heard it both ways."
  • "Don't be a rabid porcupine."
  • "I don't love you."
  • "Maybe when we get two gourds we can work that out."
  • "I'm never doing anything with you blindly again. I learned that at the mexican border, twice."
  • "You know how I zone out when other people talk."
  • "I got the tiny girl with the limp!"
  • "You don't have to prove you're a great criminal."
  • "Don't eat the chicken."
  • "The best way to convince someone you're not lying to them is to tell them you are!"
  • "I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth."
  • "I left my cell phone in your car, along with a tuna sandwich. I really hope you found that."
  • "I was not hitting on your wife."
  • "Yours? That's funny I didn't see your name on it anywhere."
  • "I honestly have no response to that."
  • "Good help is hard to find I suppose."
  • "I can't be the fall guy in front of my hero!"
  • "I'm sorry sir, I didn't see you standing there. You know, being so stealth-like."
  • "Hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right?"
  • "There are over 400 stars in our galaxy! Maybe more, no one knows for sure."
  • "I'll be nice to you, just do me a favor, stop stealing the gum out of my locker."
  • "People are gonna miss me so much."
  • "You are gonna die, soon. Definitely before me if statistics prove correct! Which is so wrong, cause I'm practically asking for it!"
  • "Sorry I tried to kill you with a sword."
  • "You kiss him/her, you die."
  • "One minute you're witty, and sarcastic, and smart, and the next second your like a six year old looking for a popsicle."
  • "Dude, we already hung out with enough crazy white people with year."
  • "Just because you put syrup on somethin' don't make it pancakes."
  • "I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry."
  • "You're supposed to not get arrested for murder!"
  • "Stay calm, I'm pretty sure ninety percent of gunshot wounds are psychological."
  • "What is the point of his face?!"
  • "I would like to use my out now!"
  • "I'm sorry this as far as I can take you."
  • "Why are you helping me, really?"
  • "Seriously, get out of the car."
  • "Hello, assface."
  • "I'll be damned, this is the second mexican standoff I've been in today."
  • "I'll quit when you're behind bars or dead. I don't really have a preference at this point."
  • "I'm just happy that you're safe."
  • "I'm just trying to help you, father."
  • "People need to know!"
  • "Doesn't anyone check for a pulse anymore?"
  • "I'm a sympathetic crier!"
  • "Why do you hurt me?"
  • "Only psychos answer ads on craigslist, you might as well have posted it on murder me this instant dot com!"
  • "How is it that I'm now being punished for being honest?!"
  • "If you killed him just tell me."
  • "Here's something stupid, I think I'm dying."
  • "How does that saying go again? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won't get fooled again. Fool me a third time, and- the second time didn't really count because- damn didn't he look dead?"
  • "What would you do if that were Jesus' yogurt?"
  • "You want to walk my dog?"
  • "Security had to taze me."
  • "There is nothing funny about a three hole punch!"
I trusted you, but you broke my trust.
I cared about you, but it was all just a game to you.
I loved you, but you just used me.
And now you’re nothing to me. You pulled the wrong strings, you messed with the wrong person.
When someone acts so cold heartedly as you have done to me, they are no longer wanted or needed in my life.
I do not need you. I never needed you. I do not need anyone. I never need anyone.
You’re just added to the list of another person who left me.
You’re not important to me anymore.
I can stop caring about people just as quickly as I start.
It means nothing too me.
Maybe I’m the cold hearted one…
—  Me (beautyfrompain-4)

Little Update:

Three little things, and then I’ll let you all get back to business (to defeat the huns, or whatever it is you kids are doing out there).

  • Number One: I am currently updating all the pages, I know they’re a mess, but if you check in like an hour and something’s wrong or missing, please let me know. Both of your admins are forgetful little doves, okay?
  • Number Two: We’ve officially decided to do away with character limits and let you all have as many roles as you’d like. That said, if you can think of a job someone would have on a film set (not including pre- or post-production jobs), please feel free to run them by us! We know we have a limited number of jobs on the page, but there is no limit to your creativity, okay? Bring it.
  • Number Three: I’ve been meaning to add this page to the little acceptance checklist but as I’ve said, forgetful little dove, so if you haven’t, please check it out and send both these things in when you can! It’s important!

Okay that’s all! Like if you read this! xo

bouquineuse644  asked:

Hey Sixpenceee! I love your blog, I think it's really interesting, and I always learn something new from it! I just wanted to say that given some of the content (and the illegality of said content) of the Deep Web, you might write a post recommending that your followers not attempt to access it. It's a dangerous thing to mess around with, even if you're just curious. It would probably be better if a few hundred young people didn't try to go there without really knowing what they're getting into.

Thanks! And I definitly recommend NOT to mess around with the Deep Web. Push the wrong buttons and then you may have the FBI to deal with. 

Deep Web Post

I will never be able to grasp how people watch The L Word in it’s entirety and still manage to maintain this intense, virulent, obsessive hatred for Jenny Schecter. No one is saying you have to love her, but if that’s the way you respond to people like her, I’m going to need you to get extremely far away from me. 

  • Nepeta: *cares a lot about her ships*
  • Nepeta: *does stuff to try and make her ships come true*
  • Nepeta: *has herself and Karkat as her OTP*
  • Me: I wonder if she did stuff to try and make Karkat like her.

fun fact: literally every one of your faves is problematic BECAUSE NO ONE GOES THROUGH LIFE WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING WRONG


so let people like who they like and chill out

words I want the signs to hear
  • Aries: Take a deep breath. Don't think about all the bad things for a while. Breathe.
  • Taurus: It's okay to be loud. You have a beautiful mind. Share it.
  • Gemini: Broaden your horizons. There's a big world out there, and it's waiting for you.
  • Cancer: The people you're waiting to apologize won't. Forget about them. Find people that care as much as you do, they're out there.
  • Leo: Sit down, and complain. Let it all come out. Write every wrong thing down. It's okay to complain.
  • Virgo: It's okay if you mess up. It's okay if people get mad at you for messing up. Don't worry about it.
  • Libra: Don't put more on your plate than you can handle. Know your limitations.
  • Scorpio: Compliment yourself today. Compliment a friend today.
  • Sagittarius: It's okay to take breaks. Everyone deserves them, you do too. You're a hard worker.
  • Capricorn: Don't wait on other people. If you miss someone, tell them. If you love someone, tell them. Stop waiting.
  • Aquarius: It's okay if your friends mess up. Remember who the #1 is (it's you).
  • Pisces: Your patience is beautiful, just make sure you have enough of it. Let people know when you are angry.

Can we please end this bullshit of attacking a person for not knowing every single fact of everything ever, like you do because you’re some kind of all-knowing God.