you're making me create new characters

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What do you do when you feel like nobody cares about your writing? I'm asking from an unpublished, inexperienced writer's perspective. You've changed and inspired many people's lives with your work, so I don't imagine this is your situation. But when you're starting out and nobody knows you, the though of reaching at least one reader and make a positive contribution in their lives is sometimes enough of a motivation through the long, lonely process of writing. So how do you find motivation?

When I was first starting out as a writer it was only the love of writing that kept me going. Writing is lonely but writing also kept me company. The characters I created kept me company. Wanting to tell new stories or offer my perspective on this world we live in motivated me. Wanting to be seen and heard motivated me. But mostly, it was just the love of writing.

  • Me: *creating a new DAI character*
  • Boyfriend: Here's an idea - how about you don't make another elf?
  • Me: Not an option.
  • Boyfriend: You just love those big, stupid ears, don't you?
  • Me: Nope, I just love Solas and his big, stupid ears and his bald head and his pretty voice.
  • Boyfriend: You're romancing him again? You're obsessed.
  • Me: Hey, I'm not alone. There are tons of us who are obsessed with him.
  • Boyfriend: You people have a sickness. BioWare is feeding your sickness.

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I noticed in your daily ACNL diary you weren't happy with the placement of a new villager's house. You're an ACNL expert so you probably already know this, but there IS a way to choose which villager moves in to your town and where they place their house. On a day you expect a new villager to move in, create a new player character. If you like the new villager/location of the house, then Save. If not, reset the game, make a new player character, and repeat unil you're happy. It genuinely works!

Thanks for the heads up, but I already know about the reset trick, but I’m just too lazy to do it. Plus I’m not as hardcore as other AC players so villager house placement doesn’t bother me that much :)
But others should find this useful since I don’t think I’ve ever made a formal post about the reset trick.