you're making it very hard for me to breathe

nimblenonsense  asked:

You're probably tired of hearing about ant salvation, but I just got linked to you and the suffering. Have you happened to try Sevin Dust? It sounds like you have an infestation of crazy ants, which are a co-operative colony ant that don't build nests, love to cluster around electric sources, and get absolutely everywhere. Where I'm at, they beat hornets and -fire ants- by sheer numbers.

We tried literally everything that you can buy yourselves over the counter and nadda. The only thing that works is getting the house/surrounding areas bombed regularly by professionals with stuff that makes it very hard for me to breathe, but then we are ant free inside the house for a couple of months.

It’s expensive as all hell but it’s worth it not to have ants crawling out of my keyboard cause haha, my sanity cannot deal with that anymore. Nope nope nope.

jnughan  asked:

Jeonghan- backhugs and tickles (btw I LOVE your writing style it somehow makes things feel more personal you're very gifted! Thank you for writing for us~)



“Mmmm, warm.” You sighed, leaning back into Jeonghan’s arms as he wrapped them around you, his light strawberry scent drifting into your nose, the ends of his hair tickling your neck as you settled back, lids pressing closed against your will as he breathed steadily in and out against your body.

“You feel so nice against me.” He mumbled, the squeeze he had on you the same as you hummed, his hard chest enveloping you as your eyes fluttered open again, sighing in content at the proximity he held you in.

“I know.” You mused, letting his fingers start to trace slow little patterns along your hips as his hands drifted downwards, the pads of his fingers rough against the soft skin of your stomach.

“Mmm.” He breathed against your neck in agreement, his mouth ghosting over your neck as his breath glided along your skin softly. Jeonghan’s hands still tracing shapes as your eyes slipped between open and closed a few times, warming up to him as he felt against your body to your contentment.

“I could let you do this for hours-” you began, your body still folded into him as his fingers began to pick up in a devilish manner, causing you to stop mid sentence as you felt his digits begin to wiggle along the sides of your stomach, the sensation causing you to double over against him as he kept his grip, laughter eventually bubbling out of your mouth.

“J-jeonghan, yah! Stop it, oh my god.” You laughed, your mouth upturned as you felt his body laugh along with you, his fingers still tickling up your sides as he kept you still pressed against him, ignoring your screams of protest as you rocked against his body, his tickles eliciting squeals and giggles from you as he continued his assault.

“Jeonghan please stop, I’m gonna pee-oh my god I hate you.” You whined, fidgeting even more against him as his digits began to slow, letting you began to breathe normally again as the last of both your laughs began to die down, your body going a little slack against his as his hands instead focused on holding you up now.

“Don’t tickle me, Jeonghan.” You breathed, flipping your head up to stare at his jawline as you placed a small kiss there.

“Don’t look so cute when I do it then.” He countered at you, returning a kiss on top of your forehead as you let out a small snigger.

“Then I guess you’ll never be able to stop tickling me.”

Starter Sentences || Marianas Trench Edition
  • "Take me home, I don't wanna be alone tonight"
  • "I will run to you 'till I can't stand on my own anymore"
  • "I cross my heart and hope to die"
  • "I want you all to myself."
  • "I've been blaming myself and I think you know why."
  • "This isn't what I wanted"
  • "I can't keep my filthy fucking mouth shut."
  • "I will hide you when it gets too much"
  • "I'll be right beside you"
  • "If your heart wears thin I will hold you up "
  • "Trust in me"
  • "I'm just trying to keep this together, because I could do worse and you could do better"
  • "I remain so lost and buried under everything that I need"
  • "You're beautiful, can I hide in you awhile?"
  • "It only hurts me to be near you"
  • "Keep those tired eyes closed"
  • "Don't make a sound in case they hear you"
  • "They'll hurt you 'till your heart melts"
  • "They know you're lonely and they will only break your heart"
  • "I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake."
  • "I never needed a reason for keeping secrets from myself"
  • "I don't know how this is wrong"
  • "I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines."
  • "You were a friend of mine"
  • "Don't you ever tell me I'm not loving you best"
  • "I just need a minute, I just need a breath"
  • "It gets very hard to drink to my continued success"
  • "I'm not sick of you yet, is that as good as it gets?"
  • "God, I wish that I could"
  • "I hold you up above everyone."
  • "I thought you were my friend."
  • "If the point is to never disappoint you, somebodies got to tell me what to do."
  • "I swear now everything is perfect."
  • "I've done more for less."
  • "I don't give a fuck about it anyway."
  • "This is good in a bad way."
  • "It's better this way"
  • "I wish we could stay here forever, alone."
  • "Sometimes I wish you would leave me."
  • "Don't you leave me"