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Can I request an imagine where Zen is in a daze while MC visits him and confesses he loves her while she's doing some normal thing?

This is such a cute and sweet request anonny! Although I am going to apologize in advance, at times I feel like I don’t write Zen’s character correctly, if that makes sense. I mean, I love him and he’s a great character but I feel like I don’t always portray him right plus I find it difficult at times to come up with realistic scenarios for him. So if this veers to far off from Zen’s character, please let me know so that I can change it! But thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Ever since the first day you appeared on the messenger, Zen gravitated towards you, although he wasn’t sure why in the beginning
  • Zen, the one of the most beautiful, talented, and charismatic men to walk the streets of Korea and could have any woman out there, some even tried to do whatever it took to make them his
  • But he knew his soulmate was out there, waiting for him so he patiently waited
  • The more time that passed by the more Zen started losing hope of ever finding his true love, until one fateful day when you showed up
  • The eleven days you were on the messenger were some of the best days of Zen’s life
  • Even though he couldn’t see you, your messages of encouragement and humor made him smile and chuckle while every time he listened to you when you called him, his heart fluttered with joy and love
  • While Zen did shamelessly flirt with you over the messenger, he frowned when you would brush off his attempts as jokes
  • Seeing you being so friendly with the other RFA members sliced deep in Zen’s heart, he wasn’t usually the jealous type but his love for you was stronger than any other he’s ever had
  • So he tried his best to show you that he wasn’t just an egotistical narcissist and it seemed that you were starting to warm up to him
  • All seemed to be going well until an Unknown man tried to harm you and take you away
  • Zen had never felt such anger in his life, he knew that he the reason he was feeling so much rage was because of his love for you
  • Even after saving you from the Unknown man, Zen was still apprehensive about telling you his feelings, he knew that you were still shaken up from the night’s events
  • When the night of the first RFA party came, Zen felt strange - He was completely fine talking normally to you but when it came to confessing his feelings, he felt himself become tongue-tied
  • Zen couldn’t understand why he was so nervous about telling you his feelings of love towards you, but if he had to guess, it was fear of you rejecting him
  • So he figured to try and get to know you as much as possible then maybe he would be more comfortable expressing his love to you
  • After about a month since your first RFA party, Zen was still a hopeless romantic
  • But the two of you became close friends, something that Zen loved and hated at the same time
  • One day, he invited you over to watch one of his newest musicals on DVD since you were too sick at the time to attend the performance in person
  • Your eyes lit up as soon as Zen opened the front door for you, you gave him a tight hug saying “I missed you, Zenny! I’m excited to finally see you performing, even if it isn’t live.“
  • Zen could only nod in response, your upbeat and cheery attitude was one of the many reasons this man was in love with you
  • “Why don’t you set up the DVD while I make us some tea, okay Zen?” You asked Zen as he mumbled his agreement
  • Once Zen had the performance ready on his tv, he flopped himself on his couch and sighed, running his hands through his long bangs
  • “My God, MC, I just, I love you so much. Is it even possible to love someone this much? Every time I look into your eyes I get lost in your beauty. You’re so special to me, you accept me for who I am and have supported me so much, how could I not completely fall head over heels for you? I don’t get why it’s so hard for me to say this to you face to face… I will always love you, my precious MC.”
  • Zen snapped out of the strange daze he was in when he heard you gasp, your hands shaking as you held two cups of tea
  • “O-oh, MC, I don’t know what came over me! Just uh, just forget everything I said okay? Sorry about that…” Zen frantically stated as he jumped up from the couch
  • He assumed you would laugh at his pathetic statement or scoff at his rude boldness but what you did stunned Zen
  • You bit your quivering lip to try and stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks, Zen blinked in surprise at your reactions
  • “Oh no I should be the one apologizing Zen! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your, um, conversation.” You told him as you furiously wiped your teary eyes
  • Zen chuckled softly, gently removing your hands from your eyes as he wiped your remaining tears away with his thumb
  • “Well, every word that I said is true, MC. I love you with all of my heart. I know that I’m usually such an open and talkative guy but it’s been so difficult to express my feelings for you for some reason. But honestly, I’m glad that you heard my confession MC because every single word of it is true.” Zen firmly told you as you gazed into his determined ruby eyes
  • Now it was your turn to giggle as you placed a small kiss to Zen’s cheek, smiling as you said “Then I guess it’s a good thing that I love you back Zen! It was a really beautiful confession and I’m glad that I overheard you. I truly love you too, Zen.”
  • Zen smiled broadly as he pulled you in for a proper, long, and loving kiss, which you happily returned
  • While it may have been an awkward confession, Zen was more than happy that you both had mutual feelings for each other, a bond of love that would never be broken

okay. i’m gonna explain myself bc i feel bad for people who stand up for me and now they’re losing followers bc of this.

i said that i like asian girls. i didn’t mean it in a rude way. i’m not saying that other people isn’t beautiful. i’m saying that i like asian girls. just bc they’re who they are. why it’s okay to say “i love people of colour” but it’s not okay for me to say that i love asian people? “bc you’re generalizing them” but when people say “i love poc” it’s also a generalization. i don’t expect them to look the certain way. i just love them for who they are. i don’t care from which side of asia they are. it may be russia, it may be japan, it may be china. whatever. i don’t care. i just love them. i wasn’t fetishizing them as some of people said. i just found them attractive. ALL OF THEM. so i don’t get why i should say sorry for saying that i like certain people just because they’re people. 

i said in the past that i don’t like poland and i don’t trust people from poland. i take full credit for this. yes THIS was racism/nazism. I KNOW THAT. BUT i have REASONS from my personal experience to feel the certain way. i’m not saying that they should die or some shit. i just don’t trust them bc of the reasons. try to understand me as well.

In response to people saying that these tips cannot be applied to a cartoony style - you can make things cartoony but still accurate, its just about how much you care about that fact and how you use the material you’re working with. Just because something is in a certain style doesn’t mean you HAVE to sacrifice accuracy, and sometimes its important to set up rules or limits to yourself when drawing, it gives a challenge which may help you improve and work better with limited things or stuff that cannot be worked around as easily unless you’re clever and have experimented with it. I used to suck at drawing birds and making them expressive, but using references and knowing how they work actually has helped because i had to find a way to use the traits they have to my advantage.

Don’t see accuracy as a obstacle, use it to your advantage and grow as an artist by working with stuff you’d otherwise look past because of convenience or because its not a common occurrence in other people’s styles

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omg i 100% agree with the "would aloneintherain approve" anon!! i catch myself thinking when writing my own stuff, and a few weeks ago I drew some spiderman homecoming fanart with the vague hope that u would see it and like it ahjskdks,, ur work is such an inspiration my dude <3


I was talking to one of my groomsdudes today bc I got my suit for my wedding and look real good in it, and he was like “oh, we’re wearing grey suits because you’re a grey wolf!” and Let Me Tell You, that’s the reason now

if i’m ever having a bad day i can always go look at the tags of my high five post and see a bunch of people being super excited about it, which is rad as heck.

Yo fam we ought to talk. Don’t expect rock hard abs from idols. When they lift their shirts up- hope to see a nice plump lil tumtum from eating good and staying healthy m8. Aight? Aight.

Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique 


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


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