you're literally ~the change you want to see in the world~

tumblr acting like kylo ren’s story is as simple as boohoo mom and dad ignored me so i lash out by throwing tantrums and killing people

do you realize that this is what’s happening in the world today? young kids are being used by terrorists. snoke started on kylo when he was young and vulnerable. emphasis on young and vulnerable. and feeling abandoned by his parents. this is literally what is happening in the world right now. terrorists target the children because they’re not set in their ways and if they start them young, these kids grow old with their foundations as whatever the predators want them to be. whatever they need to be able to use the kids for their twisted causes.

this is the exact same reason why kylo ren thinks what he’s doing is right

am i saying he’s not accountable? no. but do i want to see his character be further developed and explored? to see his character rise above the manipulations of snoke on him as a kid? fuck yes

story-wise that is why he is fucking compelling to me as a character especially with current events and yall reduce him to a whiny ass boy that you all think of as a bad villain

you’re fucking right. he is a “bad” villain. and to those who want an iredeemable villain in star wars he’s not your guy. he is a “bad” villain because he has always been conflicted by the pull to the light. he is conflicted when he does the things he thinks are right (right = evil). like come on that is literally the first movie

and i don’t understand why some people were so confused when rian johnson said he and rey are sort of dual protagonists. like??? are you paying attention? KYLO REN IS NOT THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. rey, actual protagonist, went through the same shit and it only made her kind you say. well don’t you see kylo ren is just the other side of rey? with snoke lurking on the side to ensure ben solo stays dead inside?

this makes me so fucking angry tbh. i’m tired of seeing posts about how people who like kylo ren as a character are apologists and pro this and that shit and oh yeah blame it on the absentee parents boohoo. it’s such a one-sided view of kylo’s story.  he is a victim AND he is accountable for the shit he’s done. it can both exist on a character??? and it’s not even a subtext on the movie. it’s so explicit that some people are just being too selectively blind to see it for whatever reason.

i literally have no idea how he’s gonna redeem himself especially after killing his father. i really don’t know. but those kids recruited by terrorist groups that have killed people in the name of their cause and want to quit and remove themselves from the evil organizations they once swore allegiance to… do i not want to see them renounce the false and evil beliefs and get back into the light? even if they never fully redeem themselves, isn’t it a good thing if they try? isn’t it a good thing for them to start choosing the good? that kylo ren’s redemption is a good fucking message to say that it’s not too late for everyone? that you can’t undo the past mistakes but you can do something about the present and the future? i’m not talking about kylo ren turning into a saint. but just the mere fact that these lost and fallen ones stand back up and find their way to the right and good again… isn’t that what we should want? i literally don’t understand why this redemption arc is such a bad thing for some people. like who are we to say who can and cannot at least try to redeem themselves?

the moving goalposts.
  • trans woman: I'm a woman.
  • transmisogynist: No you're not, women dress femininely whereas men aren't pressured to wear makeup or maintain a feminine appearance.
  • trans woman: Well, I dress femininely, and I am pressured to wear makeup and maintain a feminine appearance as my failure to do so is punished with harassment and violence. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, women experience misogynistic oppression, like catcalling and gendered wage gap.
  • trans woman: I experience both of those things, people see me as a woman and mistreat me accordingly. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, woman is a biological class. You're a biological male.
  • trans woman: I'm on HRT, and my hormone levels are within the average range of cisgender women. I've undergone physical changes due to HRT that have made my physical body more similar to the average cis woman. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have vaginas.
  • trans woman: I've undergone vaginoplasty. I have a functioning vagina, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. This is very personal, but, i can, in fact, orgasm. Do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have XX chromosomes. That's the REAL factor that determines our social role.
  • trans woman: So, are you seriously claiming that everyone goes around treating other people based on their chromosomes, a quality that can only be factually known by a medical test?
  • transmisogynist: Yes!
  • trans woman: But I've never gotten chromosomally tested. I don't ACTUALLY know what my chromosomes are. Have you ever gotten chromosomally tested?
  • transmisogynist: No, but–
  • trans woman: Then your argument is completely flawed. You know with certainty that you present as a woman, are seen as a woman, and are mistreated as a woman, but you believe that those things are totally disconnected? That, instead, your chromosomes are what people are really seeing when they look at you? That's completely preposterous.
  • transmisogynist: Well, what I really mean is, your birth assignment is what really counts, because that's when male socialization is initiated, which determines your entire mindset and outlook on the world, as well as how you treat other people.
  • trans woman: It is true that socialization influences how we view the world. But let me ask you a question, you are female-socialized, right?
  • transmisogynist: Damn right.
  • trans woman: And female socialization includes subservience to men, right?
  • transmisogynist: Yes, very much so. My parents were extremely traditionalist and imposed very strict gender roles on me as a child.
  • trans woman: But right now you're not subservient to men at all, right?
  • transmisogynist: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • trans woman: So, logically, this would be an example of how your gendered socialization DIDN'T control your outcome as a person. Sure, you had to actively resist that socialization, but you've moved past that.
  • transmisogynist: Yes, that's true, but the same can't be said about you, you're clearly male-socialized.
  • trans woman: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • transmisogynist: No, that's wrong! You can't be a lesbian, you're a male!
  • trans woman: Don't say that to my wife, she's gonna be pretty mad if you tell her she's not really a lesbian. She's been a lesbian for years, I seriously don't see how my gender is any different than the gender of her last girlfriend.
  • transmisogynist: You can't be a feminist, either! You're a male, there's no way you can understand the struggles of being a woman!
  • trans woman: Didn't you post one of my essays on gender on your facebook wall?
  • transmisogynist: Er, well, yes, but, that's before I knew that you were trans! See, this is more of your deceptive duplicitous behavior, concrete proof that you cannot overcome your male socialization or produce ideas that deserve consideration as contributions to feminism.
  • trans woman: But didn't you praise that shitty liberal Male Feminist guy's anti-transgender article?
  • transmisogynist: Yeah, but, at least he isn't calling himself a feminist, just a feminist Ally. So he's being honest and knowing his boundaries while helping feminism.
  • trans woman: And didn't you praise that conservative politician's proposed ban on transgender people being able to use the restroom? Why the hell would you ever side with a conservative? You realize that he's the same guy who has previously worked to defund women's healthcare services and repeal gay marriage? Supporting him in any capacity gives him political capital that he'll be able to leverage for future reactionary policies, because he is literally an anti-feminist politician.
  • transmisogynist: But he's one of the few politicians who's willing to stand up for a ban on transgender people in restrooms.
  • trans woman: Yeah, because he's an out-and-out bigot against LGBT people and women. He's literally creating legal contexts for male violence against transgender women, something that you've PREVIOUSLY stated you're opposed to, but now apparently you're for it.
  • transmisogynist: What male violence? It's just a legal protection for vulnerable women and girls in the sanctified space of the public bathroom.
  • trans woman: The male violence of police officers, prison guards, and prison inmates. That's the male violence that you're totally fine with exposing trans women to. If you really gave a shit about reduction of harm, you would support my right to use whatever PUBLIC RESTROOM I wanted, and support gender-neutral restrooms. After all, butch cis women have been harassed and gender-policed in restrooms in states where that law was in effect, and had security guards called on them. Isn't that a fucking travesty? I support butch women's right to use women's restrooms, and if you support trans bathroom bans, you DON'T. Cis and trans women share certain class interests, and often times if you work against trans women's' class interests, you're ultimately going to harm cis women's class interests as well. We suffer a wage gap too, which is why so many of us are FEMINISTS.
{Reaction} Mafia!EXO finding out out that you're getting bullied in university

Hey I requested a EXO mafia au reaction where the reader gets picked on by a group of people at the readers school and EXO defends her, just wondering if you received it or not? Doesn’t matter if you haven’t, but now that requests are open again can I re-request that please? Love your work btw xx

Note: I loved your request so much oml, I literally live for mafia!exo au you have no idea hehe! I’m not sure if you (or anyone else reading) has seen my other mafia content, if not, you can find it here on my exo masterlist! Enjoy~

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

  • Warning: Use of mafia themes. This includes swearing and (as indicated by the title) bullying. Read at your own risk. 

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by lullabyun

Chanyeol’s jaw clenched as you sheepishly told him that you’d been getting a hard time from someone in your university course. Despite the anger lighting in his stomach, he placed a false sense of calmness on his face as he hugged you, but as his arms wrapped around your small frame, his mind started planning instantly. When he finally came to confronting the person that dared to bully you, he had the most intimidating gear strapped to him and his short, terrifying friend Do Kyungsoo and infamous martial arts master friend Tao at his side. He waited at the university gates until the bully turned the corner and stepped out, making sure to leave a lasting impression that would make sure that this person would never even attempt to hurt you ever again.

Chanyeol: “I heard you’ve been hurting my Jagi. I suggest you stop, because if you don’t… well, let’s just say you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Bully: “Y-yes sir…” *scurries away.*

Chanyeol: “Ah, That should keep them away from {y/n}.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Kyungsoo was not impressed when he found out that you’d been getting bullied. He found it astounding that anyone could attempt to hurt you at all so he took serious action. Unlike Chanyeol, he took the time to research this person that had been giving you grief to use against them before making his move. He told you that he would sort the issue, and promised that he wouldn’t get any blood on his hands after you begged him not to do anything futile. He met the bully in a dark, deserted alleyway and let his dark, terrifying eyes do most of the threatening while his words cut the bully down to zero confidence.

Kyungsoo: “I love {y/n}, you see, I know you have a partner to, how would you feel if I hurt them? I could, you know. I could break their arms and legs until they’re left totally helpless. Or make them blind so they could never see your disgusting face again”

Bully: “I’m sorry! I’ll never hurt {y/n} again!”

Kyungsoo: “Hurt? I don’t want to hear that you’ve been anywhere my jagi again, understand?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Baekhyun tapped his fingers against the side of the car as he waited for you outside of the university to take you home for the term. Even though he it a part of the mafia, he does care deeply for you, and however intimidating and dangerous he can be against others is insignificant when it comes to you. When he’s with you, his demeanor changes completely, he’s fun, loving and sweet, and wouldn’t even dream of ever letting anything  bad in this world getting to you.

As he waited in the car, he hummed, that was until he caught you in the corner of his eye being pushed by a man that looked vaguely around your age. He instantly got out of the car, barely giving himself any time to think as he stormed over to where you timidly rose back to your feet. He clenched his fist before forcing it into the man’s face, then pulling you with him back towards the car.

Baekhyun: “Are you alright, Jagi?”

{y/n}: “I will be.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Sehun had been told countless times by you that he shouldn’t sacrifice being uncovered because of stupid reasons, but when he witnessed you physically being punched before you, he couldn’t stop himself from grabbing the man that dared to hurt you in such a fashion and beat him until his skin was starting to turn bloody, black and blue. He seethed in anger as he looked down at the man in anger, he was lying on the floor, blood pouring from his nose and eyes streaming with tears as he begged for mercy. He looked back at you, holding your cheek looking partly in pain and partly like you were blushing.

Sehun: “Too much?”

{y/n}: “No, he deserved it, I just feel…”

Sehun: *smirking* “Come on Jagi, let’s go home.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by lullabyun

Yixing isn’t one to make a massive scene or to create a lot of conflict when it comes to confrontation. Instead, he takes the more calm route to intimidating your bully from talking to you. He enters university one sunny afternoon to watch you in a contest against other classmates. Within the crowd of people watching, he purposefully takes the seat next to the person he knows as you bully and quietly talks, knowing that even with a in innocent smile on his face, your bully will never think of approaching you again in the near future.

Yixing: “I’m going to put this in very simple terms so you understand, since you’re clearly a being of low intelligence. Stay away from {y/n} unless you want to go to sleep one night and never wake up.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chen is the master of manipulation and knowing how to scare people without even really having much interaction with them. When he finds out that someone at your university has been bullying you, he takes the matters into his own hands without your knowledge of it to help you from the pain and emotional never do find out what Chen does to your bully, all you know is tat after telling Chen, your bully can’t seem to come near you or even look you in the eye anymore.

{y/n}: “I don’t know what happened, they seem to have just stopped.”

Chen: “That’s what I like to hear, princess.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Minseok seemed rather calm as you told him that someone at your university was giving you grief. He made sure to make sure that he came across as calm in front of you so that you did worry, he simply pulled you into his arms and whispered into your ear that he would sort everything and that you shouldn’t worry about the bully anymore. When it came to actually carrying his intentions out, he made his way into the university and found the bully. He waited until the bully way alone and in a deserted space before he finally made his move, pushing the bully back into the corner to hide the gun that he pointed at he man’s abdomen from any unwanted eye witnesses.

Minseok: “I’ll let you off this time, but touch my jagi again? And you won’t live to tell the tale.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Your bully must be very brave to antagonize you when you have a boyfriend like Huang Zitao, the infamous martial artist with skills higher than anyone that you know. While most of the other members were low key and tried to ensure that their intentions weren’t spotted by unwanted attention, Tao went about this in quite a different way. He met your bully, and even though your bully was surrounded by a large group of people, Tao still went for him and knocked him out cold with one simple blow. No one tries to stop him as Tao gave your bully one final kick in the gut before walking away, muttering about how now one will get away with hurting you.

Tao: “Are you pathetic or stupid or both? Hurt her again and I’ll beat you up worse next time!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Not only has your bully messed with you, but has messed with the leader of the mafia, and it would be an understatement to say that Junmyeon was very pissed off when he found out about this. He took your bully by the scrape of their neck, pushed them back against the wall and threatened them until tears were pouring down your bullies face. While it was somewhat strange to see Junmyeon in this way, it was also oddly satisfying to see him standing up for you and giving your bully what they deserved.

Suho: “Is {y/n} a pile of shit?”

Bully: “N-no”

Suho: “Then don’t fucking treat her like she is!”

Lu Han

Originally posted by luedeer

Luhan is a very caring boyfriend outside of being the mafia, so when he finds out that you have been getting bullied he isn’t happy at all. He, like Minseok, decided to do some research before falling neck deep into this. With the help of Yixing and Sehun, he made his way across to the university, threatening your bully in a way that isn’t direct, but definitely gets the message across.

Luhan: “Put it this way, kid. If I find out you’ve been bullying {y/n}, it’ll be the last stupid thing that you ever do.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaimilky

Kai knows of your bully, but had never met him until this moment, you and Kai were out at a club in the city together. You were wearing something low cut and tight, while he was also going for the sexy look. The two of you were dancing, grinding beneath the bright lighting until unwanted attention was finally brought. Your bully laughed, pointing at you as he did in university. Kai was ready to let it slide, to simply leave the club and find somewhere else, but that was until he actually heard the words you bully spoke. He gently removed his hands off you before leaping onto your bully, pounding him to the beat of the music. He finally stopped when he heard the yelling of the police. He grabbed you by the hand and pulled you out of the club, the two of you laughing as you make your great escape.

Kai: “Ah Jagi, that was more fun than it should have been.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kris is known throughout the country as one of the most dangerous men. Like Suho, he is also a leader of the EXO mafia, and therefore makes him one of the most wanted man. Usually, he keeps his head down, but when he finds out that you’re being bullied, he can’t help but get himself involved within the conflict. He walks inside of the university, casually strolling with his hands in his pockets and walks up to you bully. As Kris takes the seat next to you bully, you could see the way your bully paled as white as a sheet without Kris even saying anything.

Kris: “See that girl? That’s my baobei… I’ve heard you’ve been hurting her recently. You should take more care of your actions before it leads to serious consequences.”

how I see the signs and what I want them to know
  • (side note - View of a Virgo rising, Leo sun in the 12th, Libra moon in 2nd, mercury Cancer in 11th, venus Leo in 12th, mars Leo in 11th)
  • Aries: was once my best friend, she made literally everything in my life brighter and always helped me to just enjoy things and stop worrying all the time. Also great hugs. Just simply has that energy, wherever it may be - physically, mentally, staying up until you binge watched that show, giving you their last money so you can get yourself something to eat before you starve to death, always down for a talk and a walk even if they had a packed schedule. Please don't miss out on times when you just have to take a day off to get your beautiful and strong energy back. I care about your health so please don't forget to eat properly and don't miss out on that quality time if needed.
  • Taurus: a girl from my drama class and my little sisters moon sign, I am just so in love with your sense for aesthetic. Total sunshines. I feel like I can always rely on you, super compassionate and knows how to make you feel comfortable when youre not. I love that when you have a goal in your mind, you will give your everything to achieve that! Also so humble but like I want you so desperately to know how beautiful I think you are!! I enjoy your company a lot. Please don't be afraid of changes, I know that's such a mainstream thing to write for Taurus but I really do believe that maybe sometimes you need to be reminded that life can also begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Gemini: a guy and a girl from biology class, I am literally stunned at how much these people know. Eloquent fluffballs. I could listen to you spreading knowledge 24/7, make great jokes in my opinion and just kind of knows... everyone?? Get along with so many people, can be very chill but also full of energy when they're talking about things they are interested in. Also fun-fact kings and queens. Please remind yourself to stay loyal to your true friends, you may know many people with whom you get along with so well and for sure everyone is intersting in their own way, but it's very possible to feel lonely in a crowd. Your closest friends will always get you out of that and help you, I promise.
  • Cancer: a close friend of mine, literally the most caring person I've ever met. Actual comedians. I don't know I just straight up fell in love with your humour. All the Cancers I know have or had some extreme physical problems going on, please get well soon if you read this and you're also not feeling well. Mentally on the next level, strong and kind of unbreakable. Don't hide their feelings because they just know that when you bottle up your feelings it's never going to end well. They just get you and will be there for you no matter what. Please take care of yourself just as well as you do with your friends and family, you are a true blessing and it's definitely okay to rant or cry or just let it all out.
  • Leo: my english teacher and a guy I used to be close with, very often completely misunderstood and taken for granted, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Will make you feel great after a plain shit day. I strive to be this talented at just expressing myself or being confident, even if you just want the world to think you are confident when you're actually not. Cuddly queens and kings. Better not hurt their pride because it took them a lot of time to actually get to that level and in a world where people hate on you for loving yourself, to them it feels like, despite all their work, they are not worth of loving themselves. Please don't forget that although sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see, there are caring and warm-hearted people who love you just the way you are.
  • Virgo: a girl in my class I simply adore, I always annoy you with my endless compliments. Kind of just in love with these down-to-earth and sweet people. Either super chill or worried a lot, I wish I could just hug you until you feel less stressed. Smol but strong beans you can learn a lot from. So reliable, I actually hate doing group projects and always want to do everything myself but since you share that opinion we created something I was really proud of and now we always do them together. Please remember that passion is something you shouldn't be ashamed of, you simply don't have to be because it's something you love and your needs are valid. Also dreaming big, it's possible, especially for you so why not?
  • Libra: a girl I recently got to know and am already completely amazed by, literal social butterflies who sometimes only know in hindsight how much they enjoyed the company of someone because they adapt so easily and it's rare to find someone where you can just simply be yourself. Love how they view life and that they make me want to talk more. Very open and you never feel excluded because they just know how to include everyone. Please don't forget to remind yourself who you truly are and not to lose yourself in another person, because there really is only one you no matter how good you are at adapting to literally every social situation, you are amazing and I want you to be comfortable as well.
  • Scorpio: my dad and my ex boyfriend's mom, two very caring peole in their own way. I always love how sharp their sarcasm can be. Can comfort extremely well when they want to. So many secrets and things to know about them that I can lose myself in them wanting to explore whats actually behind their shell. Teaches you life lessons. Please don't forget that humans aren't flawless and that's completely okay. You don't have to hold onto old grudges, communication is key and talking about these things, confronting these people who did you wrong will help you grow as a person.
  • Sagittarius: an old friend of mine, very cute people who get interested in so many things and they are so versatile and adventurous I absolutely love their lively nature. Memes™. Total dorks you can fall for in a second. Are actually the best partners to just talk to about anything because they will be interested and share their opinion with you. Please remind yourself that cutting off people can be a very wise decision and you don't have to keep up with everyones shit if that's just not what you're in for.
  • Capricorn: I am literally so attracted to these people it's unreal, although I kind of always think that they don't like me...... anyways, my bigger twin sisters are caps and they are humble souls who really had to fight for a lot in life sadly. So proud of you. Keep up with the hard work, you really deserve everything. So realistic and pure I have heart eyes. Supportive and extremely loyal. Will stand up for you if you need it. Straight face™ but still manages to make even the most serious people laugh. Please remind yourself to not overdo it with the work, take a day off to relax and let yourself go maybe, even if it's hard - with the right people you don't ever have to be afraid of being yourself.
  • Aquarius: my ex boyfriend whom I had a crush on for like 4 years, teached me great life lessons. Will always have a weakness for aquas, they just attract me so much, how much of a fluffy dork can you be tbh? Capacity of acceptance is incredible. So much fun to be with. Are kind of just good at everything? You can talk to them about anything, it won't feel weird, they won't question it and just talk to you about that topic. So friendly, an underrated trait in my opinion, just complete and simple friendliness you enjoy to the fullest. Please remind yourself to let people not only see your amazing shell but also your stunning core, there are people who love to talk about the same things you love and nothing about you is weird, you are special and I absolutely love it.
  • Pisces: a very sweet guy I've been texting with for the past months, very open minded and also have that sensitivity I strive to have. Very inspirational smol puppy. Actual daydreamers™, may be late to school but love deeply and would never neglect your love. Kind of hate almost everything that's planned out? (I'm sorry I just love to plan things out) will hug you no matter what. Does not fear to dream big, is very talented at artsy stuff in my opinion. Please don't forget that even if it seems hard, and yes our school system is kind of very bad,we get to have that education and your dreams will be reality if you work hard enough to achieve them. You have so much potential, please don't ever waste it.
anger management: mars
  • mars in the 1st: i know it doesn't feel like it, but you need to let that anger out, consume you and explode. i would advise you to hit something but then i'm sort of afraid that you'd hit me--at least it's a nice conundrum, i don't see a lot of those, these days. i recommend exercise or sports because you know, two birds with one stone. or you could get drunk and kick people's asses in bar brawls/video games, both would be cathartic, i think.
  • mars in the 2nd: bottle up your emotions, man. and that anger too. and when it reaches a breaking point, burst the entire dam because you're too good at it. but no, really, find a repetitive task that grounds your anger to a center, don't hoard it like dragons hoard gold, as you're wont to do. and make sure it focuses on a rhythm and unleash it using that focus. get it through your thick head: passive aggressiveness is not attractive.
  • mars in the 3rd: i would tell you to punch your sibling but that'd be too drastic. i suggest you write all the words you're dying to scream and curse, the words you're gonna use to tear the world into two, in paper, make an origami of it and flush it down the toilet. that'd feel good, trust me. if not, i'd advise you to talk it out with a person you trust to be objective, look at it from a logical perspective as to why you're angry and methodically decode why it's making you want to annihilate something. you'd feel much calmer afterwards. (or end up reading six books in one day and write vicious reviews on how stupid the characters are--that works too)
  • mars in the 4th: i know this sounds ridiculous, but open the fridge and the tub of your favorite flavor of ice cream, dig into it face first without using a spoon while watching really sad anime. you'd feel much better. or you could take it out on your home, violently redecorate or tear off the curtains. or something. i suggest doing heavy household tasks that'd exhaust you, so when you take a shower and get rid of all that sweat, you feel at least some semblance of calm.
  • mars in the 5th: this sounds terrible and cliche, but use it to be productive. use it in your art to make a statement because it has pissed you off. run that extra mile on track. get the best score on a creative writing course--you get the gist. make sure it helps you shine, not the things/people that made you angry, because trust me, an anger like yours is nothing short of an inferno.
  • mars in the 6th: fuck with your classmates/co-workers. otherwise channel it into helping people with things they can't do themselves/solving their problems while grumbling about how fucking stupid they are. you could also finish household chores and with your exhaustion, calm your anger. i know there's so much you want to say and it makes you feel like you could burst, but channel that anger into mundane tasks to get them done faster, finishing that side project earlier. and the satisfaction will quell that terrible rage, trust me.
  • mars in the 7th: fuck up all your personal relationships and one on one communication and brood like there's no tomorrow, man. other things you could do are: changing your entire wardrobe to spite the person you're angry with, listening to heavy rock metal that somehow speaks to your soul at the moment and go wild on a shopping spree. the tornado in your head won't completely disappear, i know, you passive aggressive fuck, but it'll help, i can assure you that.
  • mars in the 8th: plan hypothetical revenge on your object/person of anger. i know it's not satisfactory unless you back up that bark with bite, but i advise you to not do that, because you'll feel terrible afterwards. so the notion that you could get revenge, if you wanted to, is satisfying in and of itself (just don't actually want and do that, i'm saying this for your own good). listen to your favorite metal band and scream like there's no tomorrow. or tell the people you're angry with how you plan to eviscerate/castrate them in vivid detail in your head. you'll feel a lot, i repeat A LOT calmer.
  • mars in the 9th: run away from it. literally. complete avoidance has always been your best strategy, hasn't it? i suggest preaching about why you're angry to anything that will listen: a wall, a donkey, babies too small to crawl away. think about affirmative action, man, and for god's sake, face the source of your anger instead of running off on a road trip with no money just for the hell of it. heck, play that weird airport finding game in an unknown place you're gonna have to navigate on your own. or play video games in general: don't let that energy go to waste.
  • mars in the 10th: channel that ball of righteous fury into your ambition and dexterous work ethic (translation: become even more of a workaholic than you already are) and shove your success, your regained dignity, your perseverance right to their faces. you are made of poison and stardust, and that is the greatest strength that belies your anger. use that strength to work miracles. or smoke weed, but that's not exactly a good thing 0/10 would not recommend. but don't, i repeat, don't take it out on your personal relationships. that's exactly what will lead to your downfall.
  • mars in the 11th: do NOT use it to fuel your god complex. i know you're angry at the world and how frustrated you are--i am too, but AN IDEOLOGY IS NOT A SOLUTION BECAUSE ITS APPLICATIONS IN REALITY ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE IN THEORY. you're seeing an injustice? make sure it is not one anymore. plan it out, how you'll right all these wrongs: with your friends, with people who share the same views as you. dissect and analyze these problems and annihilate them but i repeat: DO NOT LET ANGER TRANSFORM YOUR EGO INTO A GOD COMPLEX YOU WEIRD WONDERFUL SHIT IT WILL DESTROY YOU
  • mars in the 12th: don't get others to unleash your anger or manipulate them into being assertive for you. just don't, that's freaking pathetic. i strongly suggest you sleep: take a long, preferably 8 hour nap and cuddle something/someone. once you wake up, you'll be looking at it from a newer, fresher perspective and will actually find the energy to express your anger appropriately instead of using other people as puppets that dance under your strings. music would help to calm you down, as well. so try that first, all right?
my alternative titles for every eurovision song contest (up to 2017)
  • 1956: So Good They Did It Twice
  • 1957: Yes, Gimmicks Were A Thing In 1957
  • 1958: One Of The Most Covered Songs In The World Came In 3rd Place
  • 1959: The Official Soundtrack for Disney's 'Cinderella' (1950)
  • 1960: Camera Angles Are Extremely Important
  • 1961: Blimey, The 50s Is Taking A While To End
  • 1962: Contrast Overload
  • 1963: (Studio Version)
  • 1964: So Lit The Original Film Got Destroyed In A Fire
  • 1965: The Year Eurovision Starts To POP
  • 1966: Udo Jürgens: This Time It's Personal
  • 1967: Whoever Thought Rotating Mirrors Is A Good Stage Background Was A Fool
  • 1968: COLOUR!!!!! (or, “The Year Cliff Richard Was LIVID”)
  • 1969: The Year Everybody Won
  • 1970: The One With The Most Ridiculously Energetic Interval Act
  • 1971: I Want Whatever Conditioner They're Using
  • 1972: Vicky Leandros Is A Goddess
  • 1973: [Luxembourg to the rest of Europe] You Just GOTTA See The Orchestra!!
  • 1974: The Rise of ABBA
  • 1975: None Of The Acts Can Paint For Shit
  • 1976: Whoever Had To Move That Background Display Before Every Song Must Be Fucking Ripped
  • 1977: A Bird And A Child In The Hand Is Worth Four In The Bush
  • 1978: Who Needs Postcards When You Have Lifts?
  • 1979: The Year With A Gay German Genghis Khan
  • 1980: Johnny Logan, Pt.1 (or, "Close, But No Cigar, Katja Ebstein")
  • 1981: Blonde White Folk Create New Global Dance Sensation
  • 1982: [Germany to the rest of Europe] Babe, I've Changed, Trust Me
  • 1983: The European Flower Show
  • 1984: *Sigh* I Wish I Was As Cool As Désirée Nosbusch
  • 1985: The Student Has Become The Master: Norway Edition
  • 1986: A Child Is Significantly Better Than A Load Of Adults
  • 1987: Johnny Logan, Pt.2
  • 1988: Europe's Embarrassing 80s Prom Night
  • 1989: Yugoslavia Finally Wins 3 Years Before It Stops Existing
  • 1990: The European Union Is A Very Good Thing
  • 1991: Gorgeous Singers Make Up For Ugly-Ass Staging
  • 1992, 1993 & 1994: Ireland: The Trilogy (Franchise)
  • 1995: (Instrumental Version)
  • 1996: Ireland: The Sequel Nobody Wanted
  • 1997: Love Shine A Light (Except Towards Basically Anywhere That Isn't England)
  • 1998: Trans-cending The Haters Through Eurodance
  • 1999: Here Comes The English Language
  • 2000: The Year The Logo Predicted Instagram Makeup Trends
  • 2001: Not Even The Songs Could Save The Horrible Fashion Of The Early 00s
  • 2002: Well… That Wasn't Expected
  • 2003: A Song Sung In Nonsense Almost Won
  • 2004: The Dance Off
  • 2005: You're My Number One Angel If You Let Me Try
  • 2006: Demons Win In Front Of Some Stairs
  • 2007: Like Everything Else In 2007, Eurovision Has A Bit Of An Emo Phase
  • 2008: What On Earth Were We Thinking
  • 2009: Mother. Fucking. Violins.
  • 2010: A Significant Amount Of Jumping Occurs
  • 2011: Good Luck Filling All This Unnecessary Stage Space Up, Lads
  • 2012: Are My Eyes Bleeding Or Is Literally Everything In This Contest Red?
  • 2013: Ministry Of Sound: Eurovision Edition
  • 2014: What A DRAG, Amiright?! (Nah But Seriously 2014 Was A Fantastic Year)
  • 2015: The Story Of A Man And His Projector Friend
  • 2016: Jamala Beautifully Makes Us Feel Sad
  • 2017: The Year Having A Dancing Gorilla Was Considered An Advantage
  • Life: The rule-breakers and game-changers, well-equipped to breathe Life into the world--or snuff it out, as they see fit. Try to maintain "order" and they'll work even harder to rebel. Death never quite sticks to them--they just keep coming back like a weed. Got a healthy Life player on your team? Enjoy staying alive? Keep them around, you'll need it.
  • Doom: They could be a nice, stable explosive, or they could be a box of gunpowder, ready to wreck shit at the slightest spark. One thing's for sure: they've got power, not just in their sheer destructive force, but also in their innate connection to the limits and rules of the world itself. They also tend to go out with a bang--be wary.
  • Breath: These slippery folks quite literally cannot be tied down. Seriously, don't even try. They shake off trauma like dandruff, dodging the kind of intense, sanity-breaking bullshit that would leave anyone else in tatters. A bit flighty, but can also be a huge asset to any team.
  • Blood: Need someone to mediate between a bunch of stubborn assholes on your team? Call your resident Blood player. They practically ooze loyalty from their pores, and they don't break promises. "The power of friendship" sounds hilarious until you're on the receiving end of a Blood player's wrath.
  • Mind: Don't even try to pull a fast one on a Mind player. They've got you figured out from every angle, and they can psychoanalyze you until it becomes clear that they understand you far more than you will ever understand yourself. Their brains are like quantum computers, processing every possible action at once. Stay on their good side, and they'll be absolutely invaluable.
  • Heart: While Mind players know you by your thoughts and actions, Heart players can see even deeper. They see your soul laid bare, your identity in a vacuum, the innate parts of yourself that remain the same in every iteration. You seriously don't want to mess with someone who can literally read you like a book. Messing with someone's mind is one thing, but souls can't always be repaired so easily.
  • Hope: Absolute conviction and boundless determination can be a terrifying thing. Don't let the yellow custard pajamas fool you--Hope players can be scary as fuck. When your powers basically consist of "if I believe in something enough, I can change the fabric of reality itself to bring my belief to fruition," you've been set up to receive some seriously incredible potential. Use it wisely.
  • Rage: No doubt, Rage players are almost as terrifying as Hope players. Almost, because with Hope players, there's this air of optimism that undercuts how dangerous they are. Rage players, however, spell it out right on the tin. They're unpredictable, emotionally volatile, and very, very powerful. This power can be used for good, if channeled properly, of course. If your Rage player goes rogue, though...good luck.
  • Space: With something as vast and complex as Space, anyone who has any sort of power over its qualities is, by definition, incredibly valuable to your team. Breeding the Genesis Frog is their main job, after all, and if being responsible for CREATING AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE isn't impressive enough for you, they'll be sure to dazzle you while you're flailing around uselessly in a pocket dimension of their own design.
  • Time: Equally important to the fabric of the universe is Time itself, and those who heed its call and take responsibility for maintaining the timelines is going to be a must-have for any session that isn't doomed to fail. They've got the rhythm of Time itself in their heads, and they've got a damn good idea of how things are going to play out. Fate, destiny--it's child's play to them. If you ever get on the wrong side of a Time player, chances are good that they've already taken action in your future. Start planning your funeral, pal.
  • Light: When it comes to dealing with pure information, your Light player will no doubt be an ~illuminating~ source. They may very well end up knowing All The Things--or, at least all of what the Light can effectively reveal. Relevance and luck is well within their territory, and they're going to make themselves known for it, whether anyone else likes it or not. Stick close to them, but don't expect to stay hidden while under the spotlight.
  • Void: You know you've made it in life when even an omniscient being like Doc Scratch can't see through the Void. It's the kind of thick, miasmic darkness that swallows up everything that comes near--including its Heroes. When you come face to face with a successful Void player, you'd be right to be impressed. These badass motherfuckers have stared into the Void itself, and they've somehow managed to avoid the event horizon of the most omnipresent black hole in all of existence--or nonexistence, for that matter. They are deserving of fear and respect.
Insults that Can Get to the Signs (Sun, Moon, and Mars)
  • Aries: shut up // A good way to die, belittling an Aries' right to fight back is a sure fire way to piss them off, and you'll definitely experience the opposite of that request.
  • Taurus: you're ugly, not appealing, etc. // As a child of Venus, Taurus' self image is important to them. To attack that image is to hit right at home, and you should be wary of their reactions.
  • Gemini: name calling // They may be able to ignore your words at first, but it's only a matter of time before they snap on you whether you keep insulting them or not. Gemini experience instant mood change, and their wrath can be soothed with a well placed apology.
  • Cancer: I don't need you // Be careful when you tell a Cancer this. They definitely won't look back when they're walking out the door.
  • Leo: you're not wanted // A Leo's insecurity and pride can easily be infiltrated with a few words, but don't expect them to run off and cry about it. You'll face their wrath if you embarrass them in front of friends; it's inevitable.
  • Virgo: you can't help/save [important person] // Taking a Virgo's control by telling them that they can't use their talents to help someone they love only works for a small period of time before they realize you're lying. Their rationality helps them bounce back from your words.
  • Libra: literally any insult // Libras want to be loved and recognized as a good friend and person, and insulting them at all signifies that they're doing badly.
  • Scorpio: calling them on bullshit // A good way to get them to never talk to you again. Like they'll literally disappear and you'll never see their face again.
  • Sagittarius: just get in their personal space & see // Sagittarius are usually very optimistic, and they let your petty words roll off of their backs; however, if you invade their personal bubble, it can get violent quickly.
  • Capricorn: you don't try/you don't know what you're doing // Capricorns see the world in numbers and slowed time, and they don't let details get passed them. Telling them something that's completely impossible baffles them, and if you keep repeating it, you'll piss them off.
  • Aquarius: you're wrong // Aquarius understands that there are multiple opinions in the world, and no one opinion is correct. Telling them that they're wrong when they wouldn't do the same for you is a no.
  • Pisces: insults toward their theories/telling them they're crazy for sharing // Pisces' nature is to discover and teach through their own intuition, and erasing and ignoring this discovery gets their blood boiling.

So repost because I didn’t want to add my note to the OP. Instead screenshotting again. If this wasn’t posted in the “daenerys targaryen” tag, I would have been able to continue living and pretending people weren’t this ignorant as to think they can diagnose mental illness so casually after reading the mayo clinic website. 

I’m going to preface all of this by saying that I am not only a doctor who completed an undergraduate university medical degree and a postgraduate Masters degree in psychological medicine/psychiatry, but my specialisation and day job is psychiatry. And this post is not only an example of a misunderstanding of mental illness and personality disorders, but is grossly irresponsible to be posted on the internet without any evidence beyond citing basic criteria, nevermind the fact that it’s been incorrectly interpreted. All just adding to the stigma against mental illness. 

Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are both diagnoses that have arisen from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). This is an Americanised classification that holds a Western bias and is currently in it’s fifth formal edition, with each edition being updated according to societal ideals and its changes. Westeros does not function according to our current societal values. Neither is it technically accurate to apply the corresponding diagnoses of Dissocial Personality Disorder and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder from the International Classification of Disease (ICD) for the same reasons. Not to mention it must prove to be enduring and cause significant distress in multiple domains of the individual’s life. These are technicalities, but ones that need to be pointed out. Especially if you insist on a “meta”. 

Technicality aside. 

Daenerys Targaryen does not have the diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder. She does not display a disregard for right and wrong as you suggest. She does not even display ambivalence for right and wrong. We see her agonise over her choices and consequences, and we see her feel remorse for not only her actions, but the suffering of others. See here, your so-called callous girl. She fights for the sake of her people. 

You do not owe me your freedom, i cannot give it to you. Your freedom is not mine to give, it belongs to you and you alone. If you want it back, you must take it for yourselves. Each and every one of you. 

She does not blatantly disregard the welfare of others as you suggest. Otherwise, she would have burned all of the Lannister/Tarly army upon initial attack. We see her question herself and her choices. 

Mother of dragons, Daenerys thought. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand. 

This is not the thought of a remorseless individual incapable of empathy. She does NOT actively engage in aggression. She’s at war in a world where it is required. There’s a difference. Context is important and this is another example of irresponsible interpretation. There is little evidence of Conduct Disorder in her younger days (as a minor). 

Poor or abusive relationships?! OMG. I’ll concede that given her likely poor attachment at birth due to nil regular caregiver and the history of chronic trauma, in the real world, this would predispose her to greater personality vulnerabilities and therefore difficulties with intimacy, she clearly displays an ability to connect in intimate relationships. She was able to show love in a relationship with Drogo and now Jon. She is able to maintain long-standing relationships (Missandei, Ser Jorah, Tyrion, Ser Barristan etc). “Fucking her nephew” is not an example of an abusive relationship considering that in this context, it is mutually consensual and neither party is aware of the incest. In fact, her relationship with Jon is one of the healthiest in the entire series. Well done in oversimplifying the issue. Btw, maybe check your love for Dany/Drogo at the door when you want to talk about abusive relationships. 

She also doesn’t have Borderline Personality Disorder. “Risky sex” is not a criterion for borderline personality disorder. Impulsivity and risk-taking behaviours in a general sense are (gambling, promiscuity, substance misuse, disordered eating etc.). Having sex with Jon Snow does NOT fall into this category. Once again, consensual sex with someone you love is not wrong. Consensual sex with someone you don’t love, is also not wrong. There are also more criteria from BPD diagnosis that have been ignored. Regardless, she does not have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. 

As for Targaryen Madness. 

Just because one character points out a family history of mental illness, it does not mean descendants are ensured a diagnosis (especially from a resentful character who hates entire said family). Aerys II was psychotic in the true definition of the term. He was experiencing paranoid delusions and hallucinations. This is the correct application of psychosis as terminology. Viserys was not “mad”. Emotional dysregulation and impulsivity, you could argue, sure. Reality-based persecutory themes in the context of repeated trauma, fair enough. Psychotic, no. 

And Daenerys has not shown any signs of “madness”. She does not have blood lust. Offering consequences to actions is not an indication of “madness”. You may disagree with her actions, but it’s not a sign of madness. The closest you can argue is the prophetic dreams and even then, it’s Westeros. Most of the entire plotline is based on prophecy. 

As for her alleged temper? I swear, it’s like antis have forgotten what human emotions are. People are allowed to be angry. Some people have a shorter fuse than others. Every time she has become angered, it has been contextual. She is a fierce woman because she goes after what she wants and does not like to lose. That’s basically a descriptor for a significant proportion of the population. 

I was actually planning on politely pointing out the inaccuracies initially until I saw that OP not only ships a far more problematic abusive relationship in Dany/Drogo with was built without consent and a minor having sex with a man more than twice her age, but literally the next post in the daenerys targaryen tag was OP posting about Sansa in favour of Dany and just proving they are part of the crew who pit women against women. 

Yet another Daenerys “meta” that I feel compelled to comment on because it proves to be baseless and incorrect. It’s one thing to write assessments based on opinion. But when you try to bring in diagnoses, I’m shutting it down.

anonymous asked:

ok idk if you're taking requests right now but if you could write a jin hybrid smut thing where jin's the hybrid that'd be great!! i dont think ive seen a hybrid seokjin smut yet and i love your writing!! if you could make it pretty smutty thatd be great! thanks :))


The sound of the twisting door knob alerted you that your lover was back home. Smiling slightly to yourself, you shut the book in your hand smiling as your lover walked into the room. Seokjin slid off his shoes, his tail swishing from side to side as his ears flattened on his head. His eyes shifted around the room as he walked by the couch giving you a radiant smile that lightened up your heart and allowed you to smile back. His brown ears were tipped white, so was his fluffy brown tail that hugged his waist at the moment. His button down black shirt had the top three buttons undone. He had on gray skinny jeans that were cut at the knee, and he smelt like the loveliest scent of vanilla mixed in with a hint of musk.

“I’ve missed you.” You said softly, shuffling to pat the seat beside you and he eagerly took up your offer, his light brown eyes roaming over your face and body.

“I’ve missed you more jagi. Did you have a good day without me?” He asked rubbing his hand up and down your thigh softly, pulling you into his arms.

“I tried to have a good day without you, I didn’t do too much but cook for you, and read this book and sleep. I thought about you a lot. And I wanted to come and see you but I held myself back from doing so because I knew you were busy.” You frowned slightly realizing how much you relied on him and loved him.

“I felt the same. Except I didn’t have cooking responsibilities or did I read anything.. But I can’t help but think about how good tasting you would be.” Seokjin purred holding you close against his body licking against the shell of your ear.

“J-jin.” You moaned softly, your hands bracing on his chest. “At least eat food first.” You pouted playfully. Chuckling Jin kissed your lips again picking you up carrying you towards the kitchen. Sitting you down on a chair he grabbed at both of your plates placing one in front of each of you and the both of you started to eat and enjoy each other’s presence.

In a sick weird way, you had grown up with Seokjin. You found him when you were seven and he was a kitten. He didn’t transform until you were eighteen and moving out of your parent’s house explaining how animal and humans had different years hence the reason he stayed in his form so long, he also told you that he would transform while you were away from the house, or asleep until he learned how to control it. You two eventually ended up dating and you ended up becoming the fiancé of your kitten. No, it wasn’t easy, he wasn’t any old kitten. He was special he could hear better and see sharper than any human you knew. He had gained a lot of attention from how he looked so unique and beautiful- but you didn’t care you loved him anyway. He had eyes that always shifted color whenever he was feeling different moods or approaching his round of being in heat. Seeing his eyes shift to a blue color, you knew that the time would approach you both again and you also knew he would turn you down once again.

The last time you and Jin were ever intimate while he was in heat, he ended up scratching at your sides so hard with his nails that he tore skin, going between a state of kitten and male his eyes glowered a bright purple as he fucked you into the mattress to the point you were sobbing, begging him to stop from the overstimulation. A visible shudder rocked through your entire body, Jin could smell your sex, the heat he could feel from where he was sitting. He would be lying if he said he didn’t want you, but he couldn’t take you through that again. He almost lost himself when he was with you and that wouldn’t have been good for anybody.

The next few weeks passed by with his eyes shifting from light blue to a darker blue, to violet and finally resting at purple. Seokjin was also becoming more distant, trying to stay late at work or leave before you got up. He found himself literally fitting with each side of his being on what to do with you, he wanted you in every way and to make you scream for him and forget anything else but his name until you were a pathetic mess under him but he couldn’t do it to you because you were too precious and special to him. He had to treat you like you were a queen and nothing less because without you he wouldn’t have anything. He didn’t know who his mother was or who he was with before you came and scooped him up off the streets when he was younger, but he knew ever since he saw you he loved you, and that he wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

You were lounging across your bed, your fingers buried inside of your pussy as you tried to get yourself off. You knew that while Seokjin was in heat he wouldn’t touch you, and that meant you were frustrated all the time. It didn’t help that he walked around the house with a tank on or no shirt in general giving you a good look at his well-defined body or beautiful model face. You let out soft whimpers of his name, your fingers grazing your spot as your thumb brushed your bundle of nerves. You could just imagine his deep voice coaxing you to cum as he gave you kitten licks. Your white tank top was pressed against your flush body the sweat dripping on your foreheads and across your red cheeks. Your panties were pulled down to your knees holding your legs spread apart in the makeshift position you had them in, you were sure that your juices were starting to puddle on the sheets under you. One hand above your head grabbing at the edge of the bed for support you took loud gasps of air feeling your climax approach you.  

“Honey I’m home!” Jin announced playfully opening the door only to freeze in his place. His eyes raking over your body quickly, changing from an orangish color to a dark purple immediately. His ears tipped down and his tail swung side to side. You were so shocked that you didn’t even know how to react you just froze with your slick fingers buried in your heat.

“S-seokjin.” You murmured panting heavily scooting up a bit but he reached out a hand to stop you moving towards the bed he got down on his knees taking in your scent. Your sweet scent that was laced with heavy arousal he could practically taste. His lips connected to the inside of your parted thighs causing you to softly moan his name. You didn’t know what he was planning but feeling his plump limps on your skin made you just want to enjoy it all.

“Let me please you. I’ve neglected you haven’t I mistress?” The way he said those words made you shudder, what you loved about Seokjin was that he gave in and became your submissive letting you dominate him and take over control.

“Yes.. You’ve been such a bad boy.. Denying me like that.” You almost growled out. Seokjin moaned in his throat tearing your panties away from you he grabbed at your wrist to take your fingers from your soaked heat sucking on your digits to clean them. His thick tongue wrapping around each digit slowly to make sure he had sucked it all clean. He looked at you leaning down to lick up and down your pussy lips on the outside.

“I’m sorry for being so bad mistress. Can I make it better? Tell me what you want me to do to please you and I will.” He breathed out against your pussy, the heat causing you to shudder.

“Just take me, be as rough or gentle as you want. Just fuck me Jin. I miss feeling you.” Despite trying to dominate him, you were needy when you wanted to be and you needed him in this moment. Jin smirked at you holding your hand with one of his as he leaned forward to press his face against your pussy. He gave you two long kisses, his lips soon wrapping around your clit sucking on it. His tongue made a quick motion flicking up and down as he watched you through his dark brown bangs. He groaned tasting your essence on his tongue, you were so wet for him already. He used two fingers to slide inside of you knowing that you had stretched yourself out good enough. He started to thrust his fingers in and out of you at slow pace. Your hips pushed up against his mouth and his fingers, your hand moving to tangle in his soft locks pulling him closer to you.

“Mm, Jin please don’t stop.” He moaned against your skin, your lips twitching into a smirk as his tongue moved up and down your slit trying to taste more of you. “That’s right Seokjin.. You’re my good boy. Such a good boy keep going.” You could hear the light thumping of his tail against the floor his ears flexing as his tongue sped up the work on your sensitive wet pussy. He was driving you mad, replacing his fingers with his tongue he released your hand to grab at your hips pulling your pussy flush against his face. He watched you with his eyes seeming to darken from purple to gray as he tried to tongue fuck you until there was nothing left. He rolled his tongue on the inside of your pussy, vibrating it against your core. Your back arched as you cried out louder for him, eyes rolling back as your orgasm got closer. “Please Seokjin, I don’t want to wait anymore! Please fuck me. Hurry.” You cooed out.

It didn’t take him long before he was pulling back licking his lips clean and practically tearing off his clothes to climb on the bed. You did the same thing, quickly tearing off your shirt and bra pulling Seokjin down. You flipped your positions so that you were on top and straddling him. His hardened shaft stood up proud and tall in the air. Letting some spit fall from your mouth you gripped him with one hand stroking him, his precum also aided in making him a bit wetter for you to take in. After some time, you started to shift your hips rubbing your slit against his throbbing erection, Seokjin gripped at your hips but made no more to stop you. His nails were digging into your skin and you could see with his head thrown back, neck vein popping out of his neck from the strain how needy he was as well. You placed your opening against his head slowly sliding down on his dick, taking him in inch for inch. You winced slightly feeling the stretch for the first time in a while. Your hands braced on his chest, your legs coming back to bend and press against his knee. Waiting for him to adjust, you traced your fingers along his muscular chest biting on your bottom lip and only when you were sure you were ready you started to slam yourself down on his shaft slowly. Each time you took him in to the hilt letting him fill you up to the brim.

You kept a slow pace at first, rocking your hips back and forward as you rode him enjoying his little whimpers and mewls of pleasure. His reddened cheeks and shut eyes with his parted lips. His tail curled around his waist, and one of your hands reached down to stroke the sensitive tail causing him to sharply snap up his hips gasping. You gave a soft smirk, speeding up the pace until you were slamming yourself down on him. You weren’t going to last long; the buildup was becoming more intense with each time that your high approached. Leaning over to bite on his bottom lip you captured him in a kiss that was heated and changed from gentle to rough in the span of seconds. Your hips scooped and swirled taking him in deeper as you rode him letting him sink as far as he could into your depth. Seokjin trailed his hands down your back and you gave him two taps on the chest letting him know he could lose control. He gripped at your ass cheeks starting to slam you down on his dick, causing you to whimper against his lips. His hips rolled up against yours as he rocked into you shifting his angle until he was pounding against your g-spot. You wanted more from him so your hand gripped at his tail and started to stroke it, causing him to gasp in your mouth changing his thrusts from deep and long to short and sharp but he pressed against your spot every time. You screamed his name at the top of your lungs, your body writing and nails clawing at his chest as you whispered your warning to him. Seokjin didn’t care, he slapped your ass letting his nails bite into your skin once again as he fucked you into oblivion. In no time, you were cumming on his shaft, shaking and clutching onto his body as your high passed over you. He kept snapping his hips up fucking you harder for a few more thrusts and he pulled out quickly to cum on his lower stomach getting some of your ass and inside thighs. Jin slowed down gradually helping you both ride out your orgasm and then he peppered your face with kisses, but he made sure you knew that you were not leaving that bed anytime soon.

i’m so not pleased with this- forgive me anon it was really hard finding motivation.

sliced-apples  asked:

What are the current fics you guys are reading? Hope you're all having a great day!!

hello, you too, sunshine -3- here’s what we’re reading or wanting to read atm c:

Admin J: i’m 500 years behind on reading fest fics halp [same - Admin O]

  • catching up on around 60 fics from nodtt and forkadionly
  • Up That Hill - running up that hill extras, boi i cant get enough of this and I’m patiently waiting for more
  • What the Nightingale Spies - spy au, + Orbiting Bodies - non au, and basically everything by at1stsoo
  • Running Home by kaisoochateau - mama au, jongin trains his whole life to become a dancer but soon discovers a superpower he can’t control and his life changes 180 degress
  • The Boy Next Door - neighbour au, the hot guy who moves in next to ksoo is a p*rnstar :oo
  • They Won’t Know - tennis au, both kd are tennis players and in a secret relationship (warning: homophobia)
  • You And I Were Fireworks - ksoo works at the pet section in a home store and jongin, an owner of any pets, is ksoo’s fav customer
  • The Road To Your Heart - set in india, soo is a blacksmith and one day he receives a home cooked meal from his admirer (shy shy jongin!)
  • Cheater 2 - ksoo is a cheater :/ (crossing fingers for the update!)
  • landfall - stripper au, soo gets a dancer on his bday but as a drunk man, he rejects the services. nevertheless, fate makes their paths cross again (this is sooooo good and they’ve just updated!)

Admin I:

  • A Misguided and Unnecessarily Long Galactic Odyssey to Earth - i have heard so many good things about this fic oh my god, and i really can’t wait to get started. first of all: frkn space!au hell yeah, second: KAISOO AND XIUCHEN? i am signed tf up
  • The Woes of the Heart and Susceptible to You - inarichi is a really amazing author! i have read some of her shorter fics, and i love them! i can’t wait to get into the lengthier, angstier fics because boooooooi i just know i am about to be slaughtered
  • Déjà Vécu - or as i so lovingly call it: ‘deja vacate this place lucy’ and ‘deja vacuum me’. yes, yes i know, i’m such a fake lucyoppa stan for having not read her masterpiece STILL but i will get to it soon i promise. ANGST NEEDS WEEKS OF MENTAL PREPARATION FROM ME.
  • Catfish and Running Home - i’m slowly making my way down all of queen kaisoochateau’s fics!! i love her writing so much my underrated bb :(
  • Smells like Teen Spirit - i am a sucker for slowburn and reckless teenagers!! i started this fic last week (n got busy rip) but i’m waiting to continue reading it hehe, and so far, it’s amazing! 
  • and literally soooo many fest fics rip (don’t get me wrong, i am LOVING all these fests, and the authors who write for so many? you guys are amazing shoutout to you!!)

Admin H:

  • Circuit Dreams - im not sure if the author is new or im just seeing their name for the first time but! oh! my! god! their writing is so beautiful, it’s about formula driver jongin (rich af tho) wooing idol!kyungsoo and basically having fun dates and being soft boyfriends, a must read!
  • You + Me + Happy Ending - im soft for domestic aus where small kids are involved and this is uni student ksoo currently struggling with taking care of his baby sehun and jongin happens to be there to help around :’)
  • The Woes of the Heart - I LOVE PAIN AND SUFFERING aka you’ll be ripped apart a hundred times with this onesided!kaisoo where ksoo is a wedding planner and HE is the one who has to plan jongin’s wedding
  • Brightest Star - the only kadi chaptered fic im following rn and this is my friend’s fic so i scream at her to update :’)) / kadi used to be close friends in hs where ksoo was an idol trainee when he gets into exo, they both naturally strayed apart until they meet again and reconcile (fall in love) + all of you are going to relate to luhan so hard
  • Helping Jongin Come - everytime this updates my life gets added an extra 20 yrs // they started off with kyungsoo teaching jongin sexual stuff :))) and in the end they stayed as very close friends with a sexual relationship but!1 theyre very sweet and gross with each other :D

Admin O:

  • A Misguided and Unnecessarily Long Galactic Odyssey to Earth - this fic is so long and so creative and so a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i actually like to let a few chapters build up and then binge read for hours on a weekend ugh.
  • Running Home - mama!au, kyungsoo is a cute little dork talking to plants, jongin is pining. ‘weird tree kid’, i live for weird ksoo. someone send help. admin down. i repeat admin d[o]wn.
  • The Internet is for Porn - awkward teenage nini accidentally finds out his favorite camboy is also his best friend who he’s secretly had a crush on 5ever. they’re such dorks and i am so in love. 
  • Wizards in Training - basically i am currently reading anything indigomini has going. she never fails me. 
  • Love in Control - what is this!!! it’s so well written and so much fun but also girl knows her stuff!!! this fic is so good and i literally check my aff app every single day waiting for that update notif. i can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Good Graces - flowergirl is my life. By The Light of The Moon was my everything. i love her work and i would give her the world if i could. this fic is beyond A++. 
  • incoherent boundaries - okay so i have decided i am currently reading any and everything written by jongdaesang. they can have my first born. all of my kids. my soul. all of it. 

dr-hegemony  asked:

You know with all the problems that Kaladesh, Theors and now Amonkhet it really seems like Wizards of the Coast could really do with having an Anthropologist on staff to make sure they don't totally misrepresent peoples cultures when using those cultures as inspiration for set designs. Like just someone to go, you're f**king up here, might want to try a different approach.

Theros and Amonkhet have problems? Serious question. Theros felt like a greek myth set, it was the enchantment theme that wasn’t really recieved, from my understanding.

Amonkhet seems really cool so far. I think I should be clear that when we’re talking real-world influences, we don’t expect it to be a literal copy. That would be pretty boring and problematic in a lot of regards (see: Arabian Nights). A top-down world should ‘feel’ like what it is inspired by without also being that thing. I’m sharing a lot of factual information on ancient Egypt because I find it fascinating, not because I expect Amonkhet to be the same.

Kaladesh was not a top-down design. The problem, for me and for others, is that there won’t be an Indian top-down set, and so Kaladesh is what we get. I think a lot of my issues, at least, can be resolved on a return with a few relatively minor changes to give it a bit more of what I’d expect from an Indian block. This has been talked about in the community a lot already, it’s just not worth continuing the discussion. Wizards does care, and they’re paying attention to issues like this.

As for the anthropologist? No. They’d have to employ an entire anthropology department to cover every culture they brush up against.

What they should do, and more importantly, what they are doing, is hire consultants to advise them on topics they’re not familiar with. Bringing on Monique Jones to help create Kaya was really well received. More importantly, though, is that the consultants advise on what kinds of things to do to emphasize the flavor of a culture, and not just what to avoid. Kaladesh had mixed results, but I think it’ll be better next time around. And future sets will be even better for having this kind of policy in place.

twindoodle  asked:

"I like it when you're proven wrong. You're pouty face is legitimately adorable." - ChloNath

“I like it when you’re proven wrong,” Chloe smirked. “Your pouty face is legitimately adorable.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Nathaniel grumbled. “And I wasn’t proven wrong necessarily.”

“You aren’t really going to do this, are you?”

“Do what?”

“The thing where you don’t want to admit you were wrong so you try to talk your way around it until I’m bored enough to just agree with you,” Chloe sighed, looking at her fingernails.

“First of all, ouch, good to know you’re listening to me when I talk, I love you too, and second, I really do have good reasoning here.”

Chloe tried not to smile and leaned back against the couch cushion, getting comfortable. “Lay it on me, Red.”

“I still think Chat Noir is Adrien and I can tell you why.”

Chloe held up a hand. “And you still want to do this even though we literally just saw Chat Noir and Adrien standing right next to each other?”

“While we were fighting a cloning akuma!” Nathaniel exclaimed, waving his hands. “It’s still possible.

“And which one was the clone?”

Nathaniel frowned. “Well…”

“Because Chat was obviously still Chat and Adrien was very clearly Adrien so?” Chloe prodded smugly.

“Yeah, but–”

“And Chat was with us the entire time and we never saw him get hit with the cloning ray. Even if he had, there would have been two Chats, not a Chat and a whoever Chat is when he isn’t Chat.”

“Well, maybe, but–”

“Besides that,” Chloe continued, “do you really expect me to believe that Adrien Agreste, who is obviously perfect has been out moonlighting as a hero for the past three years and no one has figured it out?” She quirked an eyebrow. “The same Adrien whose picture is all over the place. The same Adrien who travels all the time. That Adrien is the one we see weekly in black leather?”

Nathaniel frowned, shoulders slumping. “When you put it like that…”

Chloe smiled, leaning forward and pinching his bottom lip. “There’s the pouty face I love so much.”

“You take way too much joy in proving me wrong,” he replied dryly, kissing her thumb in fond exasperation.


“You should’ve seen his face,” Queen B laughed, kicking her heels against the bricks as she looked over the city. “He was so sure he had you all figured out.”

Chat Noir chuckled. “You could have let him know he was right, Chlo. I really don’t mind.”

She waved a hand. “Oh, I will at some point, but he does this adorable pouty thing when he’s wrong and I can’t resist.”

Chat Noir shook his head with a grin. “Poor Nath.”

“Oh, please, he’s got it awesome. He’s dating me,” she preened.

He rolled his eyes. “It was a bit of a surreal experience, that’s for sure. Although I’m glad a lot of people were around. Should keep my identity safe for a while longer anyway.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how reluctant Ladybug was to do the Cure, Furface. You guys disappeared with your convenient clone a bit too long before that happened, if I remember correctly.”

Chat Noir flushed. “I don’t have any idea what you mean, Queenie.”

“All I’m saying is if we get another one of those cloning things, I’m demanding a turn.”

“You want two Nathaniels?”

“What?! Of course not. As much as I love him, one is more than enough, but the world could definitely use at least two of me. And then I could relax while the other Chloe took care of all the fighting and work and not as much fun stuff.”

Chat Noir held back a laugh as he nudged his shoulder against hers. “Never change, Chloe.”

Prompt List

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tsuki-nay  asked:

Hey hope you're well!! :) I've never made a request to anyone before so Idk how this works but, I put the photo of Jumin kissing MC (from 8th day of Jumin's Route) as my "profile pic" on mysme and I would love to hear how the RFA members would react if they could all actually see it on the messenger ^^;; x

hi!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you, I’m better now! felt a little down earlier rip I hope you’re well too! this is a hella cute request~ and i love that picture yessss I hope you like this!💛

..i made it the pic with his eyes open because that one’s just..Iconic


  • is pissed. of course
  • lowkey jealous, you could never tell sure zen 
  • you could make a drinking game out of how many times he sends his angry emoji
  • side note: i actually did this but with water. stay hydrated, kids. i took 9 water shots
  • he literally complains so much
  • “I hope you got mc’s consent to kiss her!” 
  • “who keeps their eyes open when they kiss?!”
  • “mc, if he ever does that without warning again, I’ll come over there and break you out”
  • he doesn’t sleep that night 


  • first he sends his ‘?!’ emoji
  • because woah! that was fast!! 
  • also because that looks like an intense kiss wow;;;;
  • then sends his huff emoji 
  • mainly because of all of zen’s complaining 
  • “…who did take the picture?”
  • is happy for them, but never looks at mc’s profile picture until she changes it
  • not because he’s jealous, though he is, but because he can’t handle jumin looking at him like that
  • what do you mean its only a picture, that stare still intimidates him 


  • is there a world record for ‘most sighs in a day’?
  • because jaehee probably beat it two hours ago
  • she heard about Sarah coming over and had her worries about what would happen with mc still here
  • maybe they could play it off as rfa business
  • but then she saw the picture
  • part of her expected this
  • but she was really hoping it wouldn’t happen
  • “of course…I’m happy for the two of you, but..”
  • sends her sigh emoji 
  • please tell her she doesn’t have to explain this to the Chairman 
  • mc, jumin, please let my wife rest

jumin [ why not ]

  • he acts all embarrassed in the chatroom
  • like “oh, i didn’t know you were going to make that your picture, mc”
  • he’s actually so smug omg
  • “but…that means you liked it, right?”
  • gets distracted from work every once in awhile because he wants to look at it
  • he can still feel mc’s lips on his
  • and he misses it
  • …maybe he could cancel this meeting….
  • no no no, get work done, jumin

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is not surprised at all
  • first saw it and sent an “ooooooooooh~~”
  • “Mr. Han and mc lololol never expected that”
  • “congrats though~”
  • sends his heart emoji 
  • just laughs at all of zen’s complaining
  • pity laughs at jaehee
  • “never thought jumin would be the one to find someone out of all of us”
  • he probably calls mc to gossip and ask her about the kiss
  • “wait he did that in front of Sarah? ohohohoho”

v / jihyun [ why not pt. 2 ]

  • comes into the chatroom and sees it
  • sends in a cute “Oh! Congratulations you two.^^”
  • aw look he killed me again
  • laughs to himself at everyone’s reaction
  • gives his apologies to jaehee
  • and then he calls jumin
  • “my best friend found a loverrrr” 
  • he’s teasing jumin omg
  • jumin is in the office, putting his head in his hand
  • but he’s smiling and blushing because his best friend is a Dork 
  • he’s really happy for the two of them

anonymous asked:

You can't just point out the knob fondling then not expand on it Tink! Come ooonnn, you're killing me!

I mean… what do you want me to expand on really? :p

I was kinda just being cracky but yeah there is a reason behind these choices. I always ask WHY did something happen on the show, because this isn’t real life, everything that happens and is chosen to be shown on screen happens because a conscious choice was made to do something, and that choice was made for a reason, to show the audience something. Sure occasionally these choices are an actor choice and / or not necessarily showing us anything particularly huge or even can just be plain wrong (I’m looking at you J2 changing the Game of Thrones reference around, still bitter), but when it’s something that is consistently in the subtext that is different, that’s there for a reason.

That’s what is so great about fiction. Also about this show in particular where subtext is literally the bedrock of the story and has been since the pilot (eg. the Sam / Dean relationship. Sam’s whole arc “ending” in Swan Song is based on all the subtext of his story since the pilot, the WHOLE SHOW uses subtext all the time and builds the actual text on it, this isn’t just about Destiel).

Originally posted by phangirl-landphil

Cas is fondling a knob and Dean is fondling his shoulder. Both for no apparent reason. Dean stops immediately when he sees Sam.

These are choices that were made for the visual storytelling of the scene. A scene in an episode where Dean / Cas were framed as parents to Claire (with cool uncle Sammy teaching her to break the rules), bickering like an old married couple whilst having also shopped for Claire’s present together off screen, having just last episode with Claire had an in depth emotional conversation that was framed as romantic and having defended each other to Claire (“Cas…he saved the world”, “well maybe theres a little monster in all of us”).

All this for *reasons*.

So I just add this to the large bank of “wtf-ery” of Dean / Cas that makes no sense if you don’t read them as awkwardly falling in love despite themselves and the whole show building this story in various tiny and huge ways with small moments like this, the 9x09 flirting, Dean adding a second bedside table to his room when Cas is human, the lip licking and boner scene etc etc etc.

These are all small moments that are surrounded by and build up to the big moments like “I rebelled for you”, “I did all of it for you”, “I did it to protect you”, “he was your boyfriend first” “the one whose in love with you”, “I’m not leaving here without you”, “I need you”, “he’s in love…with humanity” and “my fathers creation, you can’t help but represent that for me”, “everyone you love… except me”, “it’s not an it Sam, it’s CAS”, “what about Cas?”, “your human weakness”… 

… “I love you”.

Oh and all the times they’re canonically paralleled to romantic couples too.

Oh and all the times Sam is like wtf is my life having to deal with these two repressed dorks pulling bitch faces and raising his eyebrows at them.

It’s all just pieces of a puzzle. A puzzle that if it doesn’t come together to create a beautiful picture of a love story between these two characters makes literally no sense because that’s what each individual piece represents and builds towards. It’s like having a puzzle with pieces that all create a beachside sunrise and saying nope that’s just not what this is, I see all your yellow and gold puzzle pieces with actual sunbeams and I see the sand and yes it might appear to look like a sunrise and yeah it might be on a beach but… it’s not… 


baymaxstudies  asked:

hi, if you're still doing the rare pair thing, maybe consider ron/padma? please?

i literally don’t know what this is reference to but i also literally don’t even care because Y E S let’s go let’s do this:

  • so.
  • ron weasley is both the best and worst boy that padma’s ever met, let alone slept with, and she loathes him.
  • sort of.
  • mostly, she loathes what a massively illogical contradiction he is, a six-foot-something quidditch-mad disaster with too-long hair and too-blue eyes, freckles on his nose and grass stains on his jeans and this awful, inexplicable, dumb-clever pragmatism that she’d respect, probably, if it didn’t come in such an infuriating package.
  • because he’s the type to be generous with his emotions, but only when he actually understands what they are, which is basically never, and he’s a messy eater and an abysmal conversationalist and he has bloody enormous hands and a smile that’s somehow smug and sweet and bashful, all at once, and he can’t pay her a compliment without stumbling over the words and he can’t look at her without flushing a deep, dark, oblivious pink and he’s—he’s funny, and he’s loyal, and he’s kind, and he gets it.
  • he gets why she’s worked so hard to be different from parvati, why she’s worked so hard to construct a separate identity for herself, and he has five older brothers and the savior of the wizarding world as a best friend and ravenclaw blue doesn’t really stand out next to gryffindor red and padma doesn’t have to explain that to him.
  • she just.
  • she loves her sister, her twin, her literal other half, she does, truly, but.
  • but.
  • it’s hard, sometimes, to look in the mirror and know, have to know, that the rest of the world is never going to be able to see all the ways they aren’t the same.
  • which—
  • ron weasley gets that, and padma both hates and loves that he gets that, and she’s been sleeping with him—casually; very, very casually—for almost five whole months before it finally occurs to her to wonder what the fuck she’s fucking doing.
  • because neither of them are teenagers anymore. until semi-recently, they would’ve barely qualified as acquaintances, let alone friends. and they’re not dating. they’re not in a relationship. they’re fundamentally incompatible, actually; two people as good at holding grudges as they are should never end up together. not that they’ve ended up together. that would be absurd. he doesn’t even like her, she’s pretty sure. mostly sure. his idea of romance is changing the sheets before she comes over. he doesn’t make eye contact when they go out to eat, and he doesn’t ask her about her dissertation when she drops improbably huge hints for him to do so, and he—well, honestly, he pays significantly more attention to her when she’s naked than when she’s not, and it isn’t as if she really has time to date anyone for real, so. it’s fine.
  • she’s fine.
  • she is.
  • she’s not on some totally misguided, rabidly reckless crusade to figure out why ron fucking weasley seems to be impervious to her many, many charms, no matter what parvati says. that would be idiotic. he’d ignored her when they were fourteen. okay. alright. padma’s moved on from that. she has a life. she has a purpose. she has fantastic skin and an eidetic memory and an adorable two-bedroom flat on the sunniest street in diagon alley. she isn’t pining. she isn’t upset. she’s young, and she’s brilliant, and ron weasley is going to be nothing but a very tall footnote in her eventual set of bestselling memoirs. he likes the chudley cannons. he orders beer with curry. he has bad taste in virtually everything. she doesn’t even want him to like her back.
  • not that she likes him.
  • that would be an exercise in futility, and padma is far too competitive for that level of self-sabotage.
  • which is why it’s so strange that she’s been sleeping with him—casually; very, very casually—for the better part of five months, and she hasn’t bothered to question her sanity until now.
  • until he’d knocked on her door in the middle of the day, thrust a steaming cup of hot chocolate into her hands, and said—
  • “are you breaking up with me?” she asks, blinking rapidly. “how can you be—”
  • “you’re emotionally unavailable,” he cuts her off with an irritatingly stubborn lift of his chin. he’s clearly regurgitating something that his sister, or his mother, or hermione granger had said to him. about padma. the thought is…grating. “our relationship feels, uh, one-sided and…and…it can’t work unless we’re, uh, both willing to…fuck—no, no, not that, shit, we fuck all the time, that’s obviously not a problem, i meant—uh—we both have to put in the effort to…be…uh…emotionally available? does that sound right?”
  • padma stares at him for a minute. he has nice shoulders. broad shoulders. she never really lets herself think about things like that—never really lets herself look—which is odd, she supposes, considering how much sex they apparently have.
  • god.
  • she’s been pining for her own bloody boyfriend.
  • parvati can never know about this.
  • “there’s been a misunderstanding,” padma says, carefully leaning forward to place her hot chocolate on the coffee table. “that we’re going to rectify.” she flicks her gaze to his mouth, bitten red and raw because he’d been nervous, nervous about talking to her, because he likes her. “immediately. right now.”
Barisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x04

(namely, the 19x04 deleted scene which was just released)

(and can be found here)

(yes, I know it was 40 seconds long)

(no, I don’t care)

The Barisi Corner

The rapist’s mother approached Barba outside the courtroom, which is highly inappropriate, as evidenced by the matching expressions of discomfort on both Sonny and Barba’s faces, right before they turned around to look at her. Sonny could have chosen to leave, or to simply stand aside, to give Barba some space, if only out of discretion. Clearly the woman was about to give Barba a dressing down, and perhaps Sonny would want to spare him the indignity of having a colleague witness that.

But Sonny chose to stand by Barba. Literally. He stood by Barba’s side, ready to listen to whatever that woman had to say. Ready to provide support. Sonny didn’t want Barba to have to face her alone.

Barisi and Continuity

“You still wanna be a lawyer?”

That’s their thing. A direct callback to the Season 17 finale. Barba always asks that, and it’s almost like’s trying to dissuade Sonny from actually putting that law license to use. Barba knows the truth, Barba knows that Sonny might think being a lawyer is better, or at least easier on the conscience, compared to being a cop, but Barba has been doing it for a long time, and he knows it can be a lot harder. Being a prosecutor comes with a greater degree of responsibility, and on the bad days, it’s like Barba is trying to shield Sonny from that.

Also, putting my shipper goggles aside, this could also be seen as a platonic Barisi inside joke. A grim but honest joke, and a show of friendship. Every time something shitty happens to Barba, every time somebody threatens his life, every time a mother approaches him to scold him for doing the right thing, his first reaction is to say, “Still wanna be a lawyer, Carisi? Look how fun it is! You should totally do it!” (which is code for “I am in constant pain, please don’t do this to yourself”)

And Sonny, he always responds with, “Nah, not right now” to show solidarity. To show he understands how hard this must be on Barba. Sonny is effectively saying “On days like this, I’m glad I don’t have to do your job.” It’s a friendly acknowledgment, and it’s genuine, and it means the world to Barba. Giddy “court was awesome!” Carisi can sometimes get on Barba’s nerves, because it’s easy to be excited over a case when you don’t have to carry the burden of taking it to the finish line, but jaded, “Man, being a prosecutor sucks” Carisi soothes Barba, because it shows him it’s okay to be disillusioned.

Speaking of:

Barba Thoughts

I don’t know why NBC keeps deleting Barisi’s love Barba’s anguish. I loved his answer, that it does not feel good at all to have this sort of impact on people’s lives. I always love to see Barba having more emotional reactions to the cases, or expressing his own feelings about his life and his job. I thought it was telling how Barba wouldn’t look the mother in the eye, at first, and in the end he didn’t look at Sonny in the eye, either. He’s burdened.

ok but they better not be setting up barba’s retirement or something Ahem. Seriously though, I’m sticking to my theory that Barba is getting a little softer, because they want to create a contrast between him and Stone, who will be more matter-of-fact (and who, I assume, might have politely told that mother to get lost). I think that’ll be the source of that personality clash, and I’m interested in seeing it.

Sonny and Continuity

If we think back to “That’s why the world hates lawyers” from the first Barisi Deleted Scene (NBC y’all should be ashamed of yourselves btw!), we can draw the conclusion that Sonny has finally realized that the reality of being a lawyer is significantly less fun than the idea he had built in his head as a younger, less experienced cop (before he even started working Special Victims, back when he decided to attend law school).

Still, Sonny goes out of his way to research their cases, looking up and quoting jurisprudence, and he also chimes in with his own ideas, whenever he and Barba are in the same room. Because, to Sonny, the law is fun.

Unlike the previous seasons, in which Sonny’s choices were less… let’s say defined, or substantiated, I think in Season 19 we’re successfully seeing the distinction between Sonny Carisi, Legal Scholar, and Sonny Carisi, Police Detective. One’s all fun and games, but only in Sonny’s mind, and the other is real.

And we’re also seeing that Sonny’s interactions with Barba keep changing his perspective. Barba is a role model for Sonny. Literally. The prosecutor with whom Sonny interacts most often. Again, in the S17 finale, we saw Sonny realizing that being an ADA can come with built-in death threats. Back then, Barba asked him the same question. “Still wanna be an ADA?”  and Sonny gave the same answer; “Not now”. It’s sort of fascinating how Sonny’s initial and total excitement about the law has been replaced with this slightly more jaded attitude, which mostly stems from Sonny witnessing Barba’s actual life. We’re not just seeing Barba’s continuing disenchantment, we’re seeing how that affects Sonny, too, and I love that.

Stray Barisi Thoughts

OK but Barba was totally walking faster, at the end of that scene, because he was trying to catch up to Sonny’s long legs. Because they weren’t just leaving the courtroom together, they were also going somewhere together. Most likely to get lunch (as all the comments and tags are saying, because clearly us Barisi shippers share a brain, and also because we haVE EYES AND THAT REALLY HAPPENED). So, yep, Barisi having lunch together is deleted canon :D

Oh and height difference! Seriously, even seeing them standing next to each other adds years to my life :’)

(this post is just over 1000 words long. I scare myself sometimes.)

So this post was getting kinda long so I’ll reply to @hedgehog-goulash7 here.(you only have to read the first couple paragraphs for my response i kinda go off)

You won’t see me argue with a lot of what you said, but if you came out of the theater with that opinion I have only one thought. God, I wish that was me

I saw cap 3 when I was only a casual fan, almost a Cap stan, and I came out of that theater with my mom (shut up she’s my best friend) and we both got the  impression that “Tony fucked shit up. And in the end cap was the bigger man for apologizing.” 

Yup. That was really my impression.

It was a captain america movie and I knew that Cap was going to be the hero. The entire time I knew. And so I went and saw the movie and I heard the lines “plant yourself like a tree” “You move” “I could do this all day” and I completely bought in to Steve’s side. He was righteous. He was good. And if he didn’t support the accords they must be bad. Just like anyone on team cap, every time steve makes a decision i agree because “Captain’s orders.”

Rhodey’s line at the end where he “doesn’t regret supporting the accords because they were the right thing to do” for me, was a relief. It shows me that this character that was only trying to do the right thing, still has spirit. It shows me that even though he’s wrong, he still has conviction and he’ll make it through his injury. To me, at that time, it was a way to display that there wouldn’t be any serious consequences for Rhodey’s actions. That yes, he’s paralyzed but Tony can build him something to walk and more importantly his psyche is intact! Someone losing the ability to walk could severely impact their mental state but Rhodey’s okay! Plus he spoke in the past tense. “I supported the accords” meaning the accords don’t really matter anymore because they don’t exist! (I stand by this, I will eat my hat if the accords still exist/aren’t thrown out in the upcoming marvel movies)

Steve’s letter was much the same. Relief. Now I can’t listen to it without being enraged but when I first heard it all I heard was “No hard feelings. I’ll still come when the world needs saving.” and felt relief. Look at cap! Putting aside their differences over the accords to assure tony that he will be there in the future! What a mature adult! (literally kill me)

Rhodey speech didn’t leave an impression on me. Hell, more people can quote “Tony Stank” than they can a word of what Rhodey said. The last thing we see is steve looking fly as hell as he rescues the rest of the avengers. That is what I remember. Steve Rogers being a hero and rescuing his friends.

It took me thinking “hey, I really liked that movie. Lets see what other people think!” that introduced me to other opinions. And let me tell you, most of the mainstream opinions were all “Yes the accords were awful whatever thats just fact LOOK AT HOW SIMILAR IT IS TO BATMAN V SUPERMAN.” When I finally came across an opinion that was about the accords in universe that summarized was basically “Um, actually cap is a complete jackass” it gave me complete whiplash. It also kinda pissed me off because I was basically a casual cap stan. So I read what they had to say and it blew my mind. They obviously put a lot of thought into it but it didn’t really change what I thought. It was common sense to me that cap was right and tony was wrong, because that’s how it was presented to me in the movie. Steve finds bucky-tony locks up bucky. Tony creates the accords(yes i honestly thought that)-team cap becomes fugitives. Tony locks up the avengers-steve breaks them out. 

It was only because I was starting to really get into marvel that I was exposed to the idea that, um, maybe steve is just an irrational immature fella who didn’t care about the accords- and only wanted to save his friend. And then post after post of people defending tony. Like “No he didn’t make the accords” “yes he constantly admits his faults and takes responsibility” “Um, was he responsible for ultron?” and on and on and then oh my god. They had such good ideas it made me rewatch the entire MCU with a new perspective and for me to get INCREDIBLY frustrated. They just, they just shit on Tony so much. The more i watched the more i couldn’t ignore it. He fucking didn’t do half the shit they blame him for. They shit on him for having money. They shit on him for having been a weapons distributor, something that he OBVIOUSLY feels guilty about god. They shit on him for basically anything he does as an individual and the more I watched the more infuriating it became. He tries so goddamn hard and yet it always turns to shit and wow #relatable but also he needs rest.

So anyways, that is how I went from a cap fan to a tony fan and sorry for the rant but every casual fan I’ve met accepts that the accords are bad as fact, because that was how it was presented to them and forming a different opinion would require effort that the casual watcher will not do.

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Hey Atticus, I just wanted to say thank you for ESC and Peyroux. I don't want to get into messy personal details, but having a vision of the world in which monsters and villains can be OK, can be loved and accepted without having to "reform" (or rather, conform) or die, has been an absolute lifeline. I don't have to be lonely, I don't have to loathe what I am, and maybe even I can be OK. You're a scholar and a gentle-entity, and I'm eternally grateful to have encountered you.

It is my pleasure.

I can tell you that, within the literal giant piles of notebooks of plans on where to take Peyroux and other places in the Netherworld and Strawberry and Red Kelp and Lemon Peel and everyone and everything else, it all essentially boils down to “more stuff, more details, more slices of life.”

Life in the Netherworld is peaceful and calm and odd and full of monsters and ghosts and wonders and wanderers and witches and magic and smooching and gazing at the moon and occasionally the moon gazing back.

That is not ever going to change.

In dozens, hundreds of ways it is terrifying. I gaze at the noonday sun (I’m up all night) with the horrors and the creeps, “Oh stones, what if the folk get bored? SHOULDN’T THERE BE MORE CONFLICT?! WRITING ADVICE AND ART SAYS ADD CONFLICT.”

From a broad perspective (everything other than Evil Supply Co. writing and art), this is probably good advice. I don’t know. I’m horrific at pretty much everything else.

I do know that in the Netherworld, here, with all of us, and all of you, it will be “more, bigger, broader” but forever quiet, humble, friendly, adoring, and loving.

The stories are rambling, the characters come and go seemingly at random (and there is a kernel of truth to this), spelling errors happen, grammar is a mess, and everything has a decidedly unpolished air.

It is doubtful that’ll change either, laugh.

I raise my coffee to you, and to you all.

Thank you for enjoying the journey with me to this point.

On one hand, I’m just getting started. On the other, the journeys are going to feel very familiar because they all slowly build on each other.

We are all going to be okay.

We are all going to lay in the grass, gazing at the moon, waiting for it to occasionally gaze back, listening to the sounds of the forests singing, and checking our pockets to see what the Purple Paw Thievery has yet to steal.

It is a simple, quiet life.

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Glad to see you're back in good spirits, sai. We're all rooting for you! 🙂 (Btw, how does it feel to be semi-internet famous?)

Thank you, I hope it stays that way for a long time.

Also I have been wanting to address this for a long time now, but never had the chance to. Answer to your second question under cut because it’s really long. But thank you for giving me the chance to somewhat vent about this. ;;

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