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Finger Guns - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asks: “Okay but like imagine Jay and his SO lying down and making out on a couch (fully dressed no NSFW stuff happening) and then like one of Jay’s bros or Roy bust in and start pacing and ranting and so like Jay sits up but his so is still laying down and so the person ranting doesn’t realize they are there, but then like after a couple minutes Jay’s SO sits up and is like "Is this very important or can it wait?” and like Jay starts laughing. IDK I thought this was cute and funny.“

Warnings: swearing, nothing other than that I believe but tell me if there is

a/n: oh my god this is so short, but I’m actually pretty pleased with it. Also I used Roy because if it was one of Jason’s brothers he’d just be like "go. fucking go.” anyways, I hope you enjoy this anon! As always, I am open to rewrite it if you are not pleased.

Laying back on the somewhat uncomfortable white couch, your mind is elsewhere as you tug slightly on your boyfriend’s hair. Lips locked in a kiss that had lasted for what felt like hours, you weren’t focusing on the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop outside of your apartment. You weren’t focusing on anything but Jason’s lips against yours and your growing need to take this situation to the bedroom. Or the kitchen table. Or you know, any stable surface in the apartment, you really did not care.

“Jay, let’s go.” You murmur, trying to urge your boyfriend to stop prolonging things, to stop teasing you. Really, you knew you weren’t going to get through to him, Jason was cruel when it came to things like this, testing your patience each and every time, without fail. But alas, tonight it seems you would finally get your wish.

Jason nods, rushing things along as he attempts to unbutton and unzip your jeans. He’s half-way through the process when… BANG! The door slams open hard and loud, making you jump so violently you can feel your teeth collide with Jason’s and your foreheads bang together.

“What the fuck?” You mutter, rubbing your head and feeling your now bleeding lower lip. Turns out when you jumped a mile in the air Jason reacted by accidentally biting your lip, really, really, hard. Before either you or Jason can even blink, Roy Harper comes bursting into the room, pacing and ranting at 500 miles per hour.

At his friend’s distress, Jason immediately sits up, eyebrows knit together in concern, causing you to give him a look that reads ‘what-the-shit-Jason-we-were-literally-about-to-fuck-what-is-going-on’. Now listen, you loved Roy, Roy was your best friend, you were ecstatic whenever Roy came over, but right now was terrible timing. Looking between the two man-children you consider family, your irritation builds as your arousal dies. You were still laying down, hoping that maybe Roy would get over his rant quick enough where you and Jason could get back to what you were doing. But no, no that was not going to happen. You laid back on the couch for another 15 minutes before finally sitting up, an eyebrow raised in the way that scared men to their cores.

“Okay, so is this important or can it wait? Like cause unless you’re bleeding out or the world is ending, it can wait.” You deadpan, re-buttoning your jeans, adjusting your shirt, and finger-combing your hair into place. At your sudden comment Jason bursts out into hysterical laughing, giggling so hard that he actual falls on to the ground. This situation really was a unique one. You sit on the couch, resting bitch face at 100%, Jason lays in hysterical fits of laughter on the floor, and Roy paces the room with what you now see is an arrow lodged in his thigh. Unique situation, not uncommon. This shit had to happen like 3 times a week, at least that was your estimate.

“Why are you laughing?” Both you and Roy simultaneously ask Jason. The aforementioned incredibly hot zombie tries to reclaim his breath, giggles still pouring out of his swollen lips. “B-because…Y-Y/N is ready to…murder you.” Jason manages to squeak out through wheezy laughs, clutching his stomach because laughing so hard had made it hurt.

Roy, with a somewhat hurt expression on his face, turns to you, green eyes confused. “Why do you wanna murder me? I already have an arrow in my leg…” He asks, looking like a little lost puppy. Sighing, you realize that even though he completely ruined what could’ve been a very fun time, he did have an actual arrow in his leg…oh god and he has one in his back too. You didn’t notice that.

“Because Roy, you are a pain in my ass, and a complete cockblock. But you know what? I love ya, gingersnap, so I’ll take that arrow out of your leg and the other one out of your back, okay?” You explain, getting up and lightly kissing Roy on the cheek. His eyebrows raise in understanding, as his eyes grow mischievous. “Well, I mean I could go? Leave you two to it.” He speaks, smirking at you.

“Yeah babe, Roy can take care of himself.” Jason says, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against chest from behind. Apparently, he had composed himself from his earlier laughing fit.

“Yeah, how about no? This whole situation has turned me off like a fucking light-switch, and Roy has arrows in his leg and back, I don’t think that’d be comfortable to drive home with.” You articulate, shrugging Jason’s arms off of you as you go to get the first aid kit.

While checking up on the supplies, you hear muffled arguing, so you creep to the door, hearing what you can.

“Nice going man, I could’ve gotten laid, but noooo.”

“You dropped to the floor laughing, and you think I ruined your chances?”

“I will fucking shoot you.”

“Go ahead!”

“Blam, blam, blam!”

“Really Jaybird? Finger guns?”


We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we will persist.

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

As much as I love my parents

Sometimes they make me so mad cuz they’re so homophobic and transphobic uuuurgh

this isn’t really a prompt but i love the outfits you draw in your art, so could you draw louis wearing smthing cute? sorry this is really vague kjdfhfsdk,,,also i missed you and i love you <333    

aahhh thank you so so much for sending this 💕

Masterpost of Itachi/Sasuke Fanfic Recommendations

Updated 17/4/2016 with new works. More SasuIta-centric fics and ItaSasu fluff fics added.
Categories: Fluff, Romance, Smut, Shota, Dark Themes and Heavy Angst. Works are posted on or Archive of Our Own. This is mostly ItaSasu and some SasuIta.

Make sure you read the description for triggers carefully. Note that all fics under the “Dark Themes” category contain potentially triggering content, especially abuse and/or non-con. Fanfics depicting non-consensual sex are labeled as non-con.  Some invalid links are being kept, as the authors are working on getting their fics back up.

Fluff (Platonic or romantic, rated K - T)

Shinobi Tools by Desolate Butterfly (fluff, platonic, K+)
A Little Faith Goes A Long Way by Out Of Sheol (platonic, fluff, K)
Because I Love You by DarkFire75 (fluff, baby!Sasuke, childhood, T)
Fresh Tomatoes by Hiei’s Cute Girl (fluff, platonic, baby!sasuke, K)
Hello World by KHB123 (fluff, baby!sasuke, K)
I’m Here For You by DarkFire75 (fluff, brotherly love, K+)
Bath Time by Kakashizgirl (fluff, very mild shota, T)
Sweetly Delicious by Yukuro (fluff, protective!itachi, cuteness, K)
Ohanashi by Saki K
(cuteness, fluff, one-shot, T)
I’ll Catch the Dreams by Chianirra (platonic fluff, K+)
Brothers Will Be Brothers by Darkfire75 (crack, oocness, humor, T)
Christmas Present by Pickle-san (fluff, kinda ooc, T)
The Connections of Blood and Snow by Saki K (no idea why it’s rated M)
30 Memories by Kat-thefox (fluff, angst, mixed one-shots and themes, K+)
Attrition by Sinemoras09 (child!sasuke cared for by adult Itachi, fluff, T)
The Big Brother by SkywardShadow (fluff, baby!sasuke, K+)
100 one-shots for Itachi and Sasuke by Devotedtodreams– fluff, angst, crack, various themes, modern AU and canonverse, T)
Moments that Could Last Forever by Devotedtodreams (fluff, protetive Itachi, mild shota, pre-massacre, T)
Perception is Everything by Devotedtodreams (post-massacre, Itachi brings Sasuke with him to the akatsuki, angst, fluff, T)
Make up and Ketchup by Zidra (crack, fluff, pre-massacre, K+)
Beloved Brother: 25 One-shots for Itachi and Sasuke by Crystallinee (mostly fluff, various themes, canonverse, pre-massacre,T)
Happy Valentine’s Day Otouto by LifeAndDeathShinobi (fluff,modernAU, T)
Itachi & Sasuke: Always My Little Brother by Earthsoftenstheflame (fluff,T)
Anytime Otouto by Meaghanx (fluff, first kiss, K+)
White Chocolate and Tomato Salad by Zany.dancing (fluff, T, childhood)
Memories Thought Lost by Peanutbuttermadman (fluff, T)
Past Perils by Poprika (protective Itachi, fluff, K+)
Perverse and The Perverted: Baby Brother by Hell Jashin (fluff, M)
Bittersweet Memories by Sachi-Rin (fluff, T)
Itachi And Sasuke Easter Special: Sweet Innocence by Crystallinee (fluff, pre-massacre, K+)
Why Did You? by Gatomon47 (fluff, some angst, K+)
Bonds by NaruGaaFan (childhood fluff, M)
Mask by Songstone (fluff, K)
Rise Above by Crystallinee (platonic, canonverse different ending, T)
For You, My Brother by Houkakyou (fluff, childhood, M)
Thunderstorms: Mori no Fukuro by Smid309 (fluff, childhood T)
The Choking Game by RedCerberean (protective!Itachi, slight oocness, fluff, platonic, AU, teenagers, T)
Lullaby by Mystic Dragon (fluff, childhood, K)
Mutual bond by SilverAkita (fluff, baby!sasuke, K+)
Braving the Storm by LilyDraken (fluff, childhood, K)
What You Don’t Know by Niver (baby Sasuke!, fluff, T)
Nii-san’s Love by Googala2 (baby!Sasuke, fluff, K+)
Sibling Loyality by Crystallinee (fluff, protective!Itachi, childhood, T)
Bruise by Tiny Charm (sweet fluff, care-taking, childhood, T)
Fly by The Jasper Raven (crack, oocness, jealous!Itachi, cute fluff, T)
From Uchiha Eyes by StarsForecast (cute fluff, slight crack, oocness, K+)
Blood by Happiness’ Deceit (little Sasuke cares for Itachi, pre-massacre, fluff, some angst, T)
Broken Heaters Warm Hearts by Knightchaser (childhood fluff, K+)
The Reason Itachi killed his clan by Uchiha Brothers Lover (fluff, AU, K)
Monsters by Omgitsdanimals (cute fluff, oocness, K)
Itachi’s Memories by Wolf-Hidden-In-Shadows (baby!sasuke, childhood fluff, K)
Family’s Comfort by White-Knight-066 (platonic, family, childhood, K+)
Do you know how this happened? Great, neither do I by Iffulovedme (fluff, pre-massacre, angst, K)
Uchiha’s Are Forever by Itaa-chaan (family, childhood memories, Itachi/Sasuke fluff, itachi/shisui friendship, baby!sasuke, M)
Arigatou, Aniki by Misamiera (premassacre, fluff, platonic, K)
My baby brother by Butterfly Yuna (short but sweet, baby!Sasuke, K)
My Journey to Hell by An Insane Nobody (fluff, baby!sasuke, childhood, Itachi/Kisame friendship, T)
Playing Dress Up by Iffulovedme (premassacre fluff, platonic, K)
Brothers by Marshmallow73 (pre-massacre fluff, childhood, platonic, K+)
Child Who Never Smiled by Vampire Toy (premassacre,mikoto/itachi fluff, K)
Big brother by Omega19x (baby!sasuke, platonic, Itachi/Mikoto fluff, K+)
Baby brother by MintiNeko (baby!sasuke, childhood, platonic, fluff, K)
One Little Step At A Time by ItachixSasuke (baby!sasuke, platonic, K)
Picture Perfect by Dolphins-Scarecrow (short but sweet fluff, platonic, K)
Uchiha Memories by BlueSharingan26 (fluff, premassacre, platonic, T)
Fever forever by Sasuke Uchiha of Suna (childhood fluff, K+)
I didn’t know, Baby Brother by BelovedShadow (childhood, baby!sasuke, K+, Itachi’s thoughts)
Purpose by xxUchihacest (Itachi and baby Sasuke in kuuybi attack, fluff, K)
Don’t Play With Me by BanishedOne (fluff, angst, childhood memories)
Winter Stroll by Aktimel (fluff, platonic, slight angst)
Big Brothers Are Always The Hero by Links6 (fluff, derpiness, K)
Brothers For Life by Vinchaan (fluff, K+)
Bully Whistle by Go-To-The-Extreme (protectiveness, fluff platonic, K)

Romance (rated T - M, occasional sexual themes)

Forever by Profound Yaoi (fluff, angst, masturbation, smut, M)
Pieces of You by Crystallinee (school AU, fluff, violence, angst, abuse mention, itasasu, T)
Love in Chinese by Velvet-prosthesis (smut, sasuita/itasasu, oocness, violence, implied Sakura pairings, abuse mention, M)
Late Dawns and Early Sunsets by BelovedShadow (vampire!Uchihas, smut, fluff, baby!sasuke, teenagers M)
Breathe In, Breathe Out by Crystallinee (angst, fluff, suicide mention, sasuita)
I Love You Aniki by Profound Yaoi (fluff, smut, masturbation, M)
Symphony of Destruction by Freya’s Valhalla (Eye of the moon plan AU, fluff, various pairings and characters, M)
Sequel to a Brother’s Love by KitsuneoftheIce (fluff, sexual themes, M)
Little Miracles by Crystallinee (m-preg, angst, fluff, smut, depression, M)
What Once Was by BelovedShadow (smut, fluff, some angst, M)
Where My Life Begins by Crystallinee (angst, AU massacre, Akatsuki crack, fluff, T)
Stay With Me by Kyarei (smut, sweet fluff, childhood, initial non-con, M)
Little Black Feather by Saber Amane (vampire/angel/rebel AU, M)
Learning To Love by BelovedShadow (smut, AU, M)
Transcendence (Drink Me In) by Crystallinee (vampire AU, sasuita/itasasu, fluff, T)
Never Closed by Snowflake98 (sasuita fluff, T)
Here You Are by ItaItach4n (sasuita, edo tensei!itachi, M)
Vampire Knight ItaSasu Style by Devilis Kyuu
(vampire knight AU, T)

PWP (smut/lemons,  rated Mature - Explicit)

Do you love me yet, Nii-san? by Admiral IzuSasu (smut, bondage, light shota, Madaizu, ItaSasu, IzuSasu, Uchihacest in general)
Inappropriately Touched by an Angel by Kakashizgirl (smut, fluff)
Marshmallows and Massages by Kakashizgirl (smut, massage)
Sasuke’s Vacation by Nimbafuu (Uchiha corporation AU, smut, blowjob)
Itachi’s Lonely Evening by Kakashizgirl (masturbation)
Penance by Tokyonightskies (masturbation, conflicted feelings)
Throat by Tokyonightskies
(masturbation, conflicted feelings)
Aniki Knows Best by Anonymous (orphaned account) (light shota, masturbation, blowjob, fluff)
Happy Halloween Sasuke by Kakashizgirl (mild lemon, lime, blowjob, AU)
The Sweetest Sin by Kakashizgirl (first time sex, smut)
Curiosity by Anonymous (orphaned account) (smut, masturbation)
Moving Tables by InactiveAuthor1 (passionate but aggressive sex) 
Whisper by Kakashizgirl (sleepy sex, angst)
Secret Love by Kakashizgirl (light shota, blowjob)
Closet attraction by MAKandCHEESE (dominant!itachi, oocness)
My Everything  by Crystallinee (first time sex, smut, fluff)
Comeuppance & Equality by Ronny-of-yore (smut, sadistic!itachi)
Watching them Watching Us by BelovedShadow and ItachiSasukeSama (pwp, madaizu, itasasu, ocs, slight angst)
The Watermelon Show by Kakiity (pwp, ooc-ness, kinkiness)
So Wrong It’s Right by MasochisticXMind (crack, slight ooc-ness, smut)
Wash Me Away by Crystallinee (smut, angst)
The Consummate Plan by Cakecake (dominant!sasuke, bondage)
And I control you by Dead Drifter (blood play, gore, sexual themes)
Dirty Little Secret by Rave14 (smut)
Loved Always by Tarisha (masturbation, character death, angst)
Somnambulist by Fifi McFu (smut, masturbation, sleeping!sex)
Red Pleasure by Crystallinee (kinkiness, smut, pwp)
Desperate Measures by Satan’s Pet Turtle (IS smut, lime with kakashi)
Lovisa by Tripptych (pwp, drug addiction, angst)
Feeling Good by Freya’s Valhalla (pwp, non-con madaita, blow-job)
Just a Phonecall Away by BelovedShadow (pwp, kinkyness)
Crimson Hearts by Saber Amane (pure fluff, bath sex)
Cuming to America by BelovedShadow (pwp, slight crack)
Breathe on Me: Itachi x Sasuke by Jannasaur (pwp, shower sex)
Unrequited by StarCrysis (masturbation, smut)
Wild thoughts by Tsurumi Uchiha (smut)
Friday Night by Kakashizgirl (smut)
Wild Muskrat Lovin’ by BelovedShadow (pwp, slight crack)
A New Christmas Tradition In The Uchiha Family by BelovedShadow
Doctor Uchiha by BelovedShadow (smut)
Playing With Fire by BelovedShadow (smut, slight crack, shower sex, masturbation, blowjob, possessive!Itachi)
Fire and Ice by BelovedShadow (sequel to Playing With Fire, smut, fluff, childhood memories, slight angst)
Their Secret Place by Kakashizgirl (smut, masturbation, first time)
A Question of Loyalty by Kakashizgirl (written before the revelation, AU, smut, shota, madaita)
Show me by Kakashizgirl (prequel to Sleep My Angel Sleep, smut, ooc)
The Bitter, the Sweet, and the Citrus in Between! by DaelynPaolini (smut)
THe Art of Betrayal by Badkittyaya (obsessive!sasuke, itasasu, madaita, masturbation, smut)
Amaryllis by Kakashizgirl (limes, fluff, light shota)
By Moonlight by Kakashizgirl (smut)
I love the bath by Aruuuu (dominant!sasuke, kinkyness, pwp)
Aniki’s Closet Weakness by Aruuuu (bondage, dominant!Sasuke, kinkyness)
Nightly Routines by Ravenous Lust (dominant!sasuke)
Delirious by Crystallinee (sasuita kinkyness, dominant!sasuke)
Charge by PureWaterLily (slight sadism, sasuita, bondage, smut, M)
Blindfold by CapriceTheAvenger
(sasuita, kinkyness, bondage, M)

Shotacon (Rated M)

(Please note that in many fics, Sasuke’s age is not specified. I’ve only chosen to include those who specifically state that their fics contains  shota here. In these fics, Sasuke is underage, sometimes also Itachi.)

He’s a Winner by Profound Yaoi (blowjob, shota, M)
You Can’t Hide Everything by Church-Of-Yaoi (strong shota, M)
Exceptions by Inuyasha1sasuke (shota, brotherly fluff, M)
Changing by MoldyDew (AU, shota, smut, M)
Giving in by Inuyasha1sasuke (shota, fluff, pre-massacre, smut, M)
A Naughty Kitten’s Punishment by InactiveAuthor1 (neko, pedo!itachi, M)
The Art of Obsession by Angelas (shota, possessive!Itachi, smut, M)
Explosion by Lyndsay-Marie (shota, manipulation, M)
Waking Aniki by Gentlewatersoul (shota, fluff, lemon, M)
Years by Sasunaru2themax  (childhood, baby!sasuke, strong shota, fluff, M)
Thunderstorm by Dei-kun (shota, slight non-con, fluff, smut, M)
Wake Up Aniki! by GabrielSeductiveTrickster (shota, fluff, lime, M)
Milk for My Chocolate by Tsurumi Uchiha (shota, blowjob M)
Perfectly Flawed by BelovedShadow (mild shota, fluff, M)
Junketsu by Judarchan (shota, blowjob, fluff)
I Can’t Dream Alone by Shurikenx (partially shota, currently invalid link under construction)

Dark/Twisted Themes (Rated M-E)

(A majority of these fics contain non-con and abuse as well as sexual themes. Read at your own risk. Read description carefully for triggers.)

No regrets by Svaneaalka (non-con, dark, angst, shota, AU, M)
Bloody Lust by Hell Jashin (gore, smut, dark!themes, vampire!Itachi, M)
Why Do I Love You? by Crystallinee (abuse, dark themes, possessive!itachi, prostitution, violence, non-con, angst, manipulation)
Perverse and The Perverted: Molestation by Hell Jashin (non-con, manipulation, possessive!Itachi, disturbed!Itachi, violence, abuse, sleeping!sex, dark themes, molestation, non-con by naruto, M)
Asylum by Hell Jashin (sequel to PatP: Molestation. Non-con, possessive!Itachi, disturbed!Itachi, angst, manipulation, abuse, molestation, M)
Noctis Liberi by Shurikenx (dark, twisted themes, blood, gore, vampire!AU, smut, protective and possessive!Itachi, passion,M)
My Obsession, My Possession by Kyarei (non-con, manipulation, possessive!itachi, abuse, M)
The Unforeseen Ally by He11'sDomain (abuse by Orochimaru, non-con, forced prostitution, drug use, violence, smut, romance, multiple charas, M)
Beat it Upright by Move them hands(strong shota, non-con against child,M)
Sins of The Flesh by TheWammy'sHouseReject (Itachi takes Sasuke with him after the massacre, fluff, smut, multi pairings, madaita non-con, dark, M)
Fragile child by Rosebunse (child abuse by Orochimaru, manipulation/brainwash, Itachi/Kisame friendship, Itachi caring for Sasuke, T, )
Demons Love The Sweetest by Crystallinee (angst, dark themes, smut, violence, gore, demons, insanity, occultism, E)
Don’t Play With Me II by BanishedOne (angst, smut, abuse, slight shota, M)
Hurting from the Inside Out by Badkittyaya (initial non-con, itasasu, sasuita, conflicted feelings, dark!Itachi)
As Sick as Any Sin by Angelas (non-con, dominant!sasuke, angst, smut)
Insanity by Dragons Chaotica (insanity, platonic, fluff, T)

Heavy angst  (Rated K - M)

Feral Child by Tripptych (cursemark!sasuke, slight itasasu, angst, fluff, M)
Illusions by Crystallinee (hallucinations, angst, romance, sasuita, T)
Spirit of Fire by The-MarmaladeCat1 (postmassacre, heavy angst, T)
The Soil We Sow by Uchiha-Tsumi (poem, Itachi’s POV, Angst, K+)
Gunpowder and White Sheets by Songstone (war!AU, heavy angst, character death, platonic, K+)
Inheritance by Hana J (twisted themes, angst, fluff, premassacre, M)
For You Little Brother by UchihaMorwen (heavy angst, K+)
Meridian by Narilsa (final battle, heavy angst, M)
Protection and Destruction by Crystallinee (post-590, angst, K+)
Imposter by Mangachick1 (the hotel scene from Itachi’s point of view, T)
Shades of Gray by Uchiha-tsumi (angst, slight ooc-ness, Itachi breaks down after meeting Sasuke, K+)
Sacrifice by xxAkira-chanxx (childhood memories, angst, T)
Autumn will pile old gold on your grave by The Lady Avaritia (heavy angst, T)
The skin i live in by The Lady Avaritia (angst, AU, morbid themes, M)
Sweet Sweet Dark by The Lady Avaritia (angst, dark, M)
The Boy on The Moon by Lady Avaritia (fluff, angst, violence, K)
The House of Compassion by The Lady Avaritia (fluff, dark, M)
Paths Not Considered by Witchdoctr (self harm, suicide attempt, angst, Itachi takes Sasuke with him after the massacre, ooc-ness, T)
Never a Lie by PoeticProphetess (Itachi’s feelings about Sasuke, T)
Dry My Tears by Crystallinee (post-massacre AU, angst, fluff, T)

Guys my brother won’t stop making short jokes, arrest him.

real talk tho it’s time for a b r e a k

  • Literally every family member: Getting a job isn't as hard as you think if you try!!
  • Me, an awkward, shy 20 something who hates talking to people, has no work experience and only has a high school education: Yeah :) Okay :) I believe you :)))))))

I feel like this is literally what the phandom was like these past three days. Knowing that Dan, our meme overlord, and Phil, the too precious for this world cinnamon roll, were making a birthday video for Dil, the reaction to the video, and then the aftermath. 


Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

Sometimes I remember that Gina and Amy are basically sisters-in-law and I just