you're like attractive now

I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


//Pings myself to remind the me of tomorrow to write very sad pre war drabbles

  • Reid: This building has three exits -- north, south, and west. You're here to target a woman but you don't want to attract attention.
  • Hotch: Well, standing in the middle, gawking at passing women would certainly attract attention. Like you're doing now.
  • Reid: [still looking at the woman who passed by him] What's that?
  • Prentiss: Just like that [flicks her fingers], IQ of a 187 slashed to 60.
  • jade: ...and then i met her. and with one look she changed me. I got so attracted so fast
  • me: oi.
  • jade: i tried to fight it
  • me: you can't fight the unstoppable fooorce
  • jade: ...and now i'm falling in love with her
  • me: *i flail my arms back and forth i flail my arms back and forth*
  • jade: i don't know why this is happening to me. why do i like girls now?
  • paul: maybe you're just bicurious or bisexual. You're attracted to men. You're also attracted to women.