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Baby versions of the elemental dragons because why not? About time I got a new blog header/wallpaper anyways.

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Hiii there !! I'm a really really new sone and.. well I'm really sorry to ask but would it be possible to ask for a big list of shows, emissions, backstage videos and such to learn more about SNSD ? I really want to know them a lot more but I don't know what is out there for me to watch and fall in love with them ;; and i'm asking you because you're kinda my favorite girls generation blog :( 💕

Omg hello there!~ Welcome to the fandom ^0^ I hope you’re enjoying so far c: And of course ^-^ I’m so sorry this took so long D: I wanted to be sure I got everything I wanted in this haha~ Here you go:

I have the direct links to the first episodes of each show, so if you want to watch more, you can click on the right where it’ll have the continuous episodes. Or if you can’t find it, you can search up the title of the show + snsd + episode number + eng sub and you should find it!~

SNSD Variety Shows:
As the whole group:

With only several/one of the members:

As Special Guests:
(There are multiple episodes that they are in so you can search them up and you’ll be able to find more but here are some!!)

MC Shows:
(These have multiple episodes too)

  • Win Win (Taeyeon)
  • Heart a Tag (Tiffany) [ I can’t find find english subbed versions D: i’m sorry!]
  • TV Entertainment Tonight (Sooyoung)
  • Music Core (Tiffany was an MC with Yuri for a while then became an MC with Taeyeon and Seohyun afterwards)

Special videos:

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''re kinda my favorite character' and the humans are so confused like 'wHAT' and it turns out everyone forgot to tell the humans they were a tv show sorta broadcasted across the galaxy and yeah... I thought that'd be funny, like a 13 ft tall beast getting all squirmy because 'I grEW UP WATCHING YOU OK IM A LITTLE EXCITED' I was laughing quietly in the middle of math because of this idea (2/2)


Shout out to all my aro/ace/lith buddies who feel alone on Valentine’s Day not because they’re single, but because no one else seems to want to be.  Take this day as an opportunity to spread love to everyone, romantic or not.  Never underestimate the power of platonic love. ♥ 

30 random things about me

Rules: answer the questions and tag 30 people

Tagged by:  @oreillyskyle and @fan-fiction-galore

Nickname: My real name is really short so there’s no nicknames, but you can call me Remi.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Gemini (don’t hate me for it, it’s not my fault kasdjk)

Height: 5′0″ 

Time: 4:21 PM

Birthday: May 22

Favorite bands: The Killers (would sell my soul for them); The Maine; The Strokes; The Amazons; Winter Aid; Local Natives; No Te Va a Gustar

Favorite solo artists: Birdy; Aurora; Brandon Flowers; Cloves; John The Ghost

Song stuck in my head: Run For Cover by The Killers and Starlight by Muse

Last movie I watched: Buster’s Mal Heart

Last TV show I watched: Lucha Underground

When did I create my blog: is old as fuck, at the end of 2013

What do I post: Wrestling mostly, some bad jokes and music

Last thing I Googled: Mr. 450 (I was trying to understand the drama with Mustafa Ali)

Do I have other blogs: Nope…

Do I get asks: Not very much…I mean, I talk to literally two people on this site so sometimes I get ask from them

Why did I pick my blog name: Um…because the one I had first was awful…so I forced myself to think about something else and, well, I like The Elite

Number of blogs I’m following: 300

Followers: 320

Favorite colors: Black and blue

Average hours of sleep: 4 to 6

Lucky number: 11; 21

Instruments: None, it’s sad because I really love music :c

What I’m wearing: Leggins and like 3 hoodies ‘cause it’s cold here and I get cold so easily

How many blankets do I sleep with: For the same reason (always cold) I sleep with so many blankets, lots

Dream job: Anything where I can do something that means something to other people (that includes wrestling ‘cause it means so much to me)

Dream trip: Iceland! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland or Norway

Favorite food: Pizza….or carrot tortilla (it’s common where I live)

Nationality: Chilean

Favorite song right now: All These Things I’ve Done and Sweet Talk both by The Killers

Taggin: I don’t talk to anyone else here except for @lunaticskingslayer (hace tiempo no hablo contigo así que te etiqueto en esto para saber de ti jasdh dame señales de vida mujer)

About Supergirl

So… A lot of y’all aren’t gonna watch the 3rd season because of what happened in SDCC. I’ll just stop watching because… no more Kara Danvers? Seriously? Oh Hell to the no! Kara Danvers is what makes this Supergirl different than any other and if you’re “killing” Kara Danvers? I can just go and finally read comic books. Or wait until we finally get a Supergirl in the DCEU. Keep writing off everything that made your show the least bit enjoyable and you’ll see. You’ll see exactly what kind of audience you had and how you disappointed them all. Just wait and see.

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Six: The Power of Mabel

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight  - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven

Ao3 Link

A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. Stuff starts to get real this chapter, guys, I am so excited.

Stanley, Oregon, 1979

A person could make the trip from Northern Missouri to Oregon in two days if they didn’t mind long hours on the road. It took Stan four days, delayed a little bit by car trouble but mostly by reluctance. 

Along the way he’d had to stop and pull over six times, each time telling Mabel he just wanted to stretch his legs. Really what he’d needed was a chance to find an isolated spot someplace where he could put his head between his knees and quietly panic. Where he could rock back and forth and breathe in and out until he stopped feeling lightheaded. On one occasion, Mabel had followed him and caught him like that. He’d resolved not to let her see it a second time.

He was glad to have her holding his hand as they approached the door.

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I remember I was watching your hair tutorial and when the video got to the "I hate yellow" part I got kinda sad 'cause it's my favorite color and you're one of my favorite artists

MAN IM SORRY I RAG ON YELLOW ALL THE TIME like it just rubs me the wrong way bc theres no dark yellow. dark yellow looks like green and in order to make something look yellow when you shade it you have to use orange

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sorry if this sounds kinda weird but honestly you're one of my favorite blogs on tumblr and you and ur birds are honestly so great? its just really awesome for me to find really active blogs like this because my allergist says that pets are kinda out of the question but i've always loved birds so much >-<. keep being awesome, tell the birds i say hi, and happy new year!

Thank you, I’m happy that you like the blog! Birds would definitely be out of the question with allergies and such, dusty little beans!

the beans say hi and happy new year to you to!