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  • Gaming Controversy 2016: No Man's Sky, a highly anticipated game, is released to highly disappointed reviews; it later comes to light that the building the studio supposedly designed the game in has been deserted this whole time.
  • Gaming Controversy 2017: Nick Robinson of Polygon fame accidentally reveals himself as a furry on Twitter, Feminist Frequency begins slamming him, but not because he's a furry; its because they think he has shit taste in waifus.

Ok so this has been legit bothering me since s2 premiered

Exhibit A: Keith’s Room in Season 1

Exhibit B: Keith’s Room in Season 2

Why…is his bed on the other side of the room? We know there aren’t two beds because he runs right into the other wall.

And in this scene from s2, his room only has one door, which he is facing

So. Did Keith switch rooms at some point???


Here he is in front of Lance’s room. See that doorway behind him, a few scant steps away from Lance’s room? That’s his. Room. THAT HE CLEARLY SWAPPED HIS OLD ROOM FOR 



seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️

“Washed up at 14… so sad.”

“Ha ha Shiro, at least I’m still older than you.”

How great is it that Shiro is 6? :D I love it. (in this au probably even younger lol) 

also more bh6 vld crossover  cuz BROGANES  and thank you for all the f*ck you s/ how could you s on my last one LOL it made me so happy haha xD

So I made fanart for @queerklancing‘s shortstory of Of booty shorts and injuries… because basically I was forced..

Ahahah I hope you like it you nerd! :D

And you can eat as many Eggos as you want
—  The sweet and amazing Mike Wheeler that just wants his new friend El to be happy and get to live the life she deserves but nooo because in the next minute the diabolical Suffer brothers kill her off just before she was about to get a chance at a life where she’s loved for who she is and not what she can do and also the Suffer brothers made Mike watch his friend die which is completely wrong because Mike is the type of person that would jump off a cliff for his friends and was just trying to comfort and encourage El with promises and also how is this going to affect Mike in season two like literally no one is emotionally prepared to watch Mike grieving over Eleven, who will definitely be returning but we don’t know how and in what way and she’ll probably have to go through more pain and trauma than she’s already dealt with in her short life and even worse is the fact that no one has a clue how she’ll get back or even where she is because there has not been new content to overanalyze and create fan theories over in approximately 87 years and 199 days is such a long time to wait with so many questions and also Mike and Eleven were supposed to go to the freaking Snowball together

I decided to colour them ╰(*´♡`*)╯♡
Silas finally took Corrin (Toya) on a picnic as promised 

 Watercolour on 200gsm

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REQUESTED: Hannibal and Will Gallery Scene (No background music)


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