you're killing me smalls

llorstel  asked:

Now i'm just imagining in the final battle against Zarkon, all grand and epic and Zarkons got the upper hand and Pidge just sneezes on Zarkon and then its just //cuts to grave// Zarkon - Rest In Pieces

::snort:: The War of the Worlds option would be fabulously, hilariously anticlimactic. I can even picture it now. The Lions are damaged, the Paladins are beaten, Zarkon picks Pidge up by the neck (or by the head, ow!) and gives some speech about making them suffer. Maybe he’ll make them watch as he kills Allura and Coran and then takes Voltron for himself before finally killing them? 

And poor, poor Pidge has had the flu this entire fight and 




in his face

right in his face

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Lance having to duck out of the control room, because there's going to be a Voltron transmission soon. But a few times Lance doesn't realize and Keith SWEARS he saw brown hair. On a mission where BoM and Voltron work together Lance is trying to help citizens when his helmet get shot and a chunk breaks off. Again, Keith caught a glimpse of brown hair. But Keith never put 2 and 2 together. He just thinks he keeps seeing Lance everywhere, because "wishful thinking" and it's driving him NUTS

*pained pterodactyl noises*